Dear Parents,

What a delight it was to welcome and mingle with so many staff and families at our “Meet and Greet” event yesterday. The October sun shone down on us and there was a palpable sense of excitement and possibility at what we can accomplish together. As I said, I am really looking forward to working with you all for the benefit of the whole BIC community.

You have already heard me say many things over the last 25 days. You have heard me say communication is vital. You have heard me say family engagement is vital. You have heard me say that children enjoying a vibrant extra-curricular offer, and those elements of a school that create its heart and soul is vital. These are all priorities of mine and areas where I think we are already making headway. However, my overridingpriority remains ensuring that your children receive the best possible education and reach their potential. Quite simply, this is about putting outstanding teaching - outstanding teachers - at the centre of our school. I have managed to spend a lot of time in classrooms over the last few weeks and seen the children at work; I have seen some great teaching. I want to ensure that all our children are stretched and challenged, and don’t coast or switch off. I want all our children acquiring foreign language proficiency and fluency, such an important skill, not just because we are an international school but because speaking other languages is a joy and a necessity in our global community. I want to ensure that at the heart of our school lies a powerful curriculum, so children are learning - really learning - the best of what has been thought and said. I want children remembering what is important - nothing is really learned unless it is remembered. I want to rethink the place of homework in a school and ensure any homework is meaningful and helps to move learning on. These are all themes I will return to over the coming months, with updates on what we are doing in the school. I want your children inspired, their curiosity ignited, their interest sparked. Great teaching is an art. Be it younger children learning the building blocks on which future learning will take place or our sixth formers studying at a high academic level, I am determined that at BIC your children will get the greatest teaching.

We wish you all a fantastic weekend ahead!

Kind regards,

Alison Colwell


BIC, Sa Porrassa

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Open Day, BIC Sa Porrassa

Parking Reminder

The car park will remain open from 8am to 9:30am. The car park will re-open at 3:30pm until the end of school activities.

Please note that on assembly days we will close the car park 15 minutes after the end of the assembly.

We would kindly ask all parents to not park at the bus stop next to the school to ensure that our School Bus is able to leave on time for the return journey.