BIC Sant Agustí are making the most of the last days of summer on both land and water!

For the second year running, we´ve been taking full advantage of nearby Calanova National Sailing Club, only a three-minute walk from the school, to run a specially designed eight-week sailing curriculum programme. We´re already half-way through the programme and the sea-captains of the future are making great progress, and enjoying themselves immensely in the process.

And in 2019, we will be running the second Orbital Global Sailing Trip. Last year, students from our sister school in Shanghai came and spent the week sailing with us here in Mallorca, as well as taking the opportunity to soak up the island´s history and culture. This year, we´re hoping other schools in the Orbital group, including from Hungary, Slovenia and Russia, will join us to make the event a truly international affair.