On Thursday 14th March, international speaker, Tricia Taylor visited us here in Mallorca to give a special talk for parents about the ‘Science of Learning’, giving us some very valuable information and strategies on how parents can better support their child at home in their learning.

It was a lovely, interactive evening, with a fantastic turnout and welcome drinks on the terrace beforehand, and lots of questions from the audience, many of whom were from BIC, as well as a range of parents from other schools in our local community.

Parents were able to learn specific strategies that their children could use to maximise memory and learn more efficiently, leading to more creative and analytical thinking, better outcomes and increased confidence. Tricia provided evidence-based tips on how parents could support their children through their understanding of learning and the language they use in daily interactions. The aim being that, together, both parents and the school can help children to build confidence, learn better and become more independent learners throughout primary and secondary school.

Prior to the Parent Talk, during the day, Tricia also did a workshop with the Year 3 – 6 students at BIC Sant Agustí about the science behind how we learn. The brain of an adolescent experiences a remarkable amount of development, making this an incredible time that will have long‐term impact. It was great to see the children learning new strategies to help them study and understand more about how their brain works.

Feedback on the Parent Talk so far has been excellent and we will be looking at organising similar events for our parents and the community in the near future.