Dear parents,

Getting the right staff in a school is crucial. Get the staff right, the rest is easy! This week we finalised our global search for an outstanding Head of Secondary and Head of English and I am delighted to tell you that we have appointed two outstanding leaders, who will be joining our school in September.

I will give you more information about them next term and I'm hoping that there will be an opportunity for you to meet prior to their start with us. I am wholly confident that we have secured two teachers who both have an excellent track record in being superb practitioners, who have high standards and expectations for all, and who care deeply for children and in wanting the absolute best for them.

I have spoken repeatedly of how important it is to me that our students enjoy school, just as I did many years ago. Happy children will make better learners. Creating a safe, secure and respectful school environment is as vital as having academic rigour and excellent exam results. Bullying in my school will never be tolerated. Bullying - the persistent, ongoing, deliberate targeting of unkindness to another is extremely rare. If it occurs it will always be met with robust action and strict sanctions.

Children being mean to each unfortunately happens in all schools, and what is important is how a school deals with it. I work very closely with all the staff on the ongoing care and safety of our children, and especially with Ms Compton, Mme Etienne, Mr Fitzpatrick and Ms von Waberer. All staff are vigilant to look out for any unkindness or friendship issues. All staff talk regularly with the children about being kind, looking after each other, being respectful. All staff deal with issues as they arise and will seek support from senior staff if it is required. Obviously, as parents, you too have your part to play in teaching your children to be kind to each other, to report any unkindness if it occurs and to be friendly and welcoming to new students when they arrived.

We look forward to welcoming you all back on Tuesday 3rd March.

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Kind regards,

Alison Colwell