Meet the new Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl for 2019-2020

Annabel Brown and Leticia Rehbock, have been appointed as BIC new Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl. They have been appointed as positive role models for the students in primary and secondary school, recognising the importance the senior pupils have in offering guidance for younger students.

Annabel said "It is a privilege to have been made Head Girl of BIC for the next academic year. I want all students to be kind to each other and hard-working. To help this happen I hope all students will see me as someone they can easily approach and bring any issues, suggestions and concerns. My ambition is for BIC students to become more aware of each other."

Annabel and Leticia will speak at major school events and often be the students offering a warm welcome when visitors come to BIC.

Deputy Head girl Leticia said: "I am looking forward to representing the school and being an ambassador both in the local and wider community. I am keen to help every student at BIC to do voluntary work and to build on the good charity work of the school"

For the first time BIC has two girls in the two senior student roles in the school. Head of Sixth Form Mr Gray explained: " Annabel and Leticia have proved themselves as excellent role models for the school, they have thrown themselves into their academic studies and extra curricular activities. Both have a clear vision of how they can offer leadership and direction to other pupils . They have certainly come a long way since joining BIC; Annabel joined BIC in Year 8 and Leticia joined BIC in Year 1. Annabel and Leticia have demonstrated a range of talents that make them the right people for the roles."

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Annabel Brown and Leticia Rehbock with Principal Ms Colwell

Message from Mr David Bennett - Nurture Dogs

We wanted to make you aware that there was a dog on site the last couple of days. It was Mr Bennett's dog as a result of him escaping our garden during thundery weather. Therefore, in discussion with Ms Colwell, Mr Bennett brought him into school to make sure he was unharmed for the rest of the day.

However, this has started the conversation about dogs being on site and how they can be a positive influence. Paisley, the Bennett family dog, is a very friendly and calming influence on children when they are upset or over-excited. The discussion led onto the possibility of nurture dogs and reading dogs within school.

We would like to hear from parents about what their thoughts on the subject are. Please let us know if you feel that this is an idea worth exploring.

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Maths department news

The school has a subscription to the excellent MyMaths website. This site provides an excellent resource for our students to consolidate and extend their learning. The advantage of using a visual interactive resource like this is that students are able to understand concepts that traditional textbooks do not allow ie how things change.

I would like all students to re familiarise themselves with this resource. Individual logins will be provided in the next few weeks as MyMaths update the class lists. Until then it is sufficient to use the school login.

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Password angles266

Sports department news

The school will once again be entering the inter school football league this year which will be bigger and better than ever, including Palma schools as well as the international schools that we played against last year. As a result, kick off will be at the slightly later time of 5.45pm this year. Mr Fitzpatrick will be attending the meeting arranged by the league organisers on 16th October and fixtures will commence following that date.

In the meantime, players can take part in the excellent training opportunities there are through school with Craig twice a week on the school field and in addition to this the special training for team players with Rob from the RMA Academy (see extra curricular schedule for timings and costs).

The school also hopes to develop the brilliant work done by Miss Izabela last year with the volleyball club by providing opportunities for students to compete against other schools this academic year.

Humanities and Business department news

Year 11 Geography students will be out of school for a trip on Wednesday 25th September from 9am until 2pm. The students will be going to Magaluf to complete a compulsory GCSE fieldwork.

6th Form news - British Council University Fair - Trip to Barcelona

On Friday 18th October BIC Ms Pooler and Mr Gray are taking students in years 11 to 13 on a trip to Barcelona to visit the British Council University Fair. This will host many British Universities ranging from well known names such as Imperial College London and Manchester University through to a whole variety of institutions from across the country.

Further information can be found at:

This is an ideal opportunity for your child to ask questions directly to the representatives of those universities; questions on courses, entry requirements, living arrangements and fees would all be valid topics amongst the issues that may be discussed.

In the afternoon we will have lunch, visit the Parc de Montjuic and other sites of cultural interest before the return journey!

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6th Form news - University information Event – 26th September 4.15 - 5pm

On Thursday 26th September we will be holding a University information event. The event will cover the application process to universities across the world, including: UK, Germany, Spain, US, and the Netherlands.

The event is open to all parents of students in Years 11, 12 and 13.

For Year 12 parents we also hope that the evening can act as an induction information evening where you may be able to raise any early issues and receive an early update on how your child has settled in.