A message from Alison Colwell, Principal

Dear families,

I hope we find you safe and well, and enjoying the increasing freedoms.

In the next few weeks we will be holding a series of webinars, which will provide an opportunity for us to explain and give further information about important school matters. The first will be on the reports you will receive towards the end of term. Of course, each year students get an end of term report in the summer, but we have redesigned them so as to (hopefully) be as clear and helpful to parents as possible. The webinar will be an opportunity for us to go through the details and of course for you to ask questions. We will also be holding a webinar on that very important transition stage in a British school, which is the move from the last year of primary, Year 6 to the first year of secondary, Year 7. We will also be providing sessions for the Year 6 students to introduce them to key secondary staff and to ask their own questions.

I am getting a lot of questions about September. Of course, at this stage I am not able to say with any certainty what school will be like in September - no school can. Some things are obviously out of our control, as schools will be bound by the government restrictions and the Conselleria instruction. But I am an optimist and I am hoping for a return to some sense of normality. What I can tell you, is that we are working very hard to plan for all eventualities, as well as studying school returns in other countries around the world, to learn from them. What you have in me and my team at BIC is a total commitment to making sure your child will have the best possible educational experience whatever the restrictions. We will be analysing carefully the parent survey on e-learning. We are thinking about classrooms, class sizes, the curriculum. We are thinking about how best we can reintegrate students back into the building, recognising that there will need to be a huge social and emotional element to this, as well as an assessment of where students are at academically. The teachers that know your children very well, and care for them, have this as a real priority to ensure there will be a successful transition back to the world they left behind five months ago. We cannot, just like any other school, give you facts about school opening. But I can give you the facts of a committed and intelligent senior team who are good at solving problems and are planning for the opening; committed and dedicated teachers; a number of highly talented new staff joining us as you will have seen in last week's newsletter; a commitment to high standards and expectations; and my personal, oft-stated mission to make BIC the best school on the island.

Stay safe, stay strong,

Alison Colwell


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Virtual Open Day - BIC Sa Porrassa

BIC Sa Porrassa Virtual Information Session - Reporting

Dear families,

We are delighted to inform you that we will be holding a Virtual Information Session on Thursday 4th June starting at 4.10pm. The aim of this session is to give you an overview and explanation of the end of term reporting system, in both primary and secondary, and will be hosted by our Principal Ms Colwell, our Head of Primary Ms Compton and our Deputy Head of Secondary Mr Fitzpatrick.

If you would like to attend, we kindly ask you to register for the webinar by clicking here - BIC Virtual InformationSession - End of term Reporting System

We look forward to welcoming many of you.

Information Session Reporting
BIC Sa Porrassa Virtual Information Session - Reporting

BIC students in Years 10, Year 11 and Year 12 - University bound?

One of the key motivators in education, at any time, is knowing why all the effort is worthwhile. Having an idea of where the studying is taking them can see students through the most difficult passages of life, including this lock down; it gives incentives to keep working when the going gets tough!

The opportunity has arisen for older BIC students to attend a virtual university conference, focused on studying abroad. It takes place on the 28th May, between 4pm and 5pm. The aim of the conference is to lead students through the many possibilities and to start to come to an informed decision, weighing up the advantages and disadvantages in their own cases. Three universities from around the globe will make their cases to those attending:

  • Hult International Business School, USA
  • Northumbria University, UK
  • Radboud University, The Netherlands

To attend, students/parents need to pre-register at the following website: https://www.bigmarker.com/TheStudentWorld/Studying-Abroad-Planning-and-Preparing-for-it

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BIC Sa Porrassa Students at a University Fair

English department E-Learning news

Mrs Cadman says that Year 7 this week have completed some excellent work - imagining that they either Prospero or Miranda detailing their story that led up to them being banished to the island.

We would like to say well done to Year 7 English students; you are all working incredibly hard and the work you are producing is of an excellent quality. Keep up with your amazing efforts.

Also another excellent week with Year 8 in English who are continuing with their stories of survival. This week students have focused their English studies on literary devices looking at the features of ´A Coast Map´ to write their descriptive pieces on writing to describe using the film trailer of ´The Arctic´ as their stimulus. Mrs Cadman says,

‘Well done Year 8, I am so proud of your efforts.’

