Dear parents,

As you are aware, ensuring that the curriculum is broad, balanced and appropriate lies at the heart of our ongoing improvements in teaching and learning. In an all-through school, having the curriculum joined up from the earliest years right through to the end of Year 11 is not only essential but should be easily attained. It is vital that the children learn in a sequential manner, building on prior knowledge and never repeating or duplicating work that has been taught before (other than when extending a topic or revising, obviously). This is also an exciting opportunity, in an all-through school, for staff to collaborate, to plan and work together cross phase and to enable subject expertise to cascade down into the younger years.

To that end we are currently starting to establish an 11 year curriculum in all subjects, with teachers working across the primary and secondary schools to map the content that is taught, and to ensure a joined up and logical progression in learning. Obviously, parents being fully informed and aware of what is taught when is extremely important and it is our intention that you will be able to see and understand exactly what your child is learning, in each subject, every term, in all Years.

There will be no change to the school day timings next year. We are, however, moving to a six period day. This will mean that each lesson is an hour, which we believe is the optimum lesson length. It also reduces the number of lesson transitions, time spent moving between classes, and is obviously lost learning time.

I will keep you fully informed of our curriculum developments, and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible next Thursday at the update session.

Kind regards,

Alison Colwell



We are delighted that I have received nearly 200 applications for a new Head of Secondary and more than 100 for a new Head of English. The final interviews for these posts are taking place over the next two weeks.

Library development

Many thanks to everyone who expressed an interest in the BIC Library, and has offered to help!

Here are a few updates on our progress:

Five more bookcases were acquired, and have already been delivered to the school. We have been offered a generous donation of other furnishings (including more bookcases) and hope to have these in place next week.

In keeping with the "International" aspect of BIC, in addition to the collection of books in English, there will be a section for each of the languages taught at the school - Spanish, Catalan, German and French.

We have received donations of over 100 books this week, and are kicking off the BIC Library book donation drive on Monday. The theme is "Today's Readers are Tomorrow's Leaders", and the goal is to acquire 1000 more books for our library. This is a great time to check your shelves at home and bring in any books that your child has outgrown, or have been previously read and can be passed along (perhaps a mention to family and friends, as well!). Please don't forget that we are also seeking donations for books in other languages.

The book donation table for next week's book drive will be set up at the big entrance gate, each day at both drop off and pick up times. Any books collected that are not able to be used in the library will be offered at a book sale to be held later in the year, with the funds being used for new acquisitions. Please let me know if you can help out at the table (about 30-45 minutes) for either drop off, or pick up time.

Warm regards,

BIC PTA Community