Dear Families,

Greetings from a rainy and wet Manchester where I am at the annual Orbital Education conference. Each year all the Principals from the ten schools around the world get together with the fantastic team from Orbital Education to share best practice and plan ahead for the coming academic year. Did you know that we have schools in four continents with over 3,000 pupils globally? This year again we will welcome our sister school Britannica Shanghai to Mallorca for the sailing trip so you may meet some of them in June.

Next week we are very excited about the Year 1 - 6 Sports Day at the Rudy Fernandez Sports Centre and hope to see you all there. The children have been practising their House Team chants which if you haven't heard them yet you can enjoy on the day. As always there is the much coveted Parents Race so if taking part please bring your trainers!

A reminder that Tineke First Aid Training are delivering a full day's Paediatric training for parents and members of the local community on Monday 20th of May so please email Chris at Tineke to reserve your space

It has been lovely watching the children having their school photos taken and we look forward to sharing the results with you as soon as we can.

Please can I remind everyone that the front door is open from 8.45am so all children have plenty of time to get in to class and settled to be registered by 9am. It is very unsettling for children when they arrive after the register has been taken and they are also losing valuable learning time. Please ensure that your children arrive on time every day.

I look forward to seeing you all again on Monday morning and have a lovely weekend.

Warm Regards,

Lowri Millar

Principal BIC Sant Agustí

Term 3 Events Calendar for Sant Agustí

We are delighted to share with you the many events that will take place this term. Please click the button below for details.

Nursery Starfish Class

Welcome back! After our Easter break the children were really looking forward to starting school again. It is very important for them to be reunited with their friends and to follow the classroom routines again, as it helps them to feel more confident and at ease, specially for the new children. Having different responsibilities in the classroom is also very important because it enhances them to build their self-esteem and to feel pride for their own achievements, as well as promoting teamwork. On the pictures you can see a snapshot of our ‘Circle time’, where the helper welcomes everybody morning with self-chosen greetings. We also look at the calendar, the weather and the events for the day, getting us ready for the day ahead.

Reception Seahorse Class

The Seahorse class have been finding out about ways to ‘stay healthy’ and this week we have been talking about ‘healthy eating’ and the importance of eating fruits and vegetables. We have been looking at describing and comparing real fruits and vegetables and we conducted a class survey collecting data to find out which was our favourite veggie! Carrots and Potatoes were the winners! We also had fun making some very funny ‘Mr Potato Heads’ on the class computers.

Year 1 Seals Class

Seals class had a great trip to the Forest this week! We learnt about all of the different plants and animals that live there. We are so excited for our next session. We have also been exploring capacity in Maths. We used the pools outside and cups to fill up to the top, nearly empty and half full. We also used different sized measuring jugs to see which container holds more water.

Year 2 Turtles Class

It’s been a busy first week back for Turtles! On Monday, they had a fantastic time in the forest with Seals class. In English, Turtles wrote questions about what they would like to know about dinosaurs. They used these questions the following lesson to research answers on their laptops. Researching and note taking is a tricky skill but Turtles did a great job and gathered some interesting facts.

Did you know a Tyrannosaurus Rex would eat the equivalent of 4 - 8 adults per day?

May 10 Y2

Year 3 Dolphins Class

Dolphin Class had a fantastic PSHE lesson on the Lemon Tree Terrace this week, learning all about families. We had some wonderful and thoughtful discussion and read a fantastic book 'All About Families' Usborne. We also celebrate two very special birthday this week and enjoyed some delicious cake! Lucky us.

Year 4 Jellyfish Class

First week of our new term and it’s all go! This week the jellyfish have taken part in Forest School and had the opportunity to spend some time in our local forest. A great fun, active time had by all.

In Science, our focus has been the digestive system. They enjoyed finding out where food goes when we swallow and what our body does with it. Above all they were intrigued about how finally sludgy waste comes out when you go to the loo.

Year 5 Whales Class

We have been jumping into Summer Term with gusto! We are very keen on our new Science topic of Life Processes. We have planted a salad of seeds and we hope that they will grow into a healthy meal for us all to enjoy! We have been challenging our brains with some new thinking games including the ones in the photos. We are looking forward to swimming next week and all the adventures of this term!

Year 6 Sharks Class

We have so many exciting activities planned for this term which is the last one for us in Primary school! This week we have been practising our poems for Radio One Mallorca’s Radiothon. Together with Whales, we have recorded our poems which will be live on air today (Friday).

It is all in aid of some very worthy charities such as Son Espases and Great Ormond Street Hospital.


En español con Miss Maria los niños y niñas de year 1 y year 2 hemos viajado a Japón y hemos conocido su cultura y tradiciones. Hemos aprendido mucho estos días y hoy en clase hemos escrito sobre todas esas cosas. La semana que viene leeremos juntos la historia.

“El picapedrero” basada en en un cuento de Japón completando así nuestro proyecto.

With Miss Campos, the beginners group have started to learn about Africa. One short but exciting term is ahead to discover different animals, to travel to incredible places, to enjoy music from other continents and learn about different cultures.