Welcome back to School

A message from Alison Colwell, Principal

Dear parents,

I hope that you have enjoyed a wonderful Christmas break, and I extend a warm welcome back, or indeed a new welcome, to you all.

I would like to thank you for completing the parent survey at the end of last term; we had an 86% completion rate, the highest ever which therefore means the survey is pretty representative of parental feeling. Overall, I would describe the results as positive , with some very constructive (and valid) criticism, and a clear sense of the main concerns and issues you have; I share many of them. I also got a very real sense of hope and optimism, with some very kind comments about myself and Ms Compton, which only serve to remind me (not that I need reminding) of the responsibility and duty I have to improve the school in those areas where it needs improving.

I am determined that, as well as leading future improvements, I will keep you all regularly updated with what is going on, with regard to those improvements. I believe that, in the 78 school days I have been in post, we have made a strong start and I hope that from what you have seen, read and spoken directly to myself about, that you get a clear sense of the school’s future direction and my priorities. However, there is much to do. I will be leading a number of parent information sessions throughout the rest of the year, when I will give you specific feedback and updates on work and progress in the school. The first of these will be at 4 o’clock on Thursday 23 January when I will give you detailed feedback on the outcomes of the survey, as well as updates (including on the site and facilities improvement). Please make a date in your diary.

Something that I have done in direct response to parental feedback is bring forward the dates of the parent consultation afternoons. The first of these is next Wednesday, when we invite the parents of all Year 7 students to come to school and meet with their child’s subject teachers. These are good opportunities for you to hear about your child’s progress and to speak directly with their teachers. We find that keeping the afternoon flexible, rather than giving fixed appointments, tends to work best, but as ever we will review how it runs and welcome your feedback. The dates of the other afternoons are in the termly events email that Ms Rauen has emailed out separately to you.

Finally, as we look ahead to September, one of the things we are looking at is the shape and timings of the day. At the moment, there is no intention of making any changes. However, many of you have spoken to me about this. Many of you have said you would like an earlier start, a later finish, an earlier finish, a period of supervised homework or revision study at the end of the school day. As ever, your feedback is invited. This is an area where there will undoubtedly be many different views and wishes, but it is important that we consult as widely as possible. Please let me have your thoughts.

With very best wishes to you and yours for a happy and healthy 2020.

Kind regards

Alison Colwell


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BIC Summer School 2020

Ms Elizabeth Compton - Head of Primary

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year to you all. I have been so pleased to see so many enthusiastic, eager and smiling faces from your children on returning to school this term. This week I spoke to all students about their goals and wishes for the year 2020 and how we need to work hard to achieve these. We also discussed how a new year brings change and how we can adapt to new routines.

I would like to thank all parents for their feedback regarding lunchtimes and after a few teething problems we have made further adaptations to ensure that the experience for all students is a healthy and happy one.

I have personally been in the playground at break and lunchtime everyday to monitor and make improvements where necessary.

Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

Wishing you a fantastic weekend ahead.

Kind regards,

Ms Compton

Reception Class with Ms Wardle

The children in Early Years were very happy to see each other after the Christmas holidays. We have spent the week catching up on our holiday news and setting the scene for our new topic ‘Let's pretend. We plan to use our great imagination, drama and creative skills to bring some fantastic stories to life, starting with ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy. We are delighted to welcome Sophie and Ray to our preschool group.

Year 1 Class with Ms Xidakis

In English we are now reading ´Man on the Moon (a day in the life of Bob)´ by Simon Bartram. We drew our own friendly aliens and had fun trying to guess who drew which alien. We have also been thinking carefully about a school's New Year resolution, something that we would like to improve, and our targets are now displayed in the classroom to help remind us.

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BIC Sa Porrassa Year 1 Students' work

Year 2 Class with Ms von Waberer

Year 2 have made a positive and enthusiastic start to 2020! We enjoyed sharing our holiday news and listening to others. We revised our adjectives before writing beautiful thank you letters to show our appreciation for everything over the Christmas period.

