Dear parents,

On Friday we celebrated the United Nations International Mother Language Day. This day aims to promote awareness of languages and cultural diversity. A person's mother tongue is the first language they learned. Our students were shocked to find out in assembly that every two weeks a language disappears

We had a very successful Open Day on Thursday and it was great to see that lots of families that came had been recommended by our current parents.

Please make a note in your diaries to save the date on Tuesday 10th March when we will be hosting a "Meet the new Principal" session. Janice Short will be here on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th March to spend time getting to know all aspects of the school. There will be two opportunities to meet her on Tuesday - 9am and 3pm. Janice will give a short presentation about herself and then answer any questions you may have. Karl Wilkinson will also be here from Orbital Education. Karl is the Regional Head of School for BIC Sant Agusti.

World Book Day Reminder:

Please remember that the week we return to school we will have World Book Day (Thursday 5th March) so enjoy getting the costumes ready!

We hope you all have a lovely half term break and look forward to seeing you.

Have a wonderful weekend.

All the best,

Ms Millar

Class Assembly Rota 2020

Wednesday 11th March Turtles Class Assembly
Wednesday 18th MarchSharks and Whales Class Assembly
Wednesday 25th MarchJellyfish Class Assembly
Wednesday 1st AprilDolphins Class Assembly
Wednesday 13th MaySeahorse Class Assembly
Wednesday 20th MaySeals Class Assembly

Nursery Starfish Class

And just like that, the last week before half has gone! I genuinely we can't believe how fast this one has gone again. For now, there is really not much left for us to say than thank you so much for another beautiful few weeks and we hope you will all enjoy your well deserved half term break!

Reception Seahorse Class

Our Globetrotters trip around the world has brought us to the grasslands! For the next fortnight of learning in Seahorse class we will be finding out about the different animals and communities that make their home in the glasslands of our world.

This week we have read the story “Handa’s Surprise” and made our own glassland collar necklaces.

Since the beginning of the school year we have been adding a counter to a jar everyday at school and keeping track of the numbers. This week we have reached one hundred days at school! Sounds like we all deserve a restful half term break!

Year 1 Seals Class

This week we have been looking at 3D shapes. We learnt their names and looked at the shapes of their faces and if they roll or slide. We looked for all the things in our classroom that matched the 3D shapes we have been learning.

We have been writing the days of the week, making a diary of what we have been doing in school throughout the week.

On Friday we will be having a special end of term Golden time at the park and celebrating Mother Language Day and all the languages we know in Seals class.

Have a super half term break!

Year 2 Turtles Class

This week in Turtles, we had a fun sports lesson with Ms Campos, she has been teaching us all about cross-fit. This week we put our skills to the test by completing a challenging circuit!

On Friday, it is International Mother Tongue Language Day, to celebrate this, we will be having a special circle time at the park to discuss what mother tongue is and learn how to say ‘hello’ in the native languages of the students in our class. Have a fantastic, fun filled half term!

Year 3 Dolphins Class

Our week started off with an assembly to celebrate International Mother Language Day celebrated on February the 21st. We have enjoyed taking part and learning about the importance of each and every language spoken around the world. To conclude our work in literacy on Fantastic Mr Fox, the Dolphins made WANTED posters and wrote their own stories based on the book. Lots of famous writers in the making.

Year 4 Jellyfish Class

This week Jellyfish Class had a great time putting their artistic skills to good use designing their own Pharaoh masks which they will soon be creating with Ms Maria. Jellyfish Class are fascinated by Ancient Egyptian life and had so much fun recreating the moment that Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamen's tomb.

Year 3 to 6 French

In French the children have been learning the parts of the body. As well as this, they have been revising the colours and numbers from earlier in the year.

With all of this vocabulary, they had to design and draw a monster and write about it or label it in French, stating its name, age, favourite colour and adding the body parts.

Everyone had lots of fun creating their monsters and presenting them to the class.

There are some friendly and cute monsters around San Agustin now..but also some scary ones, so BEWARE!!!!

