A message from Alison Colwell, Principal

Dear Parents,

A good education is a partnership between home and school. I am always keen to get feedback from you all, as I think you know, and thank you to those of you who have already completed the annual Orbital parent survey. If you haven’t yet completed it, please do make time to do so, and as I have said, please be as frank and honest as possible. Orbital analyses all the surveys from all their schools, and I will take a genuine interest in its findings.

The recent primary languages survey was very interesting, thank you to everyone. There was a very loud message that came through - more Spanish teaching please! We have been making timetable changes for after Christmas that will accommodate that. Another finding was the parents who don’t want their child to pick up another language in the earlier years, but to keep their focus on Spanish and English. Again, we are able to accommodate that, although those children who want to continue learning German or French will also be able to.

Staff have also been discussing the curriculum as we start to look towards September 2020. We worked in teams to answer the question I mentioned two weeks ago - what do we want our children to have a good knowledge and understanding of, if we are to say we have given them an excellent education by the time they leave school. It led to some fascinating and energising debates - alongside the more traditional (and important) academic subjects, staff also suggested a wide range of things they felt schools should try to get into their curriculum - cookery, good manners, first aid, Mallorcan culture, current affairs, taxation, healthy relationships, gardening, public speaking and Russian to name just a few! Watch this space.

As you know, I try to use my space in the newsletter to highlight the teaching and learning priorities for me and my direction of travel for the school, as we continue to make BIC even better. I have talked about the curriculum, the more able students, sixth form, homework - these are vital aspects of a good education, but I also think so too is the food that children eat! School is about so much more than just academic success, and we are looking into how we can improve the dining experience for our students. Of course the quality and range of the food but also the canteen environment, how the children sit and eat, their understanding of nutrition, their enjoyment of eating, the social aspect of sitting and eating together, food waste, recycling - these are all important aspects. As ever, please do let me know your views.

Alison Colwell


BIC, Sa Porrassa

Ms Elizabeth Compton - Head of Primary

Dear Parents,

Our weekly news aims to give you a window into the daily lives of your children, a simple snapshot of the engaging, challenging and practical learning experiences consistently provided by our Primary department. From baking, letter writing, measuring outdoors to making African necklaces, your children are being challenged and having fun whilst continually learning.

I am currently reading ‘An Ethic of Excellence’ by Ron Berger. Berger discusses the importance to develop an ethic of ‘craftsmanship’ with our students and what is possible when parents, teachers and students focus on nothing less than the best. To further develop our ‘craft’ and build on the strong foundations we have in place, I am spending increased time in classrooms, getting to know our student body through teaching, completing ‘learning walks’ with our senior team and meeting with staff about how we, just like our students, can always find ways to improve our craftsmanship and focus on nothing less than the best for our students.

To quote Ron Berger ‘ I want a classroom full of craftsmen. I want students whose work is strong and accurate and beautiful. Students who are proud of what they do and are proud of how they respect both themselves and others’ .

Following our Primary Christmas card competition, I was impressed by the high standard of art work produced and we must congratulate all who entered earning valuable points for their house.

The primary winners were as follows;

1. Alexander in Year 3 - Wolves

2. Lilien in Year 2 - Eagles

3. Ben in Year 4 - Leopards

Thank you to all families who have donated to our Christmas Shoe Box appeal, donations will go to Zaqueo, the homeless shelter in Palma. Donations are welcome until the 5th December. See below for further details.

Kind regards,

Ms Elizabeth Compton

Head of Primary


Sunday 1st DecemberBIC Choir Performance - Santa Ponça Square
Friday 6th DecemberPublic Holiday - School closed
Tuesday 10th December BIC Choir Performance - School Christmas production
Wednesday 11th December BIC Choir Performance - School Christmas production
Friday 13th December - 9.30am Early Years and KS1 Christmas Performance
Friday 13th December - 3.00pmBIC Christmas Fair
Wednesday 18th DecemberChristmas Lunch & Christmas Jumper Day
Thursday 19th December Primary Class Parties
Friday 20th December Last day of Autumn term
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Baleares International College - Christmas Fair

The story of the week in Reception class was ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We have really enjoyed getting to know the story, telling it in our own words and joining in when the Gingerbread Man shouts ‘Run, run as fast as you can’. The children have made characters in play-dough and cardboard to act out the story in the playground. Baking the real Gingerbread Man biscuits was the highlight of our week.

