A message from Janice Short, Principal

Dear families

This week has flown by, and not just because it has been a short week. We are continuing to provide exciting lessons and opportunities while working on values throughout the school.

One value which is of huge importance is that of respect. Respect is the feeling you show when you accept that customs or cultures may be different from your own, and when you behave in a way which does not cause anyone to become upset. It means learning to tolerate and accept others.

Some examples of respect from the children have included speaking to other people in a kind way, being polite, treating others in the same way you would like to be treated, being considerate and listening to other people, both adults and children.

Respect within a school community is such an important value as it enables all members of the community to feel safe, express themselves and build trust, safety and well-being. Everyone deserves to have their opinion heard, even the quietest and youngest members of our community. Adults and children need to have mutual respect for each other.

At home, please continue to work on our value of respect with your children. Encourage them to be empathetic towards others and try to understand how other people are feeling. Encourage your child to take an interest in others, in their everyday lives. Encourage them to respect other peoples’ space and belongings. Encourage them to be grateful for what they have. Congratulate them when they are respectful and when they show respect to others.

On Monday we will be taking part in Pink Day, for Breast Cancer Awareness Day. The children have all been very busy making various items to sell to raise money for the charity, so please come along at the end of the day to share this with us, and help us to raise as much money as we can. Wear PINK!

Have a lovely weekend and hope to see you in pink on Monday,

Mrs Short

Principal, BIC Sant Agustí

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Pink Day, for Breast Cancer Awareness Day

Nursery Starfish Class

Combine a lot of love from Starfish, with a little touch of Autumn. Add to this an outdoor adventure - visiting our bug hotel and resulting in a fantastic scavenged natural treasure to take back into our classroom. Mix all of this together with our topic ¨all about me - a celebration of diversity¨, MESSY hands and a child's beautiful imagination and you will have these wonderful natural clay faces.

We LOVE them, don´t you? We hope you will all have a fantastic outdoorsy Autumn weekend.

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Nursery Starfish Class - BIC Sant Agustí

Reception Seahorses Class

After a long weekend Seahorses have come back full of energy and so eager to keep learning and, although this week has been shorter than others, you’ll see through the pictures that we have still been very productive. After a few sessions working hard in our ‘silhouettes’ display’ we can proudly announce that it is up and ready! The children did an amazing job, not just by painting them but also by writing all the labels with the body parts. Sometimes it even looks so real, as you turn round the corner! In Maths, our focus this week has been number formation. We are so lucky to have our own outdoors area that we always make the most of it; we love exploring around the terrace as it gives us a wide range of learning opportunities. Therefore, this is what we did for this Maths session. As you can see in the pictures, the children did a great job writing their numbers! You can tell from the photo where they are all covered in colour chalk dust that the children had so much fun. We are also getting very creative in Art, preparing our project for next week's event: ‘Pink Day’. Pictures to follow.

Have a lovely and safe weekend!

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Reception Seahorses Class - BIC Sant Agustí

Year 1 Seals Class

Wow! Ms Jo and I are feeling super proud of Seals class. The children have worked really hard to complete their first story retell in Year One. They have retold the story of Elmer the Elephant and have included a beginning, middle and end.

The children are excited to sell the pink bath bombs they have been busy making in preparation for PINK DAY on Monday.

Here are some extracts from their writing:

Year 2 Turtles Class

This week we have had an art focused week. We finished our dinosaur sunset silhouette paintings. We have been busy making things for Pink Day next week. In Literacy we have been learning about dictionaries and how to find words. We have learnt what a definition means and how to locate the word class. In Maths we have gone over number bonds to 20 and finished assessments for the start of the year.

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Year 2 Turtles Class - BIC Sant Agustí

Year 3 Dolphins Class

Wow, this week has gone so fast! We have been practising our times table chants in Maths this week which was lots of fun, they really help us memorise our tables. In our Geography session, we have been continuing to work on our Continents booklets, researching and writing about all the different continents. We also had a little look on Google Earth; we typed in a place we wanted to visit and within 2 seconds we were there which we thought was very cool!

Thursday afternoon got a little bit messy! We were designing and making our own tea light holders for Pink Day which is on Monday! We can’t wait to buy them and show everyone our wonderful designs.

Be Funky collage 2020 10 16 T101946 310
Year 3 Dolphins Class - BIC Sant Agustí

Year 4 Jellyfish Class - BIC Sant Agustí

What a busy week we have had this week!

