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Class Allocation iconClass Allocation

Placing your child in the right class is very important in their development. We allocate students to a class based on the following criteria:

  • Age according to UK schools’ criteria. (the table below is a guide to which class a child is most likely to enter)
01.09.2018 to 31.08.2019-EYFS Nursery
01.09.2017 to 31.08.2018EYFS NurseryEYFS Reception
01.09.2016 to 31.08.2017EYFS ReceptionYear 1
01.09.2015 to 31.08.2016Year 1Year 2
01.09.2014 to 31.08.2015Year 2Year 3
01.09.2013 to 31.08.2014Year 3Year 4
01.09.2012 to 31.08.2013Year 4Year 5
01.09.2011 to 31.08.2012Year 5Year 6
01.09.2010 to 31.08.2011Year 6Year 7
01.09.2009 to 31.08.2010Year 7Year 8
01.09.2008 to 31.08.2009Year 8Year 9
01.09.2007 to 31.08.2008Year 9Year 10
01.09.2006 to 31.08.2007Year 10Year 11
01.09.2005 to 31.08.2006Year 11Year 12
01.09.2004 to 31.08.2005Year 12Year 13
01.09.2003 to 31.08.2004Year 13-
  • Academic background (e.g. having already completed a specific year in the British system at a previous school).
  • Special circumstances based on observations and for specific social/emotional (non-academic) reasons.

Please note that whilst each applicant is considered individually and with reference to their educational background, based on best practice we do not generally advocate putting children in classes ahead of their age group.

School reserves the right, based on professional judgement, to move a student to another class and/or year group following careful consideration and clear communication with the parents should we feel the student is not optimally placed.

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