At BIC Sant Agustí we are very fortunate to have many beautiful beaches within walking distance from the school.

Part of our philosophy is for our children to spend as much time outdoors as possible and to enjoy the nature of the island. We use the local beaches in a variety of different ways:

BIC Beach Boot Camp

Key Stage 2 have a weekly session of BIC Beach Boot Camp where we jog to the beach and spend the sports session there. A combination of warm ups, yoga, boot camp style exercises and team games such as beach volleyball and capture the flag ensure that our students are challenged physically and learn new skills in a fresh and beautifully inspiring setting.

On February 22nd, we are inviting all parents to join us for a relaxing yet active Beach Boot Camp session. See you there!

Beach Cleans and the Ondine Association

As a school, we work hard to educate our students about marine conservation and plastic pollution. As part of the curriculum we collaborate with the Ondine Association to deliver their Dos Manos Schools Programme. We support their vision of creative education and community action. We regularly participate in beach cleans around the island, which is also a great opportunity to get families together at the weekends, working towards a common local cause.


Subjects such as Geography and Art lend themselves well to trips to the beach, where our students can explore and develop a range of skills from mapping the local area, discovering beach wildlife to sketching boats at the sailing club. We encourage our staff and students to take advantage of our local beaches, for them to develop a sense of wonder and respect for nature.