A message from Ms Alison Colwell, Principal

Dear Parents,

As we arrive at the end of my first half term as principal I have inevitably reflected on the last 8 weeks, and what I have learnt. I feel I have gained an enormous amount of insight into the school, its strengths and weaknesses, and I am extremely grateful to the many families who have given me their time, along with their candid opinions and ideas.

I hope you have been able to get a sense of me and an understanding beyond the silly google headlines! I have one priority: to make this the best school on the island, a centre of excellent education and outstanding teaching for your children. Of course, behind that broad aim lie many strands and layers. I have spent a lot of time this term getting to know staff, getting to know the children, getting under the skin of the school. We have made some small changes but my focus has been on establishing myself as a determined leader, who listens and reflects, who leads with integrity and transparency, and who puts children - your children - first, always.

Next term my focus will be on the curriculum, ensuring we have the best and most appropriate one across the school, one that maximises learning and ensures a broad and balanced educational experience. We will continue to put high quality teaching and learning at the heart of our ongoing improvement, ensuring a consistent approach, setting sky high expectations and standards, exploring best practice. I will be finding the best way to ensure that you are fully aware of what your child is studying each term, in straightforward and easy to understand language (which will also help you to support them at home). We are looking at the length of lessons, on what is taught and when, on "stage not age" teaching (in particular in the primary school and for our students for whom English is an additional language) and, as you know, on the teaching of languages - which ones? how frequently? how? I will also be providing clarity on homework, on what our expectations are and ensuring consistency. We are going to be embedding the House system and have in place an exciting rewards structure across the school. And away from the classroom, but still an important aspect of school, we are looking at the canteen and the lunches we provide, with some exciting plans to radically improve the eating experience for our children.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first half term here, but the undoubted highlight has been getting to know the children, talking with them, being in their classrooms, and my one-to-one meetings with Year 11 (and when I have met each of them I will be doing the same with every Year 6 student). They have impressed me with their politeness, their friendliness, their ideas and their talent. They have reminded me every day why I love this job and what a privilege and responsibility it is.

I wish you all a safe and happy half term break.

Kind regards,

Alison Colwell


BIC, Sa Porrassa

Music and drama department news

‘Rock School RSL Awards’ come to BIC Sa Porrassa!

We are delighted to announce that Mr. Croker has now been approved as an official ‘Rock School Espana’ instrumental tutor and can put forward interested musicians for Grades 1 - 8 Performance Certificates, which even carry UCAS points!

We also have exciting new equipment at BIC - Sa Porrassa for:

  • Drummers
  • Pianists
  • MIDI and Audio Production
  • Singers

For more information or to enquire about private lessons on these instruments and more please contact:

john.croker@balearesint.net or nicola.mayes@balearesint.net

Mr. Croker’s new Rock School Profile can be found at: https://cloud.rslawards.com/music/find-a-teacher/john-edward-croker

Let's get this show on the road!

Dance is now at BIC!

We are excited to say that alongside drama and music here in Performing Arts, dance is now joining our extra curricular offerings to support our growing curriculum.

A Dance Club will be starting after half term on Tuesdays from 4pm until 5pm. The cost of this club will be 5 euros per week, and will cover a range of styles. It will be run by Miss Mayes, with visiting specialist workshop leaders!

We can also offer private dance lessons in:

  • Ballet
  • Contemporary
  • Jazz
  • Theatre Craft

For more information or to enquire about new upcoming clubs or private tuition in dance/drama please contact: nicola.mayes@balearesint.net or john.croker@baelaresint.net

Ballet Shoes 1

Maths department news

Following the half term break, the maths department will be delivering Additional Maths as an extra class on Tuesdays between 4.10 and 5pm. The classes intend to focus on higher level thinking skills and will provide an exciting extension to the iGCSE course, that will enable a smooth transition in the future to A’level. The classes are suitable for any member of Mr Sparks’ maths class in Year 9.