Year 6 Sharks Class

Our Year 6 students had a fabulous opportunity to taste what a day would look like at Secondary School at BIC Sa Porrassa. The transition from primary to secondary school is an important milestone in the lives of children and their families. We want children to develop new friendships, improve their confidence and get used to their new routines and school organisation. It has been a great experience for all getting to know all their future classmates and teachers while having some fun science projects amongst other experiences. What a great day!

Catalan Class with Ms Maria

En les classes de català aquesta setmana hem treballat el tema de la poesia. Els alumnes han llegit diferentes poemes i han elegit el que més els hi agradava. Han fet els seus propis dibuixos relacionats amb el poema i també l’han après de memòria per poder recitar-ho a classe.

Spanish Class with Ms Campos

Como bien saben en español estamos haciendo intercambio de cartas con el colegio La Salle, es Pont d’Inca y esta vez es nuestro turno enviar la carta. Nos hemos centrado en describirnos cómo somos y así, enviaremos junto a nuestras cartas una foto de clase donde nuestros amigos del otro colegio nos puedan identificar y ver como somos. Hemos puesto mucho esfuerzo en escribir estas cartas, todas en español, sobre cómo somos, lo que nos gusta o no nos gusta e información extra que queríamos que nuestros destinatarios supiesen. Ahora nos toca esperar hasta semana Santa para ver la respuesta. Esto es lo que tiene el correo tradicional.

BIC Book Club

Thanks to many of you we are enjoying new books in our classroom libraries! We have been able to order over 200 Euros worth of books using our #BookClub Rewards.
We love reading. Everyone is very grateful and every class is buzzing with books from new authors and our favourite old ones!

Unnamed 1
BIC Book Club

Cineciutat movie morning

We are delighted to share with you further information about our collaboration with Cineciutat Nins, located in the heart of Palma. -

"We are a cinema and sometimes a theatre. We are a school and we are memories. We are ideas and innovation. We are culture. we are non-profit and self-managed by its members".

Cineciutat will be holding another Movie Morning for all of our parents and children this Saturday 22nd February at 11:00am. The screening for this Saturday will be: "The Pirates".

We kindly invite you to join us for this fantastic concept and to share with your family and friends.

You will be able to purchase TICKETS HERE

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Img 1361
Cineciutat Collaboration

Parent Talks - International speaker and book author Tricia Taylor

Parent Talk with Tricia Taylor at BIC Sant Agustí: Mind your Language, how your words have a lasting impact on your child’s success

Date: March 19 | 6.00pm

Suitable for all Key Stages

Parents from all over the island are welcome to take part, even if their child does not attend BIC.

Do you want to learn more about how your words have a lasting impact on your child’s success?

At BIC, we are committed to supporting students to develop and encourage their success.

Research shows that the language adults use when they give feedback to children is crucial in helping young people from a positive learning mindset and develop thinking skills that promote perseverance, hard work and the confidence to seek challenges. Understanding the research and the making small, yet significant, changes in the way you talk about learning and how you model your thinking in front of children will have a lasting impact on your child’s success.

At this workshop, you will learn:

  • The research relating to mindset and how we learn
  • Useful talking tips that promote a positive mindset
  • Suggestions for how to model your own thinking in everyday situations

If you are interested in joining the session, here is what you need to know:

Date: March 19th, 2020

Time: 6pm start

Venue: BIC, Sant Agustí – Please click this link for exact directions.

Tickets: €5 – Tickets are limited and can be reserved via email or purchased at the School Reception on both BIC Schools.

Parent Talk with Tricia Taylor at BIC Sa Porrassa: What every parent should know about learning: Powerful tools to use at home

Date: March 18 | 6.00pm

Suitable for all Key Stages

Parents from all over the island are welcome to take part, even if their child does not attend BIC.

Do you want to learn more about the powerful tips for supporting your children’s learning at home? Do you want to know what the research says about how we learn?

At BIC, we are committed to supporting students to develop the most effective habits for learning — and we want your help.

In this parent session, led by international speaker and book author, Tricia Taylor from Tailored Practice, you will learn specific strategies children can use to maximise memory and learn more efficiently, leading to more creative and analytical thinking and better outcomes. We will give you evidence-based tips on how you can support your children through your own understanding of the science of how we all learn over time. We’ll also debunk some commonly held myths about how the brain works. Together, we will help children to build confidence, learn better and be more independent students throughout primary and secondary schools.