We have also been discussing our New Year’s resolutions at school and at home and we were delighted with how caring and thoughtful their goals for 2020 were.

We are studying ‘materials’ in science this term and the children had plenty to say and lots of great questions in our first lesson this week. We enjoyed investigating all the different materials in our classroom.

Year 3 Class with Ms Bakes and Ms Taylor

This week in English, we have started looking at our new class book which we will be using in lessons to help children’s vocabulary and language skills, as well as their imagination and creativity when writing. The book is called "The Mousehole Cat" and is set in a pretty, picturesque fishing village in Cornwall, England.

Our history topic this year will be the Romans and we have already started talking about who the Romans were and why their legacy lives on.

The children have settled back into our second term extremely well and we’ve heard about their great Christmas holidays! They all seem ready to learn and excited about the term ahead. They’ve also adapted well to our new timetable and different break and lunch times. Well done to all our Year 3’s for a great start!

Year 4 Class with Ms Walsh and Ms Alonso-McGregor

Year 4 have started the year enthusiastic and eager to learn. As the classroom displays have started to take shape for our new topic “ China” the children have been asking many questions and are clearly keen to know more. We have also been looking at the structure of the comic strip genre in our English lessons. Next week we will be using our knowledge of these to represent the Chinese story of the Willow Pattern often depicted on traditional plates.

Year 6 Class with Ms Roberts and Ms Hodgson

We have started our new topic "Incredible India" which the children are showing great interest and enthusiasm towards. Taking a cross-curricular approach, we have read the story of Rama and Sita and will be using this in future weeks to write our own playscripts as well as making shadow puppets in Art so that we will be able to perform a shadow theatre production to the KS1 students later on in the term.

BIC Summer School 2020

We are delighted to announce our BIC Summer School 2020.

Suitable for boys and girls between the ages of 5 to 14, this is a fantastic opportunity for children to enhance their English and Spanish language skills, gain more confidence in a variety of sports (eg. tennis, volleyball, football) and enhance the children’s creativity. Children will be able to enjoy a day trip to the exciting local attraction Western Water Park, but most importantly, they will have FUN!

Our daily programme is full of exciting sports activities, swimming pool water games, arts and crafts and, of course, English and Spanish learning!

Various options are available: children can take part in the Summer School for the full 4 weeks – Mondays to Fridays, starting at 9:30am to 3:00pm – or may choose to join for standalone weeks between June 29 – July 24 as well.

Prices vary accordingly:

- 1 week - € 175

- 2 weeks - € 300

- 3 weeks - € 400

- 4 weeks - € 500

(*Prices do not include. Lunch will be provided by parents in the form of lunch-packs)

Available Summer School Programmes:

- English Language Booster: This is an ideal opportunity for all non-native speakers to boost their English skills across the 4 weeks. This programme includes English speaking, listening, reading and writing lessons taught by a native English speaker.

- Spanish Language Booster: This is an ideal opportunity for all non-native speakers to boost their Spanish skills across the 4 weeks. This programme includes English speaking, listening, reading and writing lessons taught by a native Spanish speaker.

- Early Years Programme (5 to 7 year olds): Include fun learning activities around English, Maths, arts and crafts as well fun interactive sports and swim lessons.

Daily Summer School Activities:

- Sporting Activities: Throughout the four-week BIC Summer School, participants will get the chance to practise and explore a variety of new sports such as badminton, table tennis, dodgeball, basketball, volleyball and football, all led by a qualified PE teacher.

- Swimming: During the hot summer, children can have fun cooling off in BIC's 25m outdoor pool and enhance their swimming skills.

- Craft and Designs: Creative Projects: This is the perfect chance for children to harness their creative side and take part in different art, science craft projects and/or music.

To register for our Summer School please visit our website - Register

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BIC Summer School 2020