Reception Class with Ms Wardle

Year 1 Class with Ms Xidakis

This week we have been learning about direction in maths and played an instruction game to practise using our left and right. We also developed our art and design skills when completing our Christmas card entries for the House competition.

Year 2 Class with Mrs von Waberer

This week we have been learning direction and position in maths by playing games of ‘Simon Says’ and by using prepositions to tell each other where objects are. We have had a lot of fun discussing measurements and deciding whether we use metres or centimetres to measure things. We thoroughly enjoyed drawing around ourselves outside on the playground and then measuring our heights with tape measures. We found out that our heights are the same length as our arm spans!

In Literacy we started our new book ‘Traction Man’ by Mini Grey. We were so impressed with the adjectives the children used to describe him. The class produced some fantastic work on ‘What is a hero?’

Year 3 Class with Ms Bakes and Ms Taylor

This week we have been letter writing. We have written a letter to the Twits to tell them how rude they are being to each other! We would have loved it if we could have been able to send these letters to this fictional couple, as we’re sure that our suggestions would teach them a thing or two about how to behave better with one another!

Following the wonderful letter writing, we will soon be writing letters to each other and post them to each other’s houses.

In our Topic lessons we have been making African necklaces in the style of the Maasai tribe and we have enjoyed creating a range of traditional African patterns.

Year 4 Class with Ms Walsh and Ms Alonso-McGregor

This week the children enjoyed researching the journey to the afterlife that the ancient Egyptians believed in. The process was quite an ordeal for those wealthy or important enough to have been mummified. We all enjoyed learning about the weighing of the heart, the ceremony by which it was decided whether you had been good all your life or not! We had some great conversations about who we thought would pass the test and live for eternity. We created comic strips to represent the different stages of the journey and were introduced to some of the more important Egyptian gods.

In science, we started a new topic all about food chains. We learned how animals and plants depend on each other in a habitat and how all living things need energy to survive. Some great new vocabulary was introduced which the children will be using in up and coming lessons.

Year 5 Class with Ms Demangeat and Ms Solomun

Year 5 had a fantastic trip to the Quely factory, Inca on Wednesday. We learned all about the history of the “galletas de Inca”. They were first made in 1853 for sailors who needed something to eat that didn't turn mouldy as bread did. We learned how the name “Quely” came from the famous Hollywood actress, Grace Kelly, whom the grandparents of the current owners knew and dined with. The name was changed to be more Mallorquin and the nearly 30 different varieties, only made in Inca, have been known as Quely ever since. For some of the children the best part of our day out was the “goodie bag” of samples of the different flavours. The children enjoyed some outside time in the glorious weather playing together in a local park with some amazing apparatus. Thanks to Mrs Tuke, Mrs Defreitas and Mrs Sowerby for supporting this learning experience.

Year 6 Class with Ms Roberts and Ms Hodgson

This week Year 6 have been learning how to use modal verbs effectively in a piece of persuasive writing. Our classes were excited to write an article to persuade NASA that B.I.C should be chosen to go on the first school trip to space!

In addition, students have really enjoyed taking part in the Mangahigh maths challenge and many have continued playing these educational games at home, as well as in class.

Sports department news

Year 3 and Year 4 had their first football game of the season on Tuesday night away to Queens College. A fantastic team performance from all concerned resulted in a 5-1 victory for BIC, a reward for their hard work on the night but also in training in preparation for the game. The core of the squad for the match has been training together regularly at the free training sessions on a Thursday after school on the school field. These are delivered by Rob Croll and his team from the RM Academy. Anyone who would like to represent the school is free to attend these sessions in order to improve their skills and prepare for the inter school fixtures. I look forward to seeing as many of our students as possible there!

French department news

It has been an exciting week for our French experts. In Year 3 we have been decorating our advent calendar. Our advent calendar will be composed of French questions. All these questions, hidden by our French teacher, will be distributed throughout each festive day in the calendar (parents will have answers available in an envelope). While Year 6 students are finalising their presentations of their chosen character to present to their class next week, our Year 4 students have been learning how to express their feelings in French.

