A message from Ms Alison Colwell, Principal

Dear Parents,

As we arrive at the end of my first half term as principal I have inevitably reflected on the last 8 weeks, and what I have learnt. I feel I have gained an enormous amount of insight into the school, its strengths and weaknesses, and I am extremely grateful to the many families who have given me their time, along with their candid opinions and ideas.

I hope you have been able to get a sense of me and an understanding beyond the silly google headlines! I have one priority: to make this the best school on the island, a centre of excellent education and outstanding teaching for your children. Of course, behind that broad aim lie many strands and layers. I have spent a lot of time this term getting to know staff, getting to know the children, getting under the skin of the school. We have made some small changes but my focus has been on establishing myself as a determined leader, who listens and reflects, who leads with integrity and transparency, and who puts children - your children - first, always.

Next term my focus will be on the curriculum, ensuring we have the best and most appropriate one across the school, one that maximises learning and ensures a broad and balanced educational experience. We will continue to put high quality teaching and learning at the heart of our ongoing improvement, ensuring a consistent approach, setting sky high expectations and standards, exploring best practice. I will be finding the best way to ensure that you are fully aware of what your child is studying each term, in straightforward and easy to understand language (which will also help you to support them at home). We are looking at the length of lessons, on what is taught and when, on "stage not age" teaching (in particular in the primary school and for our students for whom English is an additional language) and, as you know, on the teaching of languages - which ones? how frequently? how? I will also be providing clarity on homework, on what our expectations are and ensuring consistency. We are going to be embedding the House system and have in place an exciting rewards structure across the school. And away from the classroom, but still an important aspect of school, we are looking at the canteen and the lunches we provide, with some exciting plans to radically improve the eating experience for our children.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first half term here, but the undoubted highlight has been getting to know the children, talking with them, being in their classrooms, and my one-to-one meetings with Year 11 (and when I have met each of them I will be doing the same with every Year 6 student). They have impressed me with their politeness, their friendliness, their ideas and their talent. They have reminded me every day why I love this job and what a privilege and responsibility it is.

I wish you all a safe and happy half term break.

Kind regards,

Alison Colwell


BIC, Sa Porrassa

Ms Elizabeth Compton - Head of Primary

Dear Parents,

They say ´time flies when you are having fun´ and there has been plenty over the last seven weeks in the Primary Department. It has been a fantastic first half term and I must take this opportunity to thank our dedicated staff, supportive parents and inspiring children who have helped me and new staff to settle in. It has been full of learning and I am delighted to be part of our smiling, engaged and enthusiastic community each and everyday.

Green Assembly, Halloween, Pink Awareness Friday, Harvest Festival, Parent Teacher Afternoons, Year 6 Palma beach clean up and cake sale, and our Parent information sessions are just a few of the highlights of the term so far! We appreciate your continued support and involvement.

Each day brings new experiences and challenges for our students as we continue to expect the highest standards from them in all areas. In light of this, I have been talking to our KS2 students this week about facing your fears as challenges and developing resilience as a learner when we find tasks difficult .

During the break please continue, as in term time, to support and encourage your child with their reading and why not participate in our Extreme Read competition! As the temperatures begin to drop after half term, please ensure you send your child to school with the appropriate clothing, which would include a school sweater and jacket to ensure students can continue to play outside.

Wishing you all a restful holiday,

Ms Compton


Reception Class with Ms Wardle

Reception class have been learning about the different seasons and the changes we have noticed during the first two weeks of autumn. The children have noticed darker mornings and cooler temperatures with lots of wind and rain. The autumn leaves have been changing colour and falling from the trees. The children have made some good predictions about the weather and talked about the clothes they need to wear in different seasons.

Year 1 Class with Ms Xidakis

Year 1 have been learning about instructions and had great fun following instructions to bake ´Spooky Spiders ́. We then ordered the instructions in literacy focusing on the key features. The best part was eating the ´Spooky Spiders!´ We also enjoyed reading buddies this week with 5S, sharing our love of reading.

