Dear Parents,

As a global group of schools we have regular visits throughout the year from the Orbital team based in the UK. This week we welcomed Michael Clack who visited our school for the first time. He is our quality assurance and accreditation specialist. Michael enjoyed talking to the children to find out what they like about the school and how they think it can be improved. He visited all classes and was impressed with the standard of teaching and learning.

Each morning I am now joined by an "Official Greeter" at drop off time. These are children who have volunteered to help greet our families and children at the start of the day. They have been excellent role models for the rest of the school and I would like to thank them for their punctuality and professionalism. They have all enjoyed taking turns with the new job!

On Wednesday we had an open meeting to launch our Friends of BIC Sant Agustí parent association. It was very well attended and the next meeting will be on March 6th at 2.45pm. Please do come along if you would like to get involved.

Thursday was super busy with our Open Day which was well attended. Thanks to our parent volunteers who ran the refreshments stand and were there to answer questions from prospective parents.

This week 'Love is in the air' in Early Years and each of the children have been working to create something very special for their loved ones on Valentine's Day. The Seahorses have continued to find out about China and the Chinese New Year celebrations. They used puppets to retell the story of 'The Great Race' and had fun acting it out as a class. They have also been finding out about money and looking at, comparing and sorting real coins.

In Year 1 they have been preparing for Valentine's Day writing messages of love. They have been working hard on their counting too. They can now count in 2s and in 5s! This week, Year 2 have been getting ready to go on an adventure! They have packed their suitcases and have been looking at how to write postcards. All they need to do now is explore! Year 3 loved their extra football lessons from the amazing RMA. Year 4 Jellyfish in Science have been looking at Sound. They did a mini investigation to find out if the vibrations change when the loudness of the sound changes. The children banged the drum three times: gentle, medium and hard and observed the way the rice vibrated each time. They came to the conclusion that there is a link between the loudness of the sound and the size of the vibration!

Following on from last week's Dos Manos Beach Clean, Year 5 and 6 are focusing on marine conservation awareness initiatives. They are full of ideas and looking forward to putting them into action. Year 5 is also busy preparing for their English Speaking Challenge coming up in March.

The children from Year 1 and Year 2 are learning about one of the most famous Spanish artists: Joan Miró. Every week Miss Maria and Miss Campos introduce an activity related to the artist for the students to know about his life and work. They have have been working on one of his most beautiful and colourful paintings.

As you know, at BIC we are committed to supporting students to develop the most effective habits for learning. We have already had some great interest in our upcoming BIC Parent Talk, delivered by international speaker, Tricia Taylor, based around The Science of Learning on March 14th from 7pm. Tickets are limited, you can purchase yours at the school reception, €10 per person. This will be an excellent opportunity for parents to learn more about how they can support their children's learning at home. We look forward to seeing you there.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

Lowri Millar

Principal, BIC Sant Agustí