Teachers and students at Baleares International College as well as other Orbital schools across the globe have moved seamlessly from the physical classroom to online learning overnight ensuring no gap in their student’s education.

Continuity of learning is the key focal point for us at BIC. Thanks to our online learning platform, it has ensured that BIC, as well as all other schools impacted in the Orbital group, has been able to swiftly move from teaching in classrooms to online E-Learning, ensuring that your children experience a continuous education programme to meet their needs. Our sister school Britannica International School, Shanghai has been successfully using this process for the last two months, providing a solid base of learning and content that BIC can tap into.

Three years ago, Orbital invested in a state-of-the-art, robust Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for their schools to enable smooth communication between teachers and students and to enhance learning by offering a powerful tool to implement blended learning. Today, in our quickly changed world, it has proven to be the most critical tool enabling Baleares International College to move smoothly from classroom teaching to online learning.

Zsófia Alibaux-Jakab, Orbital’s Group eLearning Manager said, “The Orbital VLE makes e-learning simple. It keeps everything in one place, enhances the learning experience and provides valuable tools for teachers to enable blended learning. Teachers can also gamify their courses with badges and give online lessons via the conferencing tool, which is invaluable in times of remote learning. For students, the Orbital VLE makes all materials available anywhere; they can quickly and easily access their grades, read and write comments, participate in discussions and use the calendar to get organized.  It also allows students to learn at their own pace, to review materials, presentations and videos any time, to create content by editing class pages or recording videos. It puts the learning into the hands of the learner and allows for differentiation by choice and enhances leadership skills.”

Technology has been a driving force for supporting learning at BIC, with numerous measures applied across Early Years, Primary and Secondary to cater for the students’ needs.

Early Years E-Learning

In Early Years teachers are setting up a minimum of two and three new learning opportunities (tasks) per subject. Every start of the week, teachers include ideas, arts and crafts to choose from throughout, related to the learning topics, enabling families to be flexible on their resources, preparation time, available outdoors space and other key learning factors.

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E-Learning at BIC - Early Years Students

Primary E-Learning

In Primary, teachers are providing learning opportunities for each timetabled session. Our expectation is that each day, students experience a range of literacy-based sessions (reading, writing, Phonics/spelling), mathematical sessions (numbers, calculations, problem-solving), other subjects (science, humanities, art) and other activities set by specialist teachers (music, German, French). Teachers also understand the importance of taking a break from screen time and endeavour to direct students to alternative activities and take regular ‘brain breaks’.

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E-Learning at BIC - Primary Students

Secondary E-Learning

In Secondary, including sixth form, teachers provide learning opportunities for each timetabled session, including reading, questions, various exercises and other means of learning across all subjects. These tasks are in line with the continuous learning and follow the curriculum through the year, to ensure that they continue to make progress throughout their period away from the school building. Students will be set tasks and are expected to submit these through the Online Platform for marking and feedback.

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E-Learning at BIC - Secondary Students

E-learning environments promote active learning across all ages. Online educational videos are created in a way that help students engage with the subject of study, solving problems through a diverse range of methods as well as discussion boards to discuss new ideas and much more. Promoting e-learning at schools is crucial to shaping children’s educational prospects positively.

Here is just what a few of our parents have had to say on their experience:

We are incredibly impressed by how well this has been handled at BIC and the seamless transition to learning online that this platform has enabled.

We have been so impressed by how informed you have kept us. Thanks to the whole staff for being so organised and dedicated.

BIC is doing a fantastic job making sure our children get the best!

We would like to add our voices to the chorus of parents and students who have praised the School's leadership and communication as well as the great commitment of all of he teaching staff.

The Virtual Learning at BIC is exactly what the students need. Thank you for your fantastic and rapid response.

Thank you to BIC for their continued support the school is giving parents and students. The communication is excellent.

The teachers are doing a fantastic job and we feel very lucky to have our daughter at BIC.

It is very helpful to have this structure. The online lesson plans are incredible and the teachers are doing a fantastic job!

Our daughter is so happy following instructions and doing her homework every day. Everything is so well organised!

BIC is a strong and positive community and we thank you for finding solutions with such a modern approach

Everyone at BIC is doing a wonderful job. We are very happy to be part of the BIC Family.

The BIC Online Learning Platform is a great opportunity to educate our children.

Fantastic organisation of the school, we are very impressed. Thank you and congratulations.

BIC's Virtual Learning platform is wonderful and the best tool our children can have. Thank you!

We are very impressed with BIC's Virtual Learning Environment. Our daughter really enjoys the work and she has been very motivated and engaged.

We would also like to share some tips for all students currently at home to help them keep on track with their schoolwork and routines at home:

- Consistency is key: maintain your regular morning routine of waking up, eating a nutritious breakfast, and getting dressed.

- Pick a spot that is free of distractions to set up your device and study materials.

- Create a daily schedule and use a spreadsheet to keep track of all your tasks, assignments and deadlines.

- Take breaks: eat healthy snacks and do exercises to stay energised and alert.

- Stay engaged in your e-learning: engaging with your teachers and classmates can help you stay connected with your school community. Reach out to your peers and advisors for extra help when needed.

- Most importantly, maintain good hygiene habits to stay safe and healthy.

We look forward to sharing more examples of good practice from our teachers and students here at BIC. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your class teacher or subject teachers directly via email.