Year 9 have been reading about life in New York at the beginning of the 20th century for immigrant workers and have been completing storyboards for a film about their experiences.Theo Etienne in Ms Bernie’s class has produced this entertaining storyboard.

Year 10 are continuing their study of poetry, looking at all sorts of different poems in preparation for the IGCSE exam. This detailed example is an analysis of the famous ‘Desiderata’.

- Lily - Miranda's message in a bottle

- Ismeme - Miranda's message in a bottle

- Nicole - Unseen Poem Steps

- Theo's Story - Storyboard

- Sanja - Writing to describe

Creative Arts department E-Learning news


Year 9 this week have been continuing with their exploration of the play ´Bouncers´. It is important for us to remember how much an audience understand of a performance from what they see - not just the lines they hear delivered. Famous studies show that actually 90% of human communication is in fact non verbal - and we work hard in drama to consider how our body language, posture, use of arm gestures and facial expression really help us develop a character, and aid our audience´s understanding. For this play students are developing 3 characters and they must be able to show a clear difference between the three, so this is something we have been focusing on in detail in our online lessons. It has been a joy to see students rehearsing the scenes on our online platform using all of these physical skills, and continuing their development of their performance skills.

Year 10 are reaching the end of their live performance review unit. We am very impressed at the hard work they have been putting in to what is a difficult topic. They have been starting to attempt practice questions similar to those they could see in an exam, and their level of understanding has shown great improvement. This will really benefit them when we see some live theatre next year. We have included below a great example from Lea. We are all now looking forward to starting some creative devising work next week.

2020 05 22 13 57 11 Secondary Sap E Learning Weeks 8 22 05 2020 Google Docs


The artwork shown below is a pencil drawing made by Amber in year 9. Here is what Amber had to say about the artist and why she chose to do this pastiche;

“This is a pastiche of one of Sydni Kruger’s drawings. Sydni Kruger is a fine artist who loves showing drama through her drawings. I chose to replicate one of her drawings because I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could embellish her style and recreate such sensitive pencil work which I so admire”.

Be Funky Collage 2020 05 22 T150238 445

This sensational pencil drawing is by Selina in year 10. Her impressive piece of art will be included in her IGCSE coursework submission next year.

Be Funky Collage 2020 05 22 T150300 076

Maths department E-Learning news

This Friday all of Year 7 were challenged to a set of problem solving tasks that demanded collaboration, reasoning and communication skills. These tasks are crucial as we seek to produce mathematicians who can solve problems and work well together. Skills which will be essential in their future lives. These tasks also allow students to practice and apply numeracy to develop depth of number sense which will support all mathematical learning in the future. Teaching these tasks is always a joy, as we are invariably given creative solutions that we have never seen before.

Last week, we asked you which shape could not be made by overlaying two squares.

The solution is below for the square, kite, heptagon and regular octagon. The equilateral triangle could not be created as, when we make a triangle by sliding over a corner, that corner would be 90° and so not 60° as in an equilateral triangle. I hoped you enjoyed cutting up bits of paper and seeing it for yourself.

2020 05 22 13 58 22 Secondary Sap E Learning Weeks 8 22 05 2020 Google Docs

Science department E-Learning news

It has been another fantastic week in Science. Year 8 have now completed the online assessment of the Rocks topic using Canvas with students showing a clear understanding of the course content. Mr Cadman celebrated with Laia, Stella (Yr 7) and Karolina, Marco and Moritz S (Yr 8) who all scored 90+%.

The students will now be moving on to the topic of Extinction. We will be investigating the possible fate of the dinosaurs and looking behind the science of Russion scientists who hope to reintroduce the Woolly Mammoth to help combat Global Warming. A great example of how modern Science meets the movies.

2020 05 22 13 59 31 Secondary Sap E Learning Weeks 8 22 05 2020 Google Docs

Students will also be investigating why so many plants and animals are on the critically endangered list. Many were shocked at the numbers and the effect that a reduced biodiversity will have on generations to come. This provided opportunities to research independently and lively debate on whether we should try to prevent the permanent loss of these species.

