Dear Parents,

This week we have been lucky to have two parents join us to share their knowledge and skills with the students. A big thanks to Stefan who we think has inspired some future pilots. He was super impressed with the listening skills of our Key Stage 1 students. We also had Michala in to talk to Year 5 & 6 about microbiology, which they found fascinating. It was great to see they had so many questions.

Friday we invited Year 5 & 6 parents to join us at Cala Major beach for our famous BIC Beach Boot Camp. It was fantastic to see so many show up and get stuck in!

Welcome back to Ms Jaimy who has returned after maternity leave. She is now based in Year 1 and we look forward to Forest School starting up again next term under her guidance.

This week in Nursery, the children have been working very hard with letter recognition and formation using their own names to model. They have also looked at different patterns and how to create them independently. Just before half-term they will hold their special Chinese party with chinese food included!

Our Reception class have been finding out about 'The Lantern Festival' which marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations. They made their own decorative lanterns and were very excited to receive a 'lucky red envelope' with a yummy chocolate coin inside! They also 'had a go' at writing their names in Chinese symbols with Miss Helen.

In Year 1 this week they have been busy in Maths looking at all the patterns in a number square. They have been finishing their 'Reach for the skies' topic, imagining they are kites flying in the sky!

Year 2 had a great time during their English lesson yesterday at Calanova beach (just at the end of the road!). They will use the information they gathered to write postcards about where they went. We always welcome any opportunity to learn outdoors!

This week, Year 3 have been learning the importance of teamwork and the key skills required to be a good team player. They used their imaginations and worked together as a team to create and star in their own team work videos!

This week the Year 4 Art session has been linked to Ancient Egypt. They have loved learning about mummification (especially how the brains are removed!!) and have made canopic jars with the corresponding God heads that protect the intestines, liver, stomach and lungs.

Year 5 and 6 have been up-cycling plastic, weighing, measuring and revolving around the sun! They have started their initiatives to raise awareness of plastic pollution - keep an eye out for our creations to come! Maths has been hands on all week, learning about different measurements. They have some fantastic projects displayed in their room now from our Planets Project and have been sharing all our amazing facts.

Our Year 5 and 6 beginners Spanish group are learning and practising the irregular action words in Spanish.

Nursery and Reception have finished their project about postmen and created a postcard and sent it to the parent via traditional mail.

Wishing you all a lovely half-term break and look forward to seeing you when we return.

Warm regards,

Lowri Millar


BIC Sant Agustí