Dear Parents,

As we start our second week at BIC we have been focusing on our Houses - Eagles, Lions, Leopards and Wolves. After our assembly on Monday we took House photos, and these will be displayed on the House boards in the dining room. We hope that children will feel an allegiance to their houses and that it will give them a chance to get to know children throughout the school. Our weekly house points are always announced in assembly and the winners get a big cheer.

Our Extra Curricular activities are now up and running and we are delighted that so many of them are full. Please contact Ms Gillian if you have any further questions.

Many thanks for your feedback on the changes to the timetables. As always, we try our best to work with parents to find the best solutions.

Our sailors have started this week and the weather is perfect for it. Students in Year 3 to 6 will enjoy an 8-week sailing course at the Calanova Sailing School.

We look forward to seeing you all at the picnic tomorrow.

Have a great weekend,

All the best,

Lowri Millar


BIC, Sant Agustí

Reception Seahorse Class

This week we have been talking about our families and have also met a family of bears, who had a cheeky visitor to their cottage! The children have been learning “The Goldilocks Rap”, playing with our three bears small world area and exploring all things porridge. How do you like yours?

Year 2 Turtles Class

This week Turtles have been really busy in maths. We have been learning how to partition and represent numbers in different ways. We have represented numbers using dienes, place value cards, number lines and whole part part models.

Year 4 Jellyfish Class

This week Jellyfish saw the start of our marvellous morning clubs (Handwriting, Maths and Reading) , making the most of the start of the day! We have continued to create our own globes in Geography and can now explain and locate the earth's equator, hemispheres and poles.

Year 5 Whales Class

In Whales class this week, we have been busy learning about The Vikings linked to our English class book ‘How to Train a Dragon.’ We have reordered the key dates in History in chronological order and we have enjoyed sharing the beginning of the class book. Will the boys, led by Hiccup, succeed in their task of catching a dragon from the cave? We’ll find out next week!

Year 6 Sharks Class

Another week of adventure for us in Sharks Class. Continuing our work on materials we have been separating solutions using sieves, colanders, filters, funnels and magnets. We introduced ourselves to the rest of the school in assembly and announced our roles as Prefects. This is a new initiative at school to promote leadership and responsibility amongst our eldest pupils. The children in sharks class have chosen areas of leadership including four House Prefects, two Playground Prefects and three Younger Years Prefects. They are working to earn their Prefect badges and have already been noticed as great role models by many of the staff and students.

Spanish with Ms Campos

This week our Year 1 and Year 2 students have been reinforcing and learning about their body parts. For that created our own body shapes and went over all the body parts that we remembered!. This has been FUN!

Spanish with Ms Maria

Esta semana los niños y niñas de Nursery class hand repasado los colores en español. A través de divertidas flashcards y juegos aprendemos o recordamos cada color y elegimos nuestro favorito.

Our French Experts

Bonjour! Years 3 and year 4 started the week off brilliantly by doing some role plays in the doctor’s surgery, pretending they were ill and saying what they felt in French. There are some fantastic actors in the class!