Apart from working on the time in Maths, putting analogue into digital and digital into analogue and using lots of alliteration and prepositions in English to create some fantastic sentences, we have also found time to create some amazing keyrings and they are all ready for our Pink Sale on Monday. We can't wait to sell them to you!

Be Funky collage 2020 10 16 T102104 628
Year 4 Jellyfish Class - BIC Sant Agustí

Year 5 Whales Class

A busy week as always in the Year 5 classroom! In maths we are continuing to learn new strategies for addition and subtraction and are developing confidence in using the counting on method. We got ‘crafty’ in Art and made some beautiful dream catchers ready for Pink Day. Look out for them on Pink Day!

We are nearly finished on our “Maintaining Healthy Bodies” Topic in Science and hopefully the knowledge we have gained on meal choices and healthy lifestyle will stay with everyone to help make informed choices in the future. Our Healthy Living Leaflets - they must be informative as well as eye catching.

Be Funky collage 2020 10 16 T102306 650
Year 5 Whales Class - BIC Sant Agustí

Year 6 Sharks Class

This week has been super ‘arty’ as the children have been working hard crafting their wares for Pink Day on Monday. As well as this we have been learning about the ancient civilizations of the Mayans and Aztecs as part of our Humanities topic on Chocolate. The class finally got to taste some chocolate when Miss Abbott made us a version of ‘Mayan’ hot chocolate to taste. The hot drink containing chilli powder was interesting and spicy! In the same lesson we started learning about the fascinating Aztec warriors and ordered key events from the era.

Be Funky collage 2020 10 16 T102616 591
Year 6 Sharks Class - BIC Sant Agustí

Spanish / Catalan Class with Ms Maria

Aquesta setmana els alumnes de Year 3 i Year 4 han començat un tema nou i vet aquí que s’han posat a construir una fantàstica CASA DE RATOLINS. A partir d’una capsa de sabates i com autèntics arquitectes, han fet un disseny primer per després posar-se mans a l’obra i edificar els habitacles utilitzant diferents materials com cartolina, paper, fusta… El més important ha estat la feina en equip, treballant en parelles o grups de tres.

Be Funky collage 2020 10 16 T102748 542
Spanish / Catalan Class with Ms Maria

Spanish / Catalan Class with Ms Campos

Estas semanas hemos estado aprendiendo sobre adjetivos de personalidad y cómo describirnos a nosotros mismos. Así que nuestros alumnos de año 3 y 4 han hecho un poema acrónimo usando palabras que les describen a ellos en su nombre. Así de bonitos y grandes han quedado.

Por otro lado los alumnos de Year 1 y Year 2 han estado aprendiendo sobre las cosas que tienen en su estuche, y la verdad que les ha encantado. Hoy para cerrar el tema hemos jugado con las letras del famoso juego scrabble. ¿Para qué sirve lo que tenemos en el estuche? Entramos en el fascinante mundo de la gramática aprendiendo algunos verbos que hacemos habitualmente en clase.

Be Funky collage 2020 10 16 T103007 974
Spanish / Catalan Class with Ms Campos

Open Days at Baleares International College

Our next Open Days will be held in October across both BIC schools, Sant Agustí and Sa Porrassa.


  • Sant Agustí Campus: Thursday 22nd October 2020
  • Sa Porrassa Campus: Tuesday 20th October 2020

This is an ideal opportunity for you and your child to gain an insight into student life here at BIC.

These are whole school Open Days, suitable for all families with children between the age of 2 - 18 looking to find the right school. Due to Covid restrictions, it is important that you let us know if you would like to attend any of our Open Days as we will be organising the tours at different time slots, tailored to the specific Year group(s) you are interested in.

Following these opportunities to tour our facilities, BIC Sa Porrassa and BIC Sant Agustí will be holding a Virtual Open Day to offer families the opportunity to get a better idea of our schools. A Virtual Open Day is a great opportunity for you to learn about our School and enter in a live Q and A session with our Principal and Leadership Team.

To register for our Virtual Open Day please click on the following link

- BIC Sa Porrassa Virtual Open Day a whole through from school ages 3 to 15 accommodated in a large, custom-built school situated in the beautiful, rural environment of Calvià.

- BIC Sant Agustí Virtual Open Day - an Early Years and Primary specialised School located in the wonderful neighbourhood of Sant Agustí, Palma

In order to organise a tour at either or both of our Open Days, please contact us directly:

  • San Agustí - office.san@balearesint.net | (+34) 971 403 161
  • Sa Porrassa - office@balearesint.net | (+34) 971 133 167

We look forward welcoming you to Baleares International College

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Open Days at Baleares International College