Dear Parents,

It was great to see so many of you today at our annual Sports Day. The House chants were loud, impressive and very motivational! The parent race as always was a big hit. This afternoon we will announce the winners of the good sportsmanship prizes for each class and the overall House that won. Well done to everyone for taking part and making it such a fantastic day.

Our Forest School Programme is running again with Ms Jaimy leading the way. It is amazing to see the children excited to go and then returning full of stories about what they have learned. This week they have been searching for local plants, flowers and insects recording their findings with photos. Learning outdoors is part of our philosophy as a school and we are so lucky to have such a fantastic location with plenty of opportunities from beach to forest to using our outdoor classroom.

Our lovely new canopy is keeping the playground shady and provides a Quiet Zone for children to draw, play games and relax.

Over the next few months we will be developing some of the areas in the school to prepare for the next academic year. A Science Lab will be created on the top floor as the children have expressed their love for Science and want a space to carry out more experiments. A Cookery area will become part of the Art Studio so that next year we can develop their culinary skills. We know that there are many families who include chefs so, as always, we would love you to come in and showcase your talents! This goes for all of you scientists out there too.

The Early Years garden has begun refurbishments with the wonderful wooden curvy fence complete and upgrades will continue over the summer holidays when it is not in use.

We look forward to more excitement next week with the annual Year 5 & 6 school sleepover and the whole school pyjama day to support Ms Campos' fundraising efforts for Voluntarios Kenia.

Warm Regards,

Lowri Millar


BIC, Sant Agustí

Sports Day

Nursery Starfish Class

Starfish are learning about healthy and unhealthy food this week. We were very surprised to see that most of them know a lot of things on this topic already. They are such a healthy group, as they always bring fruit for their snacks and they all know which one is their favourite. We’ve also looked at the different colours and the size of different fruits. In Mathematics we have continued to learn about 2D shapes and how to use them with a purpose in mind. They were very creative when they designed their own flowers on paper.

Reception Seahorse Class

Seahorse class have continued to find out about ways to ‘stay healthy’ and this week we have been focusing on hygiene and the importance of careful hand washing. We pretended that the paint was magic and showed us the ‘germs’ on our hands and we then passed the ‘germs’ around the circle using handshakes and high-fives. We all thought this was very funny and It showed us how quickly and how far germs can spread. We then practiced careful hand-washing using soap and water, singing our ‘we all wash our hands’ song together.

Year 3 Dolphin Class

Dolphin Class have been learning about families in PSHE and Fact Families in maths! We’ve also been combining sports into our lessons wherever possible in preparation for Sports Day, such as Multiplication Relay Race. We’ve been making the most of the wonderful weather and have been taking our learning outside. Take a look at our beautiful outdoor classroom!

Year 4 Jellyfish Class

Everyone is scared of something.

Through the book ‘Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears’ by Emily Gravett, we have looked at fears and phobias and how we CAN overcome them. The Jellyfish have used art to collage their fears and did such an amazing job. Lots of creativity and imagination!

As they and Little Mouse would say “A FEAR FACED IS A FEAR DEFEATED”

Year 5 Whales Class

What great leaders Whales Class students are! They have been helping Early Years get ready for their sports day and showing them how it is done! Their patience and caring is lovely to see, we can't wait to help them again next week! We have been preparing for our own sports day as well and we are looking forward to our own races and House Activities for Sports Day! Learning that there are seven things that all living things do, we decided to plant some more seeds to watch the process of germination! We already have tomatoes, basil, lettuce and chive seedlings growing!

Year 6 Sharks Class

Bonjour! This week in Sharks we have been learning some French each morning in preparation for Secondary school. We have been having lots of fun singing and dancing whilst learning greetings and colours.

The children are very keen to continue learning more French in the forthcoming weeks.

We are also really gripped to our class novel entitled, ‘Tell Me No Lies,’ which deals with friendships and overcoming bullying. We have been taking on the roles of the two main characters, in predicting what they are thinking and what they happen next in the story. We can’t wait to read the next chapter!

May 17 Y6

Spanish Class

In the Spanish beginners group we have started to get into the Summer mood by learning our song that we will be performing at the Summer Show. It's going to be a challenge to learn the words but the students love the song and their motivation is awesome. We can't wait to show off our musical talent!

En español hemos terminado nuestro proyecto sobre LOS DEPORTES. Los niños y niñas de año 3 y 4 han aprendido mucho, y como trabajo final, han elaborado un póster sobre el deporte elegido. Han hecho un diseño muy personal e incluido sus propios textos y fotos favoritas.

May 17 Spanish