Current Parents

How will the learning continue online?

Thanks to our online learning platform, Canvas, it has ensured that BIC, as well as all other schools impacted in the Orbital group, has been able to swiftly move from teaching in classrooms to online E-Learning, ensuring that your children experience a continuous education programme to meet their needs. Our sister school Britannica International School, Shanghai has been successfully using this process for the last two months, providing a solid base of learning and content that BIC can tap into.

Canvas is Orbital’s preferred and chosen online learning platform that supports your child’s learning and ensures that your child continues to receive a high quality education. Canvas is an excellent worldwide recognised learning management system that streamlines digital tools and content used by teachers and students, for a simpler and more connected digital learning experience.

Baleares International College has been using and preparing the online platform since some time allowing efficient communication within the school community. Canvas has enabled BIC teachers to prepare a range of strategies and skills that will ensure a seamless use of online learning for our students during this time. The BIC academic staff recognise the essential element of online learning as part of a rounded and rich educational experience.

- For Primary pupils lessons are available via their class Homepage, where they will see an outline giving information about the lessons of each day.

- Our Secondary students will access their lessons via their Courses. Teachers provide learning opportunities for each timetabled session on an adapted timetable, including reading, questions, various exercises and other means of learning across all subjects.

Canvas allows teachers to give regular feedback to individual pupils on their online work and assignments which are tracked and graded. This online platform, now available for all the BIC community, allows a constant and fluid