Dear parents,

When I was younger, I used to have a real problem with any form of "compromise!! To my mind it always meant giving in, backing down, not standing up for what you believe in. With the (I hope) wisdom of more middle age, I realise that this was far too simplistic a youthful interpretation of the word. As the Italians say, "In medio stat virtus". Flexibility is a far more appropriate word than compromise.

We are getting an enormous amount of feedback from parents over the e-learning, the overwhelming majority of it extremely positive and highly appreciative of all the excellent e-teaching and the extra mile so many staff are going. I am getting personal emails, emails from teachers, messages passed on to me from WhatsApp groups, emails forwarded to me from parents and emails directly to me from students. I feel I am getting a good general overview of feeling. Of course, everyone has a different opinion and everyone's circumstances are different. Some parents have one child, some two, some more. Some of you are home alone, others have help. Some of you are working from home. For some of you English is not your mother tongue. Some of you have many electronic devices at home, some of you only one. Some of you want your children sticking rigidly to the timetable, some of you want more flexibility.

As Hillary Clinton quoted in her (excellent) autobiography, "Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts"!" The fact is that there is not one general consensus. The facts are that some parents tell me the amount of work is just right. The facts are that some parents say they value the routine of the Canvas timetable and that it helps their children keep a sense of normality. Some parents are telling me they want more flexibility, and that, as they too are working from home, they cannot give adequate support to their children all the time. Some parents are telling me they would like more "live" teaching, even though of course this takes away the flexibility others want. Some students are saying that they want more work. Some students need more support than others. Some students are telling us how much they value the structure that Canvas learning is bringing to their daily lives in these difficult times.

We have listened to every voice. We are making some further improvements and amendments to the e-learning from Monday that we believe will best meet the differing demands of so many, including more video-based e-lessons. We will continue, of course, to listen to your feedback and opinions.

As ever, the one fact where there is no compromise and no difference of opinion, is that ensuring an excellent e-school in our challenging times remains my priority.

We wish you a lovely day,

Kind regards,

Alison Colwell