A message from Alison Colwell, Principal

Dear parents,

It was good to see and meet so many of you at our Year 7 parent consultation afternoon this week. I hope that you had some productive and useful conversations about your child’s academic progress and well-being. We have found that having a more relaxed approach to these events rather than a set appointment time works better; some parents want just a quick 1 minute with one teacher and longer with another teacher, sometimes parents get held up. However, as with everything, we welcome your feedback. Just to be clear - your child is most welcome to attend these meetings with you. It is usual practice in my experience for children to sit with their parents and get feedback, although of course some parents may prefer to meet with teachers without their children present - whatever works best for you. If you do come without your child though, please ensure you know the names of their teachers, as I know this caused some parents a few difficulties! (your child can of course give you a list of their names.) Consultations for the other Years are scheduled for January and February. If you are unable to attend and wish to make a separate appointment we are always happy to accommodate that; conversations with parents are a vital element of us working together to ensure your child makes the best possible progress.

On that subject, there have been lots of questions and enquiries about the secondary reports. I know that many parents have found them rather confusing. We are changing the way that we report your child’s progress and I am leading a wholescale review of this, to ensure that the information and reports that you receive are clear, straightforward and easy to understand. Most importantly, they need to show you how well (or not) your child is doing, what areas they need to improve in and how you can best support them.

May I please remind you to put next Thursday in your diary, when I will be feeding back to you the findings of the most recent parent survey, and updating you on work on the site and the facilities.

Kind regards,

Alison Colwell


Humanities department news

It was great to meet so many Year 7 parents on Thursday after school. A common question was about the topics being studied and how parents can support their child's learning at home. I have outlined the topics being studied this term with examples of useful websites for each of the Humanities subjects.

History - We are studying the growth of Islam after Muhammad so we understand the causes of the Crusades. We will look at why the Holy Land was so important to Christians and Muslims and consider the impact of the growth of Islam on Western Europe. We will then move on to look at the Reformation and the Tudors. Useful websites for these topics are listed below.

Global Citizenship - We are starting the new year looking at world religions. We will look at Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism and humanism. While studying the basic beliefs and practices of each religion, we will zoom out to look at the global context and the influences and international issues linked. Useful websites for these topics are listed below. In addition, we will make constant reference to current affairs and issues, so it is vital that students are keeping up to date with the news.

Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13 news

Year 11, 12 and 13 have been undertaking mock examinations during the first two weeks of the school year. The idea of these is to give them an experience of what the real exam season will feel like to help them with their preparations. Of course, it is also a timely opportunity for staff to assess their current progress. We will be holding a mock results event within the school day following the end of the marking period so that students are able to experience receiving their grades. We hope that this will motivate and encourage them to continue to strive to improve their grade between now and the final examination for their courses.

BIC Careers Fair

BIC Sa Porrassa is delighted to announce its Careers Event on 30th January 2020.

The BIC Careers Event offers students and parents an exceptional opportunity to chat one to one with a wide variety of professionals, about their career ambitions. Our professionals are volunteers - our current and former parents, our staff, our alumni, and other professionals closely associated with the school.

We would also like to hear from parents, who would be interested in joining our event as volunteers, not only to promote their brands and companies but also to transmit their expertise to our students. If you are interested, please send me a short email confirming that you would like to be part and we will then send you additional information about the set up and timings.

We will look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you at our Careers Fair.

Career Fair Fb Tile

BIC Summer School 2020

We are delighted to announce our BIC Summer School 2020.

Suitable for boys and girls between the ages of 5 to 14, this is a fantastic opportunity for children to enhance their English and Spanish language skills, gain more confidence in a variety of sports (eg. tennis, volleyball, football) and enhance the children’s creativity. Children will be able to enjoy a day trip to the exciting local attraction Western Water Park, but most importantly, they will have FUN!

Our daily programme is full of exciting sports activities, swimming pool water games, arts and crafts and, of course, English and Spanish learning!

Various options are available: children can take part in the Summer School for the full 4 weeks – Mondays to Fridays, starting at 9:30am to 3:00pm – or may choose to join for standalone weeks between June 29 – July 24 as well.

Prices vary accordingly:

  • 1 week - € 175
  • 2 weeks - € 300
  • 3 weeks - € 400
  • 4 weeks - € 500

(*Prices do not include. Lunch will be provided by parents in the form of lunch-packs)

Available Summer School Programmes:

- English Language Booster: This is an ideal opportunity for all non-native speakers to boost their English skills across the 4 weeks. This programme includes English speaking, listening, reading and writing lessons taught by a native English speaker.

- Spanish Language Booster: This is an ideal opportunity for all non-native speakers to boost their Spanish skills across the 4 weeks. This programme includes English speaking, listening, reading and writing lessons taught by a native Spanish speaker.

- Early Years Programme (5 to 7 year olds): Include fun learning activities around English, Maths, arts and crafts as well fun interactive sports and swim lessons.

Daily Summer School Activities:

- Sporting Activities: Throughout the four-week BIC Summer School, participants will get the chance to practise and explore a variety of new sports such as badminton, table tennis, dodgeball, basketball, volleyball and football, all led by a qualified PE teacher.

- Swimming: During the hot summer, children can have fun cooling off in BIC's 25m outdoor pool and enhance their swimming skills.

- Craft and Designs: Creative Projects: This is the perfect chance for children to harness their creative side and take part in different art, science craft projects and/or music.

To register for our Summer School please visit our Website - REGISTER

Summer School 2020 Fb Banner
BIC Summer School 2020

BIC Sa Porrassa Open Morning

We are delighted to announce that Baleares International College Sa Porrassa, Calvià, will be holding an Open Morning on Friday 31st January from 9.30am and we would love for you to join us.

This is a great opportunity for you to come and see our teachers in action and for your child to gain an insight into student life here at BIC.

This is a whole school Open Morning. You'll have the opportunity to tour our facilities, speak to our teachers and meet our students.

It is important to us that you register for the event. This will allow us to better tailor the day for any particular needs or interests, and provide more in-depth information for the specific Year group(s) you are interested in.

Registration is very easy; please send us an email to registrar@balearesint.netand confirm your attendance.

BIC Information Session - Parent Survey Feedback

We would like to invite you to our next Information Session on Thursday 24th January starting at 4pm. The aim of this session is to provide you with feedback from our recent Parent Survey, as well as to keep you up to speed with work on improving the facilities.

Throughout the term we will be hosting a monthly Information Session in order to ensure a transparent communication of our progress at BIC.

Every Friday we send out our BIC Newsletter, where you will find information about the school as well as planned events for the upcoming weeks ahead. Please have a good read!

We look forward to welcoming you all next Thursday and wish you a fantastic week ahead.

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BIC Information Session - Parent Survey Feedback

After School Homework Club

Each day from 4:00-5:00pm BIC offers after school care for Primary students. This is held in Ms Taylor’s classroom (GR4) with our Learning Support Assistant Ms Dixon. The cost of this is 5 Euros per club.

Children can complete homework, play board games, enjoy mindful colouring or reading.

This child care service is only available free to parents when they need to attend our Parent Information Sessions or any parent teacher meeting.

Please contact the school office for further details.

BIC Valentine ́s Disco

The greatly anticipated Valentine's Disco will take place on Thursday February 13th for Years 5 to 8. The theme is: “Wear something red”, and it will be organised by the Secondary Charity Group with all proceeds will go to charity.