Dear parents,

I hope that you all had a great week away from school, and enjoyed time with your children and friends.

One of the many areas in the school we have been reviewing is that of assessment. Assessment is, of course, a vital way of ensuring that our teachers are able to track your child’s progress and have a very clear understanding of their knowledge and understanding. Good assessment informs good lesson planning, and ensures that students are making steady progress in their learning. As you are aware, in secondary school we are reviewing the way we both assess our students and report on their progress to parents. The recent parent consultation afternoons replaced the mid year “data drop” originally scheduled for February as, based both on feedback from yourselves and our own review, it was felt that face-to-face conversations with your children’s teachers would be far more helpful and effective than a list of numbers; I hope this was the case.

Towards the end of the school year there will be formal assessments for children in Years 7 to 10. These will generally be a test, set in exam conditions. Our primary students will also be sitting progress tests. As a British international school, following the British exam system, it is important that our students get practice in sitting formal exams and also get excellent support in exam technique, so as to be ready for their GCSEs and A’levels - part of any good testing system is ensuring that the children are well prepared. To this end we will ensure that the children know, well in advance, when the tests will be sat, what they need to revise for the tests, and - most crucially - how to revise. I will be ensuring that later this term parents also have all this information. We will be providing you with advice on how best to support your child with their revision, and how to help them to reduce any stress and anxiety they may feel over exams.

In the meantime, please continue to support your child with their homework. As you know, this has been an area which we have been reviewing and the new homework policy will be available on the web site.Please regularly check your child’s planner and discuss their homework with them.

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Kind regards,

Alison Colwell


Meet the Teacher - Weekly Feature

Alex Fitzpatrick
Alex Fitzpatrick - Deputy Head of Secondary and Director of Sports

Mr Fitzpatrick was born in Derby but has lived in various parts of the Midlands and north of England, such as Preston, Liverpool, Nottingham and Leeds. He studied for a degree in Sports Development and Physical Education at Liverpool John Moores University before completing his teacher training in PE at the world renowned Loughborough University, the top university for sport in the UK and home to many national training centres for a range of sports.

Mr. Fitzpatrick joined BIC in September 2018 as Director of Sport with responsibility for developing the sporting curriculum across primary and secondary for both BIC Schools in Mallorca. In his short time, the sports provision in the school has grown and students now benefit from specialist taught PE lessons across every year group in the school.

In January 2020 he was appointed as Deputy Head of Secondary at BIC, a role in which he has overall leadership for the pastoral side of the school, extra-curricular opportunities and the house system.

BIC is delighted to have Mr Fitzpatrick as part of the team!