Dear parents,

Today is the day that votes are in for our new School Council representatives. Each class will elect two reps and the pupils have been busy this week writing their statements and convincing their classmates as to why they deserve their votes. We look forward to having our first meeting next week to find out how our pupils think we should improve our school.

Thanks to those of you who were able to come to the parent survey feedback session on Thursday. As with our pupils we always want to hear your ideas for school improvement. It was great to hear that your thoughts are the same as ours in terms of how the school can improve and develop.

A reminder that next Friday we are hosting another parent lunch at Portals Kitchen. We hope that you can make it. Please email to confirm your place.

Have a wonderful weekend,

All the best,

Ms Millar

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BIC Sant Agustí Parent Lunch

Nursery Starfish Class

We went on an adventure and BOY what an adventure it was! All children have really been showing off their endurance during our hike and they have enjoyed being little explorers soaking in the environment as they went along. We have played and investigated things that we came across along the way. It is certainly a trip I would love to make again with all of you, isn’t the world a wonderful place!

Reception Seahorse Class

Our trip to Bellver forest was certainly worth the wait! On Thursday the 23rd January, we had a wonderful day exploring the forest. The children had to take care where they were walking over the slippery rocks. They worked as a team to follow the trail and remember the path that we took so that we could find our way back home again.

Year 1 Seals Class

This week we have moved on from our Human body topic and began our Plants topic. We have looked at so many different types of plants and their features. We learnt that some have flowers, some have fruits, some are tall, some are small, some grow in Mallorca, some grow around the world. We decided that it would not be a good idea to give palm trees as a Valentine's present! We turned the playground into a giant forest with chalks.

On Wednesday we were very excited to plant our own seeds! We will be watching them grow in class, watering them and making sure they have lots of sunlight.

In maths we have been learning how to count in 2s. Today we counted all the shoes in class by counting in 2s.

Year 2 Turtles Class

On Monday, Turtles started making their own versions of Christopher Columbus’ ship. They had lots of fun learning about the coiling technique and they used this to build their base and sides of the ship. The children are looking forward to painting their artwork next week!

Year 3 Dolphins Class

On Monday Miss Millar shared our new School Council initiative with the children. As you can imagine since then the Dolphins have been busy preparing their candidature, sharing the positive qualities they can offer the school council. Votes take place this week and next week we will share our class representatives.

In PE with Coach Rob the children enjoyed the beautiful weather playing a ronda of games to improve and build on their basketball skills. The children were encouraged to practice their passing and movement skills, improving their hand/eye coordination and teamwork. They finished the lesson with an exciting game, being rewarded with shooting a basket!

Year 5 Whales Class and Year 6 Sharks Class

This week started in a really fun and informative way, as we learnt about three new events in assembly on Monday.

Miss Millar told us that we are going to start our new School Council at BIC, which will be represented by two children per year group. After hearing about this exciting news, we have been busy writing, editing and practising our speeches if we’d like to be considered for council reps.

We are also very excited about the school disco at Sa Porrassa which will take place on 20th February. Some children have already been spotted around school practising their dance moves!

The third piece of news is that we are starting our reading initiative in Years 5 and 6, called Bookflix.

The children are encouraged to read as many books as they can to enable to see their names in ‘lights’ in our wonderful Bookflix room. We will share our love for reading and recommend books to our friends. The aim is to read 6 or more books by the end of the school year. This new initiative has already started to inspire some of us to read even more, which will open up endless opportunities for us in the future.

Spanish Class with Ms Maria

Esta semana en español los niños y niñas de year 6 hemos estado trabajando en clase sobre la POESÍA. Hemos aprendido que existen diferentes tipos de poemas y también sobre lo que son los versos. Para terminar, hemos creado nuestros propios poemas y algunos alumnos los han recitado en clase, muy orgullosos entre los aplausos del resto de sus compañeros.

Spanish Class with Ms Campos

El jueves 30 de enero es el día del amor universal, la no-violencia y la paz. En nuestra clase hemos querido unir nuestras manos por este día que conmemora la muerte de Mahatma Gandhi, icono de la paz, pacifista que luchó contra injusticias del pueblo indio.

Por otro lado, para consolidar el cómo dar instrucciones en español, ya sea en la ciudad o en cualquier espacio hemos usado las beebox en nuestra clase. Se lo han pasado genial dando instrucciones para llegar de una tienda a otra, aunque a veces, el beebox no ha llegado hasta donde queríamos. La semana que viene hay sorpresa en la actividad para acabar el proyecto, ¿estáis preparados?

Year 5 and Year 6 Valentine ́s Disco - Postponed

Due to a conflict of dates for our Valentine´s disco and Joyron Foundation Talent Show, and in response to a lot of parental requests, we will be rescheduling our ´Valentine´s Disco´ at BIC Sa Porrassa to Thursday, February 20th and instead it will be a ´Carnival Party´.

The disco is open to students from Year 5-8 and will run from 18:30-20:30pm.

Cineciutat movie morning

We are delighted to share with you further information about our collaboration with Cineciutat Nins, located in the heart of Palma. -

"We are a cinema and sometimes a theatre. We are a school and we are memories. We are ideas and innovation. We are culture. we are non-profit and self-managed by its members".

Cineciutat will be holding another Movie Morning for all of our parents and children this Saturday 22nd February at 11:00am. The screening for this Saturday will be: "The Pirates".

We kindly invite you to join us for this fantastic concept and to share with your family and friends.

The link for the ticket purchases will be available soon.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

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Cineciutat Collaboration

BIC Summer School 2020

We are delighted to announce our BIC Summer School 2020.

Suitable for boys and girls between the ages of 5 to 14, this is a fantastic opportunity for children to enhance their English and Spanish language skills, gain more confidence in a variety of sports (eg. tennis, volleyball, football) and enhance the children’s creativity. Children will be able to enjoy a day trip to the exciting local attraction Western Water Park, but most importantly, they will have FUN!

Our daily programme is full of exciting sports activities, swimming pool water games, arts and crafts and, of course, English and Spanish learning!

Various options are available: children can take part in the Summer School for the full 4 weeks – Mondays to Fridays, starting at 9:30am to 3:00pm – or may choose to join for standalone weeks between June 29 – July 24 as well.

Prices vary accordingly:

  • 1 week - € 175
  • 2 weeks - € 300
  • 3 weeks - € 400
  • 4 weeks - € 500

(*Prices do not include. Lunch will be provided by parents in the form of lunch-packs)

Available Summer School Programmes:

- English Language Booster: This is an ideal opportunity for all non-native speakers to boost their English skills across the 4 weeks. This programme includes English speaking, listening, reading and writing lessons taught by a native English speaker.

- Spanish Language Booster: This is an ideal opportunity for all non-native speakers to boost their Spanish skills across the 4 weeks. This programme includes English speaking, listening, reading and writing lessons taught by a native Spanish speaker.

- Early Years Programme (5 to 7 year olds): Include fun learning activities around English, Maths, arts and crafts as well fun interactive sports and swim lessons.

Daily Summer School Activities:

- Sporting Activities: Throughout the four-week BIC Summer School, participants will get the chance to practise and explore a variety of new sports such as badminton, table tennis, dodgeball, basketball, volleyball and football, all led by a qualified PE teacher.

- Swimming: During the hot summer, children can have fun cooling off in BIC's 25m outdoor pool and enhance their swimming skills.

- Craft and Designs: Creative Projects: This is the perfect chance for children to harness their creative side and take part in different art, science craft projects and/or music.

To register for our Summer School please visit our Website - REGISTER

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BIC Summer School 2020