After the workshop you will:

  • Understand key information about how memory works
  • Learn the most effective research-based strategies for learning
  • Be better equipped to support your child’s learning at home

Date: March 18th, 2020

Time: 6pm start

Venue: BIC, Sa Porrassa– Please click this link for exact directions.

Tickets: €5 – Tickets are limited and can be reserved via email or purchased at the School Reception on both BIC Schools.

A little bit about Tricia Taylor:

Tricia Taylor is a former teacher and leader in schools in the UK and US. With 20 years of experience in both primary and secondary schools, Tricia founded TailoredPractice to pursue a passion to make educational research more accessible to educators, youth and parents. Tricia has since worked with a wide range of British and international schools, presented at numerous conferences and is the author of a new book called, Connect the Dots: The Collective Power of Relationships, Memory and Mindset in the Classroom (John Catt). Tricia is also former Associate Lecturer for English at Goldsmith’s University teacher training programme in London and Education Consultant for PowerTools, based in New York City. Tricia holds a BA (Hons) in English Literature and Journalism and a Master of Education.

Parent Talk Poster 2020 Mallorca V2
Parent Talks - International speaker and book author Tricia Taylor.

CARNIVAL DISCO at BIC Sa Porrassa - Year 5 and 6

On Thursday 20th February our Year 5 to Year 8 students from BIC Sa Porrassa and BIC Sant Agustí had a wonderful fun evening at the Carnival Disco.

The theme was "At the Movies" and all children came dressed up as a movie character! We were able to see some fantastic and creative costumes. Our students had some good dancing moves and enjoyed some delicious snacks and drinks along the afternoon.

Prizes were given out for the Most Original and Best Costumes, however, this was a very difficult decision to make...

Have a look yourself...

BIC Summer School 2020

We are delighted to announce our BIC Summer School 2020.

Suitable for boys and girls between the ages of 5 to 14, this is a fantastic opportunity for children to enhance their English and Spanish language skills, gain more confidence in a variety of sports (eg. tennis, volleyball, football) and enhance the children’s creativity. Children will be able to enjoy a day trip to the exciting local attraction Western Water Park, but most importantly, they will have FUN!

Our daily programme is full of exciting sports activities, swimming pool water games, arts and crafts and, of course, English and Spanish learning!

Various options are available: children can take part in the Summer School for the full 4 weeks – Mondays to Fridays, starting at 9:30am to 3:00pm – or may choose to join for standalone weeks between June 29 – July 24 as well.

Prices vary accordingly:

  • 1 week - € 175
  • 2 weeks - € 300
  • 3 weeks - € 400
  • 4 weeks - € 500

(*Prices do not include. Lunch will be provided by parents in the form of lunch-packs)

Available Summer School Programmes:

- English Language Booster: This is an ideal opportunity for all non-native speakers to boost their English skills across the 4 weeks. This programme includes English speaking, listening, reading and writing lessons taught by a native English speaker.

- Spanish Language Booster: This is an ideal opportunity for all non-native speakers to boost their Spanish skills across the 4 weeks. This programme includes English speaking, listening, reading and writing lessons taught by a native Spanish speaker.

- Early Years Programme (5 to 7 year olds): Include fun learning activities around English, Maths, arts and crafts as well fun interactive sports and swim lessons.

Daily Summer School Activities:

- Sporting Activities: Throughout the four-week BIC Summer School, participants will get the chance to practise and explore a variety of new sports such as badminton, table tennis, dodgeball, basketball, volleyball and football, all led by a qualified PE teacher.

- Swimming: During the hot summer, children can have fun cooling off in BIC's 25m outdoor pool and enhance their swimming skills.

- Craft and Designs: Creative Projects: This is the perfect chance for children to harness their creative side and take part in different art, science craft projects and/or music.

To register for our Summer School please visit our Website - REGISTER

Summer School 2020 Fb Banner
BIC Summer School 2020