A message from Alison Colwell, Principal

Dear parents,

The end of term has arrived and firstly I would like to thank you all for the support and friendliness you’ve shown to me since my arrival. It’s been a long but, I believe, successful term and I have really enjoyed getting to know the students, the staff and very many of our parents. As I said on day one, there is much that is great about this school and much that we can do even better, and I hope that, through both meeting me and through these newsletters, you’ve got a sense of the improvements we will be making and the direction in which I wish to lead the school.

As we break up for the Christmas holidays we have compiled a list of useful, educational resources that you can direct your children to when they are using their tablets. I would also like to make a Christmas wish that you encourage your children to do something that will improve their vocabulary, stimulate their imaginations and ultimately enrich their lives: read. Encourage them to read new books, discover new authors, visit bookshops and libraries and find the joy and escapism of the wonderful world of books.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas break and enjoy spending time with your friends and families. I also hope that 2020 brings you all health and happiness, and I look forward to meeting more of you next year.

Kind regards

Alison Colwell


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BIC Christmas Wishes

Staff departure

We would like to inform you that, due to personal circumstances, David and Rachael Bennett have decided to leave the school. We wish them well for the future.

Ms Elizabeth Compton - Head of Primary

Dear parents,

It has been an absolute pleasure to have been warmly welcomed into the BIC team. I have spent time getting to know so many wonderful students and staff. I thank all parents who continue to give me their feedback on areas for improvement or ideas. I am very excited about the developments we have in the pipeline for our Primary School.

As you are aware from January we have made some improvements to the timetable and learning experience for your children. Student break and lunch time will now be combined and later (11:30pm and 1:30pm). In light of this, preparations have been made to ensure safety and zones for different students to play in. We will be ensuring children have regular brain breaks (exercise, using the bathroom and rehydrating) particularly before the morning play time. Brain breaks, whether short activities in the classroom or outside, help promote physical fitness, which in turn boosts brain health. Research supports the benefits of physical activity on children’s cognitive development and academic success.

Your child will start the day having eaten a good breakfast, following this please ensure your child has a healthy morning snack for break time. For our younger students (Reception to Year 3) we request a substantial morning snack they will have at 10:30am and we will monitor if further snacks and breaks are needed in the shorter afternoon.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Kind regards

Ms Compton

Reception Class with Ms Wardle

Our children in Reception class have really enjoyed making Christmas crafts this week. They wrapped up a box and put them all inside to make a lovely Christmas gift for their families.

Year 1 Class with Ms Xidakis

In Maths this week Year 1 have been learning about measure, we had fun measuring different objects such as our shoes, paint brushes and our arms! In English we wrote about the school Christmas fair and how much fun it was from drinking delicious hot chocolate, winning prizes to seeing Santa Claus! In Art, we have been creating lots of Christmas themed pieces ready for the holidays. In Science we thoroughly enjoyed making our very own snow, learning about how a powder can be used to make snow!

Year 2 Class with Mrs von Waberer

We’ve had a wonderful end to the first term, especially working hard at finishing our action figures. We’ve also been writing Christmas wishes on decorated baubles and have been learning how to write kind and thoughtful letters to Father Christmas. The children also loved making their fantastic festive hats for their delicious Christmas dinner.

The children were enthusiastic to finish their beautiful group posters on the seven continents and present their work to the class. We thoroughly enjoyed talking about the different animals from around the world and the different climates.

Year 4 Class with Ms Walsh and Ms Alonso-McGregor

This week Year 4 have enjoyed finding out how our class reader, the BFG, ended. The children wrote some wonderful blurbs to entice other children to read this classic novel. Our Ancient Egypt topic also came to an end this week with the classes learning about the many gods and goddesses they worshipped. In our Art lessons the children have also loved making a range of Christmas themed crafts, with a particularly creative four seasons painted calendar to see them into the next year.

Year 5 Class with Ms Demangeat and Ms Solomun

Year 5 Pythagoras maths group had fun with some Maths magic! We learnt about Mobius strips where a twisted strip of paper only has one side and when cut along the centre line results in one loop. We also found that cutting all the way around a twisted strip of paper, one third of the way in, results in two interlinked loops! Some students then went home and astounded their parents with some “Maths magic!”

Our dragon eyes in clay are now completely finished and there are some amazing, dramatic results.

Year 6 Class with Ms Roberts and Ms Hodgson

Year 6 were privileged to have Mrs von Waberer teach them about the Ancient Greek language. Mrs von Waberer is passionate about the language and studied it at University. The pupils were enthralled to learn that today's language comes from Ancient Greek, e.g telephone, automobile, philosophy (literal translation is love of wisdom). Mrs von Waberer explained that Ancient Greek can be found in many subjects like Maths, Science, Music etc… Year 6 loved writing their names in the Greek alphabet. Mrs von Waberer set the pupils a challenge to see how many Greek words or symbols they can spot during the holiday season.

Sports department news

As you know, from January the school will be starting a new timetable which we believe will provide a better learning experience for your child.

As a result, students will be expected to come to school in their PE kit on a day when they have PE. This will help with a prompt start to the lesson and allow us to maximise learning time. They will be able to remain in their PE kit all day if they wish, or will be able to change into full school uniform following their lesson.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of what the current PE kit expectations are for all students:

Plain black or white t-shirt - (no large logos or slogans)

Plain black or white shorts or tracksuit bottoms - (no large logos or slogans)

Plain black or white sports jumper

Sports trainers not fashion trainers

On the first day of the new school year all of Year 7 and Year 10 will have PE and should come to school in their PE kits.

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For all Primary parents that are interested in their kids to be part of the first running event of 2020!

Running competition for KIDS in Palma

- FREE registration

- Date: Sunday 5th January

- Time: 12:00 p.m.

- Location: Parc de les Estacions

- To collect dorsal: from 9 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

- Deadline: 3rd January 2020

Please see below the link for the official registration: