Dear parents,

We are living in extraordinary times. I hope that you and your families are keeping as healthy and happy as any of us can be at the moment.

As you know, from Monday schools in Spain are closed to students for the following two weeks. The best educational resource for any student is an outstanding teacher in front of them; my absolute priority is to ensure that over the next two weeks your child gets the best education through the excellent online resources we will be providing.

I have anticipated some questions, which I hope will be useful for you:

How should I structure my child’s day?

We would like all children to keep to their usual timetable, as closely as possible. This means, for example, if your child would have physics period 1 on Monday they will access a physics lesson during this time. Where this is not possible, for example, PE, parents will of course use their own common sense; children may choose to do extra spelling, or maths, or read a book or go for a swim in the sea.

Can I communicate with my child’s teacher?

Absolutely! We are also providing a list of staff emails for your convenience. Teaching staff will be accessing and replying to email during the usual working day between 8.30 and 4.30. Your feedback will be welcome. There will be some teachers and staff working in school (including myself) and some who will be working from home; all will be working.

Is the school open?

Obviously, the reason for the schools being closed to students is to try to reduce the risk of the virus spreading. Therefore, we will not be encouraging parents to come into school. However, if you have made a specific appointment with a member of staff, or have made an arrangement to pick up some resources, that is, of course, fine. The reception will be open between 10 o’clock and 2 o'clock every day.

What do we do with technical issues?

We are providing a list of staff and their areas. For any technical issues around Canvas please contact the staff who are managing this.

What is happening with GCSE and A’level exams?

This is an uncertain and ever changing situation, which we are monitoring closely. In the meantime, students should take full advantage of all the online and hard resources that teachers are providing.

All of the above is of course subject to change. We will keep you fully informed. Thinking of you all at this difficult time, and looking forward to when we can welcome our students back to our school.

Kind regards,

Alison Colwell