A message from Alison Colwell, Principal

Dear families,

I hope that your week has gone well and that you are enjoying the additional freedom we now have.

I feel that I have sent you a lot of information this week. Of course, as we watch the authorities make decisions and pronouncements on possible school building reopening we are keeping you informed along the way, even if there is still no clear instruction as of this afternoon. As you know, we are planning for a partial reopening of the building from 25th May for Year 11, and making sure that all necessary health and safety requirements are fully in place for this eventuality. We have also sent you the survey to gain further feedback from you on your children's experience of e-learning. Please feel free to complete one survey per child as there may well be differing responses to different Years or phases. We want to build as clear and comprehensive a picture of your children's experiences as possible. I have also written to you asking for your intentions for next school year, as far as is possible. I am fully aware that this may not yet be known and we are all, of course, navigating our way through an ever changing landscape, but any information you can provide us with is very much appreciated.

So today I think less is more, and I will not write at length here. What I am delighted to tell you though is of the strong appointments we have made of a number of teachers who will be joining our school next year; you will find some information about them here. A lengthy and rigorous recruitment process at the start of this year has resulted in what I believe are extremely strong appointments, and I am excited and looking forward to welcoming these new colleagues to BIC in September.


Stay safe, stay strong,

Alison Colwell


Ms Elizabeth Compton - Head of Primary

Dear Parents,

This week we celebrated and promoted a healthy lifestyle with activities ranging from role-play cafes, rainbow fruit kebabs, riddles and recipes, to salty science experiments, food fact files and live PE! Read on to find out more...

In assemblies this week, we discussed the elements of a healthy lifestyle including nutrition, sleep, exercise and a positive attitude. A healthy mind is an essential element to our concentration and subsequent learning. We practised some simple mindfulness techniques to keep a clear and stress free mind. Student well being and engagement continues to be a focus through our e-learning programme. If you feel your child is facing particular challenges please let us know. Ms Von Waberer, our primary pastoral lead and myself are happy to arrange a time to offer advice or speak with you or your child to support them in any way possible.

Every child is different and as we progress through this term of e-learning, the weather gets warmer and children have more opportunities to be with friends or outside. We have compiled some suggestions of how to support your child in live lessons. We hope you find this useful


We continue with special events next week as we focus on endangered species, in particular, Endangered Species Day on Tuesday 19th May. Students will spend time focusing on the importance of the environment and animals.

We hope you enjoy a healthy and active weekend,

Ms Compton

Head of Primary

PE Live Lessons - BIC Sa Porrassa

House System Relaunch

We are excited to announce that at the beginning of the 2020/21 school year we will be having a relaunch of the House system. This is part of our drive to make the House system at BIC central to everything that we do and to be even bigger and better from September onward right through from Early Years with our youngest students, to 6th form with our oldest.

As part of this exciting relaunch, we will be renaming the four Houses and need your help!

We are today launching a competition to come up with new names for each of the four Houses. The winning idea will be one that reflects our position in the world, be that as an English international school, being part of the Orbital group, being in Spain or specifically the Balearic islands. Students can interpret that brief as they wish and we are open to all ideas. We believe that the very best ideas will come from our students and we want the names of our Houses to be ones that the students can identify with and have ownership of.

The competition is open to all students and entries should be emailed to Mr Fitzpatrick (alex.fitzpatrick@balearesint.net) by 12pm on Friday 29th May.

Early Years Class with Ms Wardle

We have really enjoyed our healthy lifestyle week. The children in Early Years have created their own role play cafe areas and used their imagination to take turns at playing the customers and waiters/ waitresses. We used our creative writing skills to make menus and take orders in the cafe. All with safety measures in place of course! The children have enjoyed the live exercise classes with Miss Isabella and Galatea has been tending to her tomato, strawberry and basil plants. In maths we have been writing the days of the week and working on 1 more, 1 less and addition. Thank you so much to the parents for creating the wonderful cafes with your children, a role play area offers children so many learning opportunities in Early Years as we have seen this week.

Year 1 Class with Ms Xidakis

What a fun week celebrating healthy lifestyles. I have received a high standard of topic work showing me what your favourite fruits and vegetables are.

We have all thoroughly enjoyed Ms Izabela’s live PE sessions helping us to be more active this week! Also, we have worked hard to consolidate counting forwards and backwards in groups of 10’s in maths and making healthy rainbow fruit kebabs in science. In English we then wrote up the instructions on how to make them.

Well done Year 1!

Be Funky Collage 2020 05 15 T121910 443
Year 1 Class - BIC Sa Porrassa

Year 2 Class with Ms von Waberer

What a beautiful ‘healthy living ‘ week we had. We enjoyed creating our own cafe menus, writing fantastic poems about healthy living and designing fabulous posters. We were so proud of how detailed and descriptive Year 2’s work is becoming.

We also worked very hard in maths this week looking at block graphs and beginning work on different ways to measure. Despite these strange times we have been so amazed by the wonderful progress the children are making and by their constant enthusiasm to learn.

We’d like to say thank you to each child for their input and for their contributions.

Watching the ‘thank you’ video last week just reinforced what inspiring and thoughtful children we are fortunate enough to have in our school. Keep up the great work and keep up your awesomeness Year 2!

Be Funky Collage 2020 05 15 T122107 590
Year 2 Class - BIC Sa Porrassa

Year 3 Class with Ms Bakes and Ms Taylor

We’ve had a great time celebrating Healthy Lifestyles this week in Year 3. We started off the week by practising using instructional language, as the children made up some fantastic ‘healthy food’ recipes and wrote their very own instructions on how to make their amazing creations. Some of the children were very creative and their recipes went by the names of: Choc-o-boom River Shake, Messy Eggs, Straw-latte Smoothie, Rainbow Smoothie Bowl, Dangerous Fruit Kebab, and Chocolate Banana Baby.

We also made up some fantastic riddles about a range of different food, mainly fruit and vegetables. Year 3 have really learned to love riddles during our e-learning journey, getting quite good at solving them and also creating their own!

The children were also inspired by various thought-provoking videos we watched, which gave us lots of tips and advice about how to make our favourite meals and snacks much healthier.

Well done to all the children who took part in Miss Izabela’s daily work-outs too. We think that we have a very fit and healthy bunch of children amongst our Year 3’s!

Year 4 Class with Mrs Walsh and Mrs Alonso McGregor

From vegetable guessing games to debating why fruit and vegetables are better for you than chocolate biscuits, Year 4 have been fully immersed in all things healthy this week. Researching healthy foods and creating Food Fact Files enabled the children to share their ideas and opinions about their diet and put forward well thought out arguments.

In science we enjoyed a good discussion about our food and why we need to eat a balanced diet. The children gave great thought to their favourite meal and had amazing ideas as to how it could be made healthier for them, which they demonstrated in creating healthy plate pictures. All week they have been deciding on a healthy snack that they can make and have loved creating short ´How to´ videos to share with each other.

Our topic lessons led us in the direction of chocolate! Not a food that is automatically top of the healthy list, however the children soon found out the true benefits of raw cacao and how and where it is grown. They created their own flow charts to show the process involved from ´bean to bar'. It was enlightening for us all!

Year 5 Class with Mrs Demangeat and Ms Solomun

Year 5 have involved themselves fully in our Healthy Lifestyle week from mindfulness breathing sessions, short shake and wake up activities, to writing instructions or videoing their favourite healthy dishes and snacks (recipe book to follow next week).

A science experiment was carried out using three glasses of water (salty, sugary or plain) and slices of potato where the results showed how too much salt draws water out of cells and therefore isn’t good for you.

We also looked at how to grow healthy food from leftover scraps; potatoes, ginger, onions, tomatoes all being tested by the children!

All sorts of exercise activities also took place this week with Ms Izabela and in topic, where we learnt about the 60’s through dance. Our students sent in videos of themselves doing the Jive or the Twist, demonstrating their superb style and skills!

The children’s attitude towards online learning constantly surprises us and their enthusiasm for new ideas, whether it be online or previously in the classroom, is inspiring.

Year 6 Class with Ms Roberts and Ms Hodgson

Year 6 celebrated the ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ week by looking at sports, nutrition and sportswear. They looked at the nutritional value of the food that they eat and discussed ways in which meals could be improved. Year 6 know that healthy food and exercise go together to make a healthy lifestyle. They discussed their favourite sports and sportswear, and loved the challenge of identifying logos from different companies. Next they designed their own logos for imaginary sports companies - see our fabulous colourful logos.

Languages department news


This week, Year 3, finished their unit of work linked to family and animals with drawings!

With a focus on health this week, we reflected on homemade products being better for us. On Thursday, Year 4, cooked together and prepared a chocolate cake.

Photos of the results will be coming up next week. Bon Appetit!

Be Funky Collage 2020 05 15 T135546 136


After a focus on writing during last week, Year 3’s were challenged to be even more creative and include all their knowledge about “Essen und Trinken” into their artwork. Super gemacht Klasse 3!

One way of memorizing and working on specific word groups is to deal artistically with the topic. Primary has been working in a variety of ways on it:

Years 3 and 5 used the technique of creating word clouds, focusing on their correspondent word group. Year 5 had been working on word families as a help for improving their spelling words and created word clouds of words including "ä" which have to be memorised as the word family rules does not apply to these. Year 3 have been working on words including a "v" as this tricky letter has got different sounds.

Year 4 students have worked as "word detectives" and have worked out some picture puzzles visualizing different idiomatic expressions their peers had to find out.

Year 6 students have recently done a variety of exercises for their reading skills and tried out a different way of helping to memorise tricky words by combining letters and pictures.

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PE department - keep fit and healthy

Following our Healthy Lifestyle week, we have introduced our live PE lessons across all Primary Stages. It has been so much fun to dance, do exercise and even sing together. Watch below some fun videos from our training sessions. Well done to everyone and we look forward to more training together!

The first VIRTUAL SPORTS DAY ever seen at BIC

We are delighted to share with you that on the 4th June we will be celebrating our newest version of the Sports Day - The BIC Sa Porrassa Virtual Sports Day. We will soon be sharing with you all the exciting details!

BIC Virtual Open Days

To respond to the increasing interest from parents who are looking for a school and enrol their chil(ren), both BIC schools have held two Virtual Open Days in April and May (for stages of Early Years, Primary and Secondary) which were positively received by many parents who attended.

Following up the feedback from our last two Open Days and due to these unusual times, BIC would like to offer families the opportunity to get a better idea of our campuses in Sant Agustí (Palma) and Sa Porrassa (Calvià). Therefore we are delighted to inform you that our next Virtual Open Days are scheduled on Wednesday 10th June and Thursday 11th June at 4.30pm where all families will be able to enter a live Q&A session with our Schools’ Principal and Admissions teams.

The virtual Open Day is a great opportunity for you to learn about our Schools, meet our Senior Team and ask any questions in a friendly setting.

- BIC Sa Porrassa Early Years, Primary and Secondary stages - Wednesday 10th June at 4.30pm - REGISTER NOW

- BIC Sant Agustí Early Years and Primary stages - Thursday 11th June at 4.30pm -REGISTER NOW

If you may have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Team:

- BIC Sant Agustí - Gillian Ford - office.san@balearesint.net

- BIC Sa Porrassa - Holley McMonagle - registrar@balearesint.net

We look forward to welcoming you at the BIC Virtual Open Days.

Virtual Open Day June
BIC Virtual Open Days