Keeping on the theme of human influence upon the environment the Year 9 Chemists are tackling the issue of plastic pollution that blights our oceans and seas. Students have been shown a keen eye to distinguish a number of organic compounds building up to how synthetic polymers are made.

2020 05 22 14 00 03 Secondary Sap E Learning Weeks 8 22 05 2020 Google Docs

Hopefully some will be inspired to create a method to break down these plastic particulates that are entering our food chain. We are looking forward to carrying out our own practical analysis when we return to school.

Languages department E-Learning news


"This week we have been reviewing the punctuation marks with the Year 11. For this purpose, they had to write a text about any topic they wish. Everyone has done a good job, but Jessica has certainly touched my heart. In her text, she has expressed beautiful feelings for the school and her teachers. Feelings that all students from any part of the world should experience in their schools, that they should feel like a second home. Jessica, it has been a pride to be your teacher and to be the teacher for the rest of our Year 11. I wish you the best. I will miss you.

Señorita Montes."

2020 05 22 15 25 47 Jessica Gilson La Puntuación Protected View Word


To achieve the highest language and writing skills in German, we work with a variety of texts related to different topic areas and styles.

Here you find an example for a creative writing “Schilderung” where Year 11 students have been asked to observe and express feelings and atmosphere in a specific place or situation using an expressive writing style

German Creative writing (Click here to see the writing)

German Foreign Language students are also working hard to continue their studies in these extraordinary times progressing in a subject which requires a lot of interacting and speaking.

Year 8 have been talking about birthday parties, have been looking at relevant information for writing invitations but also on how to answer, both positive and negative. Here are a few examples:

Humanities department E-Learning news


In GCSE Business Studies the students will be learning about Venture Capital and investments using some of the fantastic resources from ‘TeenVC’.

In addition to the online resources, Teen VC are also giving students around the world an opportunity for them to put into practice what they’ve learnt.

As part of the challenge, they will be selecting a number of people who enter to join them for work experience later in the year, at their offices in London (with a remote option available). They will also give feedback to everyone who submits a response.

Obviously given the global situation at the moment, they have not given exact details about the dates for the work experience but we wanted to highlight the opportunity to all of our students in case they wanted to have a go!

Click here to find out for information about the challenge

Click here to go directly to their website

2020 05 22 15 30 28 Secondary Sap E Learning Weeks 8 22 05 2020 Google Docs

PE department news - BREAKING NEWS!

Our favorite part of the year is here - Sports Day!

While Sports Day will look a little different than normal, it is still going to be a wonderful experience.

Coming next week our PRACTICE WEEK will be full of challenges, laughs, and FUN!

Each Live PE session Miss Izabela will be leading up to the event, a video of a new challenge will be launched via the Sport section on Canvas.

Can you overcome each challenge? We will explain the challenge and how it is scored. During that week students, parents and BIC staff are encouraged to train and practise. Join our daily live PE sessions as we do some crazy challenges!

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Sports Day - BIC Sa Porrassa

BIC Virtual Open Days

To respond to the increasing interest from parents who are looking for a school and enrol their chil(ren), both BIC schools have held two Virtual Open Days in April and May (for stages of Early Years, Primary and Secondary) which were positively received by many parents who attended.

Following up the feedback from our last two Open Days and due to these unusual times, BIC would like to offer families the opportunity to get a better idea of our campuses in Sant Agustí (Palma) and Sa Porrassa (Calvià). Therefore we are delighted to inform you that our next Virtual Open Days are scheduled on Wednesday 10th June and Thursday 11th June at 4.30pm where all families will be able to enter a live Q&A session with our Schools’ Principal and Admissions teams.

The virtual Open Day is a great opportunity for you to learn about our Schools, meet our Senior Team and ask any questions in a friendly setting.

- BIC Sa Porrassa Early Years, Primary and Secondary stages - Wednesday 10th June at 4.30pm - REGISTER NOW

- BIC Sant Agustí Early Years and Primary stages - Thursday 11th June at 4.30pm - REGISTER NOW

If you may have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Team:

- BIC Sant Agustí - Gillian Ford - office.san@balearesint.net

- BIC Sa Porrassa - Holley McMonagle - registrar@balearesint.net

We look forward to welcoming you at the BIC Virtual Open Days.

Virtual Open Day June
BIC Virtual Open Days