Dear parents,

After the success of our first ever pantomime last week and fabulous early years winter show we have continued our celebrations for the final week of term. Christmas lunch on Tuesday was delicious, colourful and everyone looked great in their Christmas jumpers. This year for the first time we offered a Christmas parent lunch at school which was well attended. All said that they enjoyed the experience of having an English Christmas lunch served in a giant Yorkshire pudding! Our Year 6 helpers were impressive waiters and waitresses and really enjoyed the responsibility of helping the event run smoothly.

It has been lovely walking around school, hearing the sounds of Christmas songs being sung and Christmas crafts being made ready to take home.

A huge thank you to all of you who donated to our toy appeal, both with presents for the children (I think you can see how big the pile is!) and donations for the older children. Simón from Year 6 really helped to organise the appeal and spoke to each class individually to explain, motivate and answer questions. Jo from Radion One Mallorca said that we raised the most amount of money from any school so has invited Simon and Mrs Cooper to appear on the show in the New Year to explain how we did it!

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Merry Christmas!

All the best,

Ms Millar

Nursery Starfish Class

And so our very first term in BIC Sant Agustí comes to an end! A very special first term for all you little Starfish as it was your first introduction to going to big school! Looking at all you precious children now, it seems so long ago that you came into the classroom for the first time, all insecure and nervous about a new building, new people and often a new language. Throughout the months each and everyone of you have allowed us into your hearts and I can not describe in words how special that makes our job. We are incredibly proud of you all and we want to thank all of you and your families for a fantastic first term! Happy holidays and we will see each other in 2020!

Reception Seahorse Class

Wow, wow, WOW! What an amazing first term we have had in Seahorse class. The children (and adults) have had so much fun exploring our topics and they have really hit the ground running with their phonics and number knowledge.

We wish you all a very restful break with family and friends. We look forward to seeing you again in the new year when we will be welcoming a new member of our class and starting our new topic, Globetrotters!

Year 1 Seals Class

We have had a really fun week in Seals class. We have been busy making Christmas crafts including, finishing our Arctic scene, Christmas cards, snowflakes and writing our lists for Father Christmas. We have been singing loads of Christmas songs and have been making Gingerbread men to take home.

Seals Class wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Year 2 Turtles Class

It has been a magical week in Turtles class! We have made cards, Christmas decorations and sang beautiful songs using the glockenspiels. The children were full of excitement on Tuesday as they arrived in their festive jumpers and head-wear, they enjoyed a delicious Christmas lunch.


Year 3 Dolphins Class


The classrooms and corridors at BIC Sant Agustí are now adorned with Christmas decorations. Our children had a delicious Christmas lunch provided by Jerry and childrens' voices have been resounding round the school as they sang their seasonal songs.

Year 3 Dolphins class had a very festive music lesson with Mrs Baggaley, singing their favourite classics including White Christmas, Last Christmas and Rudolph, accompanied by the glockenspiels.

With Christmas parties to end of the year, the children and teachers are now looking forward to a well deserved happy holiday.

Year 4 Jellyfish Class

This week Jellyfish Class had a special focus on Science! We had so much fun learning exciting facts about the Digestive System. The children found it fascinating learning that it only takes 7 seconds for your food to enter your stomach. We then worked as a team to recreate the digestive process from start to finish which was an excellent experience for all! Of course, we finished the week with some holiday festivities, a well deserved celebration of the children's hard work this term. Well done Jellyfish Class! Looking forward to a fantastic 2020!

Year 5 Whales Class

WOW Whales! What a fantastic term we’ve had! We are all so proud of you for performing so confidently in our panto Cinderella and Rockerfella. We definitely have some future actors in our class.

This week the children have been working on a speech to try and persuade the Grinch Mrs Carter (!) to love Christmas. The children used fantastically persuasive language, such as exaggeration, description and rhetorical questions, in their speeches that they performed to the class. Well done Whales!

Year 5 have proved that they can be a marvellous class and work as a team, so they have earned a party on Friday. Hurrah! Merry Christmas to everyone from Mrs Carter and Whales class.

Year 6 Sharks Class

Year 6 have been in full Christmas Spirit this week - performance, food and gifts! We are so proud of their outstanding performances in the Cinderella and Rockerfella. They surpassed our expectations with their first every stage acting. What a talented bunch! We enjoyed catering to the parents at the first Parents ́ Christmas lunch. It was fun to serve drinks and lunch to families throughout the school.

Simón ́s efforts on the Christmas Charity appeal has extremely positive and we want to thank all children and families for being so generous. You have donated 93 gifts and 652.20 Euros! We are very proud to be a part of such a giving community.

Year 6 have earned a class party on Friday and a well deserved rest over the holidays. Merry Christmas and see you in 2020!

Spanish Class with Ms Maria

Las estrellitas de mar os deseamos una Feliz Navidad y un Feliz Año Nuevo. Para ello hemos hecho estas postales navideñas con la cara de un muñeco de nieve. Además, aparecen nuestras fotos dentro junto con un dibujito muy especial y diferente que hemos hecho cada uno de nosotros.


Spanish Class with Ms Campos

Reception class had been working very hard in their project ‘Bajo el mar’ where they learn about octopus, seahorses and fishes! They work in their fine motor skills and used their creativity. To finish the project we created a sea in a bottle.We are Looking forwards for new projects after the Christmas holidays. Enjoy with your families.

BIC Sant Agustí Sports department

For all Primary parents that are interested in their kids to be part of the first running event of 2020!

Running competition for KIDS in Palma

- FREE registration

- Date: Sunday 5th January

- Time: 12:00 p.m.

- Location: Parc de les Estacions

- To collect dorsal: from 9 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

- Deadline: 3rd January 2020

Please see below the link for the official registration: