Dear parents,

It was good to see and meet so many of you at our Year 7 parent consultation afternoon this week. I hope that you had some productive and useful conversations about your child’s academic progress and well-being. We have found that having a more relaxed approach to these events rather than a set appointment time works better; some parents want just a quick 1 minute with one teacher and longer with another teacher, sometimes parents get held up. However, as with everything, we welcome your feedback. Just to be clear - your child is most welcome to attend these meetings with you. It is usual practice in my experience for children to sit with their parents and get feedback, although of course some parents may prefer to meet with teachers without their children present - whatever works best for you. If you do come without your child though, please ensure you know the names of their teachers, as I know this caused some parents a few difficulties! (your child can of course give you a list of their names.) Consultations for the other Years are scheduled for January and February. If you are unable to attend and wish to make a separate appointment we are always happy to accommodate that; conversations with parents are a vital element of us working together to ensure your child makes the best possible progress.

On that subject, there have been lots of questions and enquiries about the secondary reports. I know that many parents have found them rather confusing. We are changing the way that we report your child’s progress and I am leading a wholescale review of this, to ensure that the information and reports that you receive are clear, straightforward and easy to understand. Most importantly, they need to show you how well (or not) your child is doing, what areas they need to improve in and how you can best support them.

May I please remind you to put next Thursday in your diary, when I will be feeding back to you the findings of the most recent parent survey, and updating you on work on the site and the facilities.

Kind regards,

Alison Colwell