Dear Families,

It has been a most unusual week for us all and I would like to take this opportunity to say that there has been an incredible effort from the whole community. Teachers have been working non stop to provide online lessons that are visual, engaging and well organised. Parents and students have responded well and adapted to this new way of learning.

From our perspective as educators the standard of work that children are submitting is very high, their engagement with their teachers remains strong and we believe that continuity of learning is ensured.

In terms of our e-learning platform we are continually listening to feedback and finding ways to improve the way it works for everyone. Many issues this week have been of a technical nature and we hope that we have helped resolve most of these.

We appreciate that many of our parents are not only supporting their children's education through this time but also working from home themselves. We fully understand the difficulties this presents and as staff most of us are in the same situation. The activities we are asking children to do are a mix of tasks in their books, computer based and creative projects in an effort to reduce the amount of time in front of screens.

We advise that your children are not working on tasks for longer than 45 minutes at a time depending on their age and activity set. Please continue to take frequent breaks throughout the day.

We want to draw your attention to some new features this week:

BIC Community page - here you will find a place to share photos, videos and ideas with the whole school. There are also stories here from some of our teachers and extra challenges. If you have any ideas for this page then please let us know.

PE page - In school children are moving throughout the day and are very active. Being stuck inside certainly presents challenges in terms of getting our children moving. Please use this page each day, not only when PE is scheduled. Well done to all joining in and adding your videos to inspire us all.

We hope you all have a good weekend.

All the best,

Ms Millar

E-Learning at BIC - What our parents say

Baleares International College, as part of the Orbital Education group, continues to be at the forefront of virtual learning for our students ensuring that they receive daily lessons online. Our Principal, Ms Millar, updates our parents regularly, keeping you at the heart of our community during this exceptional times. We’ve received some fantastic feedback from parents continue to ensure that our students make the most of their time at home through support and guidance from our brilliant teaching staff.We invite you to read the full article by clicking below.

E-Learning at BIC - What our parents say

BIC Sant Agustí Weekly Storytelling

We love stories and we love reading. This week we have started our daily storytelling sessions. Ms Millar and Ms Virginia have been hiding in the reading corners of various classrooms to read some fantastic books for you. In case you have missed this, we are delighted to share with you the three stories of the week:

- 'That Rabbit belongs to Emily Brown'.

- 'Where the Wild Things are'.

- 'De que color es un beso??'.

Sit back and enjoy our stories of the week! We continue to learn together. #Storytelling#StayConnected

Nursery Starfish Class

Look at all these little people hard at work at home, well done Starfish Class!

Reception Seahorse Class

What a fantastic E-Learning week for our Seahorses.

Year 1 Seals Class

Our Seals class have been hard at work this week. Well done to all of you!

Year 2 Turtles Class

Year 2 Turtles class have found a creative way to keep focused on their great work. Keep up the good work!

We look forward to sharing with you next week more of the fantastic work our students are doing!

Sports Challenge of the Week!

The toilet roll challenge is a fun challenge that can be done in the house. It helps us all to practise our skills in a small space. It is an internet sensation that has taken off across all of Spain, with top sports stars such as Lionel Messi taking part and showing off their skills. The idea is to keep the toilet roll up in the air for as long as possible! Watch some of our students entering this fun challenge!

From physical to virtual classroom overnight – how Orbital schools are leading the way in online learning

Continuity of learning is the key focal point for us at Baleares International College, regardless of the restricted access to the premises itself. Teachers and students at Orbital schools across the globe have moved seamlessly from physical classroom to online learning overnight ensuring no gap in their student's education. We invite you to read the full article by clicking below.

From physical to virtual classroom overnight – how Orbital schools are leading the way in online learning