Img 20191024 091017
BIC Sa Porrassa Year 1 Students celebration Halloween

Year 2 Class with Mrs von Waberer

Year 2 have had another busy week of working hard and having fun. We celebrated Imi’s birthday last Friday dressed in pink for Cancer Awareness Day. This week we loved learning about symmetry in maths and had a lot of fun painting our own symmetrical butterflies. We also enjoyed inventing disgusting Halloween potions and writing amazingly creepy Halloween poems which we bravely and proudly read out to other classes in Primary.

Year 3 Class with Ms Bakes and Ms Taylor

This week the children in Year 3 have been delving deep into the weird and wonderful world of Halloween. They have been extending their range of eerie vocabulary, thinking of as many scary adjectives as possible to describe both a fictional creepy character and a spooky scene, too. The children did so well, and we have used their work to assess how their creative writing is progressing.

Students have also learnt a method in maths to support them with addition and subtraction of pairs of two-digit numbers. We encourage children to partition the number into tens and units, as this breaks down the number problem and makes their calculating easier,

Year 4 Class with Ms Walsh and Ms Alonso-McGregor

Year 4 have had a busy week writing about fictional Halloween dreams as part of their writing assessment. After the excitement of Halloween dress up day and some fun Halloween themed activities, we were ready to think like an Egyptian on Friday. We had a lot of fun learning about mummification. We learned all about the rather ´icky’ process of organ removal and embalming. Then we had fun mummifying a classmate by wrapping them in toilet tissue. The highlight of the day was starting the mummification process of a tomato. We will leave them for two weeks to see how well they have been preserved!

Earlier in the week, Year 4A loved taking their own versions of a picture book called The Surprise, to read to Year 2. In pairs and small groups, the children read and listened beautifully and all enjoyed the time together.

Year 5 Class with Ms Solomun and Ms Demangeat

Year 5D had great fun manipulating clay to make some of their own Viking jewellery and plaques which they engraved with “runes,” the letters the Vikings used to write. Once the clay was dry, paint was used to complete their work beautifully.

Year 6 Class with Ms Roberts and Ms Hodgson

Save the Med - Cake sale success !

Last Tuesday Year Six held a cake sale to raise money for the organisation, Save the Med. The event was a complete success with many parents donating delicious cakes to the delight of the pupils and our students managed to raise nearly 400 euros for Save the Med. Congratulations on such a success!

Sports department in Primary

The school has confirmed its participation in the football and volleyball leagues and is awaiting news of fixtures. Football matches are likely to start the second week back after half term for football. Mr Fitzpatrick will be in contact with students once the first game approaches.

If you haven’t already done so, please return the consent form and remember that training on a Thursday with the RMA Academy on the school field is free to all those who have registered.

French department in Primary

Our French department had an exciting week learning all about their families and Halloween! We have learnt how to create a delicious chocolate cake recipe in French. What a fantastic week and we wish everyone Bonnes Vacances!

New appointed EAL Specialist - Mr Kriss Cunningham

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is an absolute pleasure to have been appointed 'EAL Coordinator' for Baleares International College, and I look forward with great optimism to taking on this role. Before joining BIC I worked in China as 'EAL Coordinator' for Jiangsu College of International Education, a position which gave me great insight into the world of EAL teaching, and has prepared me well for the challenges ahead.

The EAL team and myself have some great ideas as to what EAL can do for your child, keeping your child consistently engaged and excited to learn English. As an English speaking international school it is of the utmost importance that all our students leave BIC as confident, articulate, and mature English speakers. The EAL department will ensure that no child leaves BIC without the skills to be a successful world citizens. English being the key to a global career we firmly believe that EAL should take a lead role in the life of our school.

I look forward to working with all parents, and what the future holds for EAL at BIC.

Warm regards

Mr Kriss Cunningham