Dear parents,

Today marks the end of our Creative Week and as you will see from the assembly slideshow the students have really risen to the challenge. We have seen some amazing nature photography capturing our beautiful island and sketches too. The music element has been great fun with some budding composers out there! Thank you to all the children who took part.

We are delighted that Ms Izabela will now be doing live PE sessions with all children on Wednesday starting next week. The importance of staying active can not be emphasised enough during these times so we hope that this will get them moving and inspire them to do more. I know that with Ms Izabelas energy and enthusiasm it can only help! The teachers will inform you of the new time slots.

Next week our parent consultations will take place and we are looking forward to the opportunity to discuss your children's progress with you.

We wish you a lovely weekend.

All the best,

Ms Millar

BIC Sant Agustí Story time

Nursery Starfish Class

It has been a wonderful week for our Starfishes. We have continued to be immersed in our new topic - Enchanted forest and Ms Sara wanted to take the chance to show you around her wonderful big enchanted forest - can you here the little birds singing?

We have also continued to work hard in our Phonics class, exploring wonderful and fun ways to do our letter revision.

Well done to all our little students for your continued hard work and we look forward to seeing you all back on Monday for more fun learning!

Reception Seahorse Class

What a busy week for our Seahorses. As you know Peter Rabbit has been helping us to learn about things that grow in our garden. We have been growing many things at home and doing some vegetable patch artwork.

We love maths and we have counted radishes Peter while writing about Mr. McGregor's vegetable garden in English.

'I am so proud of all the Seahorse Class. They are putting in so much hard work into their learning. Well done my little rabbits!'

Be Funky Collage 2020 05 15 T102351 411
BIC Sant Agustí Reception Class

Year 1 Seals Class

Our Year 1 Seals Class have been learning all about respect and what it the word respect means. The goal of these fantastic activities was to understand that we are all equal and we respect each other for our differences. This has been a very interesting topic that encourage children to explain further with their thinking by asking why.

We have found the responses form the children fascinating and a real wake up call. Even though they are still very young, those ideas and respect for all is so important. Well done Seals we have been impressed!

Be Funky Collage 2020 05 15 T103050 033

Year 2 Turtles Class

What a great week in Turtles class. We have been very busy between making poems and learning about plants! In Science, we have been exploring how to keep plants healthy. They need to have the right amount of water and sunlight. Plants also need to be kept in a climate suitable to their needs. Look at Lucas’ fantastic garden, he has been working hard growing lots of plants and vegetables!

Be Funky Collage 2020 05 15 T103328 653
Year 2 BIC Sant Agustí

Year 3 Dolphins Class

What a busy busy week it has been for our Dolphins.

In English we came to the end of the E book 'Was Tutankhamen killed?' All Dolphins detectives are ready now to make their conclusions based on the facts and evidence provided in the book.

In Science we are making great progress in our light and dark topic. We have looked at Sun safety by designing and advertising our own sun hats and sunglasses and we have seen some impressive and effective designs - well done! We have also investigated how to make shadows bigger and smaller by using the nursery rhyme of Humpty Dumpty!

This is not all, we have had a week filled with experiments during our Geography classes learning all about volcanoes - see below some fantastic showcases how our students have made their own little volcanoes.

Last but not least during PSGE we have been looking into strategies to help control uncomfortable feelings and we have seen some fantastic entries for our whole school Art Competition.

As you see it has been an all around week for our Dolphins and we could not be more proud of your hard work. Now we wish you a well deserved restful weekend and we loo forward to seeing you all back on Monday!

Year 4 Jellyfish Class

Following our Art themed week, our Jellyfish have continued to learn all about the famous Spanish Artists Picasso, and they have found our some very interesting facts about him!

PS: Mr Edwards wanted to take the chance to send you a wonderful message, listen with attention!

Year 5 Whales Class and Year 6 Sharks Class

Happy Friday Whales and Sharks.

We have been busy, busy, busy! We have been investigating static electricity, learning about protons and electrons and how they behave. In French we are learning to describe clothing - see fashion show video. This week awards go to Georgie, Agna and Matthew for their great work about the Nile River and Mental Health.

Our Year 5 Whales class would also like to take this chance to showcase some wonderful poems written by Charlie and Emma imagining they are a parent speaking to a child.

Well done to all of you for your hard work and we wish you a wonderful weekend!

Spanish and Catalan with Ms Maria

Esta semana en las clases de español con Miss Maria hemos estado aprendiendo sobre EL MONÓLOGO. Esto ha llevado a que los niños y niñas de Year 5 y Year 6 hayan escrito e interpretado sus propios monólogos. En la sesión en directo de hoy hemos visto sus maravillosas creaciones y hemos hecho de jueces destacando dos cosas, lo que más nos ha gustado y algo a mejorar. Además, ha habido un ganador, elegido por todos, que es nuestro querido Christopher. Su actuación nos ha dejado sin palabras y estamos muy orgullosos de él. ¡Enhorabuena Chris!

BIC Virtual Open Days

To respond to the increasing interest from parents who are looking for a school and enrol their chil(ren), both BIC schools have held two Virtual Open Days in April and May (for stages of Early Years, Primary and Secondary) which were positively received by many parents who attended.

Following up the feedback from our last two Open Days and due to these unusual times, BIC would like to offer families the opportunity to get a better idea of our campuses in Sant Agustí (Palma) and Sa Porrassa (Calvià). Therefore we are delighted to inform you that our next Virtual Open Days are scheduled on Wednesday 10th June and Thursday 11th June at 4.30pm where all families will be able to enter a live Q&A session with our Schools’ Principal and Admissions teams.

The virtual Open Day is a great opportunity for you to learn about our Schools, meet our Senior Team and ask any questions in a friendly setting.

- BIC Sa Porrassa Early Years, Primary and Secondary stages - Wednesday 10th June at 4.30pm - REGISTER NOW

- BIC Sant Agustí Early Years and Primary stages - Thursday 11th June at 4.30pm -REGISTER NOW

If you may have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Team:

- BIC Sant Agustí - Gillian Ford -

- BIC Sa Porrassa - Holley McMonagle -

We look forward to welcoming you at the BIC Virtual Open Days.

Virtual Open Day June
BIC Virtual Open Days