We look forward to seeing next week the fantastic progress our students are making!

School Council news

As a school council we all feel strongly about the environment and wanted to ensure all of our classrooms are equipped with the right bins to help us recycle. We all know we need to recycle as much as we can, however before that, we need to think of the other 2 R's, Reduce and Reuse. For that reason we chose not to buy recycling bins for our classrooms but to reuse the boxes we already had in school. The school council came together on Friday and worked together to paint and label the paper and plastic recycling boxes for classrooms throughout the school. This is the first of many planned activities to help our school become a more environmentally friendly place to learn.

Charity - Christmas Shoe Boxes and Donations

We wish to send you this reminder about our shoe box and charity appeal. The final date for all donations is Thursday 5th December.

Reception, Year 1 & 2New-born boxes

Baby-grows, baby bottles, nappies, wipes, talc, baby bath, spare teats/dummies, lotion, bibs, blankets, woolly hats and mittens.

Years 3 to 6 - Boys and girls shoe boxes

Dolls or stuffed toys (with CE label), toy trucks, yo-yo, skipping rope, ball, play-doh, small puzzles, pens, pencils & sharpeners, crayons or felt pens, paints, notebooks & paper, solar calculators, card games, hair accessories, colouring & picture books etc.

Years 7 to 13 - Hygiene boxes for both men and women

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, flannels, shower gels, manicure sets, combs, hair brushes, lip balm, moisturisers, soaps.

All boxes must NOT be sealed shut and must be UNWRAPPED.

Please label clearly on the box which category it is for and if it’s for a boy or girl.

In reception we have large plastic crates for any other clothes, toiletries or toys you would like to donate.

We also have a cash donation box for anyone that would like to donate but may not have time to go shopping. Items will then be bought on your behalf. This will be on the reception desk during school hours.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and kindness during the festive season.

Baleares International College - Christmas Shoe Boxes and Donations

Movie Mornings at Cineciutat

We are delighted to share with you further information about our collaboration with Cineciutat Nins, located in the heart of Palma.


- We are a cinema and sometimes theatre. We are a school and we are memories. We are ideas and innovation. We are culture. We are non-profit and self-managed by its members. #morethanacinema - Cineciutat -

Following last Saturday's success Cineciutat will be holding another Movie Morning for all of our parents and children next Saturday 30th November at 11:00. This week's screening will be "Zog and the Highway Rat".

We kindly invite you to join us for this fantastic concept and to share with your family and friends.

  • Saturday 30th November at 11:00am - Zog and the Highway Rat – Tickets available HERE
  • Saturday 14th December at 11:00am - The Grufallo and the Grufallo's child (Ticket purchase coming soon)

Tickets are available at our reception as well as online under the following link:

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Drama department - Baleares International College

We have been busy with rehearsals for all of our upcoming events and performances below. We can’t wait to show off what our students have been working so hard on! For external performances please contact Miss Mayes or Mr Croker for more details should you wish to attend and support students.

We would like to share with you the following dates of all our upcoming performances this term:

  • Sunday 1st December - Santa Ponsa Square
  • Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th December - school Christmas production
  • Saturday 14th December - Son Amar

Christmas card competition Winners

The Christmas card house competition has now ended and the winners have been announced. We would like to thank all the primary and secondary students that entered, each entry was fantastic and we could tell a lot of hard work went in to each image. It was extremely hard to decide the top 3 for Primary and the top 3 from the secondary entries. A large chocolate Santa was given to both first place students and from the first place winners Alexander and Sofia it was finally decided that Sofia´s entry will be the overall winner and used for the school Christmas card. Thank you to everyone who participated in this house competition, we were impressed by the high standard of art work produced and we must congratulate all who entered earning valuable points for their houses.

I was impressed by the high standard of art work produced and we must congratulate all who entered earning valuable points for their house.

Primary Winners

1. Alexander in Year 3 - Wolves

2. Lilien in Year 2 - Eagles

3. Ben in Year 4 - Leopards

Secondary Winners

1. Sofia in Year 8 - Wolves

2. Lily in Year 8 - Wolves

3. Ismene in Year 9 - Eagles

Well done to everyone!