A message from Ms Alison Colwell, Principal

Dear Parents,

One of the best elements of my job is seeing the children enjoying school and learning. A lot of nonsense is written about education and I have often said how over-complicated it has become, when really a great education is quite simple. Happy children who are inspired and challenged, and learning lots of useful and interesting knowledge, a well led and managed school, fantastic teachers who also enjoy their work and feel valued by the leadership.

An aspect of school that matters a great deal to me is student voice. We have rebooted the practice in the school. From now there will be a regular student council meeting led by Ms Compton in primary and Frau Ditthard in secondary; then, once a half term, representatives from all Years will meet with myself at a full school council meeting, where I am looking forward to hearing the students’ ideas and concerns. In my experience, the children and young people have a good understanding of what’s needed to make a school better and I always have enjoyed giving them that platform.

We wish you all a fantastic weekend ahead!

Kind regards,

Alison Colwell


BIC, Sa Porrassa

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