Here at Baleares International College, Sant Agustí we are passionate about non-traditional methods of education, going beyond basic subjects like Maths or Science, seeing children more holistically as mind, body and soul. Studies throughout the world show that there are some incredible benefits of daily meditation on student learning and education.

“Through our One-Minute-Meditation Project, we are giving children a really powerful tool to move on with their lives.” – says Mrs Lowri Millar, Principal at BIC Sant Agustí.

With the guidance of Richard Lindström, Meditation Teacher, Spiritual & Personal Development Coach, since the launch of the project in February 2017, our staff have trained using various meditation techniques and our students have come to enjoy the stillness and quietness of the moment, able to focus their attention on just their breathing, getting their heads in the right place for a calmer, more productive lesson ahead.

Recalling a highlight of the project, Mrs Millar said, “for me one of the most amazing moments was when one of our Year 6 students led a whole-school meditation assembly, without a script, and the students responded so well – it was very special.”

A structured school environment is the perfect platform to start a new meditation routine from an early age and we have seen the impact this project has had on students on so many levels. From reducing levels of stress, heightening concentration, promoting a calmer class environment and better teamwork, this experience has helped not only our students but our whole school community to be more mindful, compassionate and happy.

“These moments have provided my children with much happiness, as well as developing self-awareness, trust and empowering them to take control of their emotions both inside & outside the classroom.” – Jessica Jackson, BIC Sant Agustí teacher

The success of the project at BIC Sant Agustí has meant it has now been introduced in our sister campus at Sa Porrassa and is being rolled out to our sister school in Budapest, Hungary. Richard also hosts a new digital course for parents, a tool they too have found invaluable.

“It gave me the key to understanding how to be fully present in my child’s life, enjoying the present moment.” – Patrizia, BIC parent, participating in Richard’s digital course

The next Start-Up for Richard's digital course will be on 16th of January 2019, read more or sign up here.

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to try Taking a Minute with your child at home using Richard's videos to guide you. To find out more or to book a visit to our school contact us via email at or call 971 403 161.