Physical Education department

The information meeting for theArdeche 2020 trip took place on Wednesday this week. Don’t worry if you missed it, you are still able to request more information or to book a place. The trip is open to all students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10. Please direct any questions you have to Mr Fitzpatrick via email to alex.fitzpatrick@balearesint.net

Booking is now live on the school website. To secure a place on the trip, please complete the booking form and follow the deposit payment instructions - Booking Form

Secondary students have been taking part in the inter House basketball event this week during their lunch time. The key stage 4 event was postponed until Friday due to the weather and at the time of writing we do not yet know the results. The key stage 3 contest was hotly contested and finished with the Leopards as undefeated winners, the Eagles and Wolves in joint second position and the Lions finishing in 4th.

All of the competitions that take place throughout the school year in primary, secondary and 6th form will gain House points towards the overall House championship, with the winning House collecting the trophy in June.

Science department news

The head of the science department Mr Cadman this week joined Miss Pooler in gaining official United Nations accreditation as a ‘Climate Change’ teacher. BIC is the first of the global Orbital group to gain this status, and it is hoped that collaborative work between schools will take place in the future. The recent press surrounding Greta Thunberg has highlighted the important role our students have to play to combat climate change, and it is hoped that our scientists and geographers of the future are inspired to play an active role in seeking out successful solutions. The knowledge gained through this extensive course will be incorporated into science lessons after half term, culminating in an extended project for students to explore further. In Year 8 geography this has been a timely addition to the curriculum.

Climate Change
Climate Change

Humanities and Business department

The half term break provides an opportunity for Year 11 to review all of the topics they have studied to date. Practising retrieval techniques is an essential part of successful revision. Students should set themselves knowledge based recall questions. For history examples could include:

  • Which New Deal agencies helped unemployed young men?
  • Give 2 examples of how the Thaw helped improve relations between the superpowers.

Geography examples might include:

  • Explain two reasons why it is important for a country to have energy security.
  • Give 2 ways that humans can affect coastal environments.

In Business Studies students will revise knowledge for an assessment the first week after half term.

Well done Year 11, Keep up the great work.

Pastoral news

At BIC, we take the school absences seriously and we would like to remind the parents to follow the absence procedures as it is stated below:

Any absence up to 3 days:

  • First day: parents must call the reception and/or email the form tutor to notify the absence
  • If we do not receive a phone call, the school will contact the parents
  • If the absence is to be extended beyond the first day, parents need to email in advance if possible or if not then they must follow the first day procedure again.
  • We need a WRITTEN confirmation of any absence. Therefore, a handwritten note (in planners or otherwise) from parents can be accepted by the form tutor when a student returns. If an email has been previously sent then this would not be necessary.

Any absence longer than 3 days:

  • A doctor’s note must be provided and handed to the tutor
  • If no doctor's note is provided, the tutor will contact the parents to ensure that it is forthcoming.

BIC Debate team

Thursday 24th October BIC debateteam competed away at The Academy in Marratxí, debating the motion ‘Democracy isn’t working’. Our students, George Gray, Olivia Yidrum and Eli Anderson made some excellent points and debated with passion. George Gray was awarded best debater and we look forward to our next debate against Lycee Français.

New appointed EAL Specialist - Mr Kriss Cunningham

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is an absolute pleasure to have been appointed 'EAL Coordinator' for Baleares International College, and I look forward with great optimism to taking on this role. Before joining BIC I worked in China as 'EAL Coordinator' for Jiangsu College of International Education, a position which gave me great insight into the world of EAL teaching, and has prepared me well for the challenges ahead.

The EAL team and myself have some great ideas as to what EAL can do for your child, keeping your child consistently engaged and excited to learn English. As an English speaking international school it is of the utmost importance that all our students leave BIC as confident, articulate, and mature English speakers. The EAL department will ensure that no child leaves BIC without the skills to be a successful world citizens. English being the key to a global career we firmly believe that EAL should take a lead role in the life of our school.

I look forward to working with all parents, and what the future holds for EAL at BIC.

Warm regards

Mr Kriss Cunningham