Dear Parents,

There is a famous quotation by the British philosopher and Oxford professor John Alexander Smith: “Nothing that you will learn in the course of your studies will be of the slightest possible use to you in after life, save only this, that if you work hard and intelligently you should be able to detect when a man is talking rot, and that, in my view, is the main, if not the sole, purpose of education”.

Whilst there is a certain element of truth in this amusing viewpoint, a good education, of course, has many purposes and a school many functions. First and foremost, its purpose is to give children an excellent education, to teach them things they didn’t know before, to learn about the world, and to gain a deep knowledge and understanding of many different academic disciplines. In addition to getting the highest qualifications they can, I also want all our students to fulfil their potential, academic and personal, creative and artistic. I want them to leave school as well-rounded, confident young people, with an awareness of the wider world, and a desire to play an active part in it. A good school will instil values in our young people, and endeavour to help them to grow into kind, responsible, tolerant and resilient adults.

But in addition to these academic and personal ambitions, a clear purpose of a school is to assist our young people with the next stages of their lives: to get them into the university, apprenticeship or career of their choice. On Thursday we are holding an open event for our sixth form; indeed, you may have heard some of our students speaking about their experiences at BIC and their aspirations on Radio 1 yesterday. I have been impressed by our sixth form, most noticeably by the calibre and experience of our teachers, many of whom have been senior examiners for the exam boards and have a wealth of experience and expertise teaching A’level, the gold standard of post 16 education across the world. In addition, our sixth form provides excellent pastoral care, supporting and assisting our young people at what can be a challenging and stressful time in their school life, and offering outstanding career and university application advice. I invite you to come along on Thursday, especially if you have children in Year 11 and 10 to hear more about our sixth form provision.

It is the time of year when we will be sending out the parent survey. I love a good survey! I am always extremely keen to get parental feedback, as I think you know, having met with so many of you already or been in email correspondence. Obviously, I have only been in the school for 11 weeks, but I really do want as much feedback as possible from you all, and please do write additional comments, ideas, criticisms or suggestions in the free text spaces. The survey will be sent out next week with a completion deadline of Friday 13th December. I very much look forward to reading all the feedback.

Alison Colwell


BIC, Sa Porrassa

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Sixth Form Taster day and Open afternoon - Baleares International College


Date Concept
Wednesday 27th November Catering company SANED Presentation and Tasting
Thursday 28th NovemberYear 11 Options Event
Thursday 28th NovemberSixth Form Taster day and Open Afternoon
Friday 6th December Public Holiday - School closed
Friday 13th December - 9.30am Early Years and KS1 Christmas Performance
Friday 13th December - 3.00pm BIC Christmas Fair
Wednesday 18th December Christmas Lunch & Christmas Jumper Day
Thursday 19th December Primary Class Parties
Friday 20th December Last day of Autumn term

Canteen - Catering company Saned

On Wednesday 27th November at 4 o’clock our catering company Saned will be in school to talk to parents about some proposed changes both to the food and to the canteen itself. Parents are invited to come along when they will also get the chance to taste the food that children are served. If you are interested in participating, please register by sending us an email to

We are looking forward to seeing you all.

Dog policy

We have recently been discussing the merits and advantages of having a reading dog. Dogs have been allowed on site, but due to some parental concerns we have, for the time being, decided that dogs should not be brought on site (this includes staff and parents). Thank you for your understanding.