A message from Alison Colwell, Principal

Dear families,

I hope that your week has gone well and that you are enjoying the additional freedom we now have.

I feel that I have sent you a lot of information this week. Of course, as we watch the authorities make decisions and pronouncements on possible school building reopening we are keeping you informed along the way, even if there is still no clear instruction as of this afternoon. As you know, we are planning for a partial reopening of the building from 25th May for Year 11, and making sure that all necessary health and safety requirements are fully in place for this eventuality. We have also sent you the survey to gain further feedback from you on your children's experience of e-learning. Please feel free to complete one survey per child as there may well be differing responses to different Years or phases. We want to build as clear and comprehensive a picture of your children's experiences as possible. I have also written to you asking for your intentions for next school year, as far as is possible. I am fully aware that this may not yet be known and we are all, of course, navigating our way through an ever changing landscape, but any information you can provide us with is very much appreciated.

So today I think less is more, and I will not write at length here. What I am delighted to tell you though is of the strong appointments we have made of a number of teachers who will be joining our school next year; you will find some information about them here. A lengthy and rigorous recruitment process at the start of this year has resulted in what I believe are extremely strong appointments, and I am excited and looking forward to welcoming these new colleagues to BIC in September.

- A warm welcome to our new staff joining BIC Sa Porrassa for the 2020-21 Academic Year.(click here)

Stay safe, stay strong,

Alison Colwell


House System Relaunch

We are excited to announce that at the beginning of the 2020/21 school year we will be having a relaunch of the House system. This is part of our drive to make the House system at BIC central to everything that we do and to be even bigger and better from September onward right through from Early Years with our youngest students, to 6th form with our oldest.

As part of this exciting relaunch, we will be renaming the four Houses and need your help!

We are today launching a competition to come up with new names for each of the four Houses. The winning idea will be one that reflects our position in the world, be that as an English international school, being part of the Orbital group, being in Spain or specifically the Balearic islands. Students can interpret that brief as they wish and we are open to all ideas. We believe that the very best ideas will come from our students and we want the names of our Houses to be ones that the students can identify with and have ownership of.

The competition is open to all students and entries should be emailed to Mr Fitzpatrick (alex.fitzpatrick@balearesint.net) by 12pm on Friday 29th May.

English department E-Learning news

This week it has been the turn of Year 8 and Year 10 to impress us in the English department. Year 8 have been looking at stories of survival and are now writing their own stories based on some kind of disaster. They are not only creating exciting story-lines but are also thinking carefully about the devices that writers use to make their stories really gripping for the reader. We may have some finished stories to share next week!

Year 10 are continuing their study of the anthology of poetry for IGCSE English Literature. One of the most challenging poems in the anthology is the 19th century Romantic ballad ‘La Belle Dame sans Merci’ by John Keats. Not only are students able to appreciate Keats’ skills as a poet, but they have also created their own poems from the point of view of a character in the poem in the same style and tone that Keats himself used. That shows true understanding and appreciation. Special well done to Nicole and Lavinia in Ms Bernie’s class.

Be Funky Collage 2020 05 15 T145140 679

Creative Arts department E-Learning news


Year 9 students are continuing with their study of the play ´Bouncers´ by John Godber. Their study of this play is helping them to understand the genre of social and political theatre, as pioneered by theatre practitioner Bertold Brecht. Whilst we are having lots of fun exploring the social conditions of the working class British in the 90s in ´Bouncers´, it also encourages a thought process of how a social issue can be reflected through drama. We think this could be very useful for these students as they move on to devising work as we live through a time that will go down in history! Students have also been developing an understanding of ´stereotype´ characters, and seeing this come to life in our live lessons has been amazing this week.

Year 10 and 11 continue their work on live theatre review. Year 10 in particular are developing a real understanding of drama vocabulary, and I enjoyed reading their analysis of performance skills and what they have observed. Year 10 have nearly finished with this unit now, and we will be going on to explore various stimuli used for creating a drama piece.


The art department has experienced another fantastic and creative week. We are delighted to share with you three fantastic artworks that our students in Year 9 and Year 10 have created.

Grabriele from Year 10 has made this impressive artist interpretation after analysing the work of street artist Davis Choe.

Be Funky Collage 2020 05 15 T144642 750
BIC Sa Porrassa - Artwork - Year 10

Harriet (Year 10) has been inspired by the artist Jovan Srijemac and here she has made a pastiche of one of his bold and energetic paintings.

Be Funky Collage 2020 05 15 T144702 657
BIC Sa Porrassa - Artwork - Year 10

Amber in Year 9 has made this pencil study of a pepper from first hand observation.

Be Funky Collage 2020 05 15 T144536 860
BIC Sa Porrassa - Artwork - Year 9

Maths department E-Learning news

This week we have been exploring the use of diagrams and colour to help visualise percentages. When we look at websites and e-learning resources that explain mathematical ideas, they all tend to use colour. Using this intelligently can really help bring an idea to life. And having it on screen is one thing, but when it can be reproduced and even enhanced in our work books, we can produce some valuable pieces of work. Here’s a neat little example from Elisa Ploch Da Silva (Year 7) who produced this as a way to make the idea clear for herself, not as a piece of display work. Well done, Elisa!

For those of us whose brains may have dulled over the previous weeks, here’s a seemingly simple shape puzzle to get your neural pathways firing. Solution next week.

Which of the following shapes cannot be made as the overlapping region of two identical squares?

A- equilateral triangle

B- square

C- kite

D- heptagon

E- regular octagon

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Science department E-Learning news

Mr Cadman was very impressed with our budding reporters in Key Stage 3 that enjoyed the challenge of creating front page news on the announcement of the theory of continental drift.

Students in Year 8 have begun the new topic looking at one of my favourite subjects of dinosaurs and why they became extinct. Pupils will also evaluate the modern day threats to animal and plant species and will devise a plan of how the school can play its part in maintaining the biodiversity of the beautiful island that we are lucky to live on.

At IGCSE level many students are finding this an ideal opportunity to revisit topics that were studied at the start of the course. We have many varied and innovative ways to keep revision bright and interesting. I look forward to seeing the benefits of this.

Year 12 students would normally be sitting their exams and again have seized the opportunity to begin the Yr 13 course early therefore getting a useful head start to their final year. Both their attitude and determination is to be commended.

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Languages department E-Learning news

Spanish news

I am convinced that among my Year 7 students of Spanish we have an exciting new generation of skillful wordsmiths for the theatre scene. A fine example of what I am saying is a story of a cow called Susana and its fascinating journey from Germany to India.

Weeks ago, the group started a hunt for villains in the far west. The creation of these characters was beautifully articulated in Spanish. The portraits were superb and the illustrations deserve a big hand. Now the team is exploring a design platform to create e-walls adding sound and visual elements to their e-palettes.

Thanks to Year 7 Spanish for their enthusiasm and their team spirit.

German news

In German, Year 7 has been working on the topic “Favourite animals”. We have been looking at a variety of both pets and wild animals. After working out how to describe them, including vocabulary we have been using in the past in a different context, every student was asked to prepare a poster either about their pet or favourite animal. Thanks to our live sessions, we were able to get to know some pets not only on the poster but “in real life”.

Humanities department E-Learning news

Year 8 historians have been learning about the causes of WWII. This is a challenging topic but one that the students have found really interesting. Year 8 students will have an opportunity to develop their extended writing as we will complete an assessment on the causes of WWII next week. Here we would like to show you some beautiful work from Evie in Year 8 explaining some key events that led to the outbreak of World War Two.

Next week our Year 7 historians will continue to learn about Tudor England and the focus this week is on Elizabeth I and the Spanish Armada. Year 11 will develop their understanding of how the modern world developed when we take a “hike through history”. We will look at themes such as the decline of the monarchy, the rise of science and the development of democracy.

We look forward for another exciting week!

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PE department news - keep fit and healthy

The first VIRTUAL SPORTS DAY ever seen at BIC

We are delighted to share with you that on the 4th June we will be celebrating our newest version of the Sports Day - The BIC Sa Porrassa Virtual Sports Day. We will soon be sharing with you all the exciting details!

BIC Virtual Open Days

To respond to the increasing interest from parents who are looking for a school and enrol their chil(ren), both BIC schools have held two Virtual Open Days in April and May (for stages of Early Years, Primary and Secondary) which were positively received by many parents who attended.

Following up the feedback from our last two Open Days and due to these unusual times, BIC would like to offer families the opportunity to get a better idea of our campuses in Sant Agustí (Palma) and Sa Porrassa (Calvià). Therefore we are delighted to inform you that our next Virtual Open Days are scheduled on Wednesday 10th June and Thursday 11th June at 4.30pm where all families will be able to enter a live Q&A session with our Schools’ Principal and Admissions teams.

The virtual Open Day is a great opportunity for you to learn about our Schools, meet our Senior Team and ask any questions in a friendly setting.

- BIC Sa Porrassa Early Years, Primary and Secondary stages - Wednesday 10th June at 4.30pm - REGISTER NOW

- BIC Sant Agustí Early Years and Primary stages - Thursday 11th June at 4.30pm -REGISTER NOW

If you may have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Team:

- BIC Sant Agustí - Gillian Ford - office.san@balearesint.net

- BIC Sa Porrassa - Holley McMonagle - registrar@balearesint.net

We look forward to welcoming you at the BIC Virtual Open Days.

Virtual Open Day June
BIC Virtual Open Days