Our first full week back and we have been delighted to see that all of our new children are settling in well to life at BIC Sant Agusíi. The assembly this week was about new beginnings and setting goals for the year ahead. Children have written their goals and given thought to what they want to achieve - from “improving my handwriting” to “making new friends and having fun” to “eating more healthy!”.

Thanks to all of you who were able to attend the Curriculum Meetings. As always we start the year with these meetings in order for you as parents to ask questions and give feedback. Our philosophy as a school is to work with parents as much as possible to ensure the best for our children. I want to thank you for your feedback, and this will help shape the timetables and curriculum moving forward.

As you can see from the photos of Year 2 our lovely new Art room is in full use with the cookery area almost ready to get cooking! On the top floor our Science Lab is taking shape and this year we will be holding a Science Week as requested by our students.

Our Extra-Curricular Program is now up and running and we encourage you to make use of the fantastic opportunities we offer here. A reminder that one to one musical tuition is available on site in Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Violin and singing. Please let us know if there are other instruments your children are interested to learn, and we will do our best to find tutors available for lessons here.

Many thanks for your child's punctuality this week. Please ensure that if your child does arrive after 9 am then they go straight to Ms Gillians office to register as late.

Lastly, I really hope to see you all at our annual Family Picnic in Palmanova next Saturday 21st September.

All the best,

Lowri Millar


BIC, Sant Agustí

Nursery Starfish Class

Nursery have been amazing this week showing their fantastic listening skills and learning about their exciting new environment!

We have started our phonics program and are getting used to learning the new sounds each day. In Expressive Arts and Design we have made our own creative faces using natural materials. Well done to all the children for an excellent full week. For some it has been their first week at any school and we are proud of the way that they have settled in.

Reception Seahorse Class

Wow! We have had a wonderful first full week in Seahorse Class. We have been exploring our new space, learning where all the materials live and making decorations. We have also assigned the first Early Years Helpers ~ Emelia and Amelie will be very busy helping the children and adults in Early Years for the next two weeks.

Year 1 Seals Class

Seals Class have had an excellent start to the year! We are all settled into a new routine and classroom. We have been getting to know each other writing about our favourite things and all the things we like and dislike. We had our first History lesson where we were exploring our own (very short!) History and trying to think about what it was like to be a baby all the way up to now.

Year 2 Turtles Class

Turtles Class have had a fun first full week back at school! On Monday, we were parents for the day and had to take care of our very own jelly babies! We made an identity for our baby, designed a house and even sang lullabies to put our babies to sleep, whilst we had lunch. All the Turtles did an excellent job taking care of them. On Tuesday, Turtles wrote about their goals and aspirations this year on a beautiful wing, which they painted in Art. These will be put on display so we can check on our goals throughout the year to see if we have achieved any of them!

Year 3 Dolphins Class

Dolphins have started the new school year with a bang! They are loving their new classroom and finding out about the topics we are going to study this term. This week through the book ‘Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish’ by Michael Foreman the children have had the chance to reflect on how our actions affect our environment. Lots of conscientious Eco warriors in the making!

Year 4 Jellyfish Class

What an amazing week at our Year 4 Jellyfish Class!

For some of our Year 4 children this week has been their first taster of the French language and they all said it was "tres bien!". The Year 4 topic this term is Life and Change in the rainforest and the children have started to make their own globes to learn about where the Equator is and where the rainforests are located. They have been enjoying their new jellyfish themed reading corner and exploring all the new books.

Year 5 Whales Class

Since last week, the children in Years 3-6 have started to learn French. They have had great fun learning how to greet each other, introduce themselves and say how they are feeling. There are a lot of budding singers, dancers and actors, which was clear when we all sang and danced to the ‘Bonjour’ song! It’s fantastic to see the children greeting each other in French around school.

Year 6 Sharks Class

Sharks Class has been enjoying being at the top of the school! We are thinking about leadership opportunities and discussing activities that we are looking forward to the rest of the year. We have started off our Science with a fizz and a pop! We are learning not only how to perform experiments following the scientific method, we are learning about changes in materials and solubility in particular.

Spanish with Ms Campos

Our children in Reception Class met our new pet. The Paddington bear, which came all the way from Kenya to live adventures new adventures in our school, and now looking forward to live new amazing adventures with your children. Maybe he or she will spend a fun weekend in your house, are you ready to share a couple days with him?

Español con Ms Maria

En español damos la bienvenida al nuevo curso y también a nuestro nuevo compañero de aventuras: Julio, el pulpo. Echaremos de menos a Alejo, el cangrejo, pero nos alegramos de que ya se haya retirado y haya vuelto al mar con su familia y amigos.

Al igual que el año pasado, los niños y niñas de year 1 y 2 disfrutarán de la compañía de Julio llevándoselo a casa el fin de semana, haciendo fotos y escribiendo lo que han hecho en nuestro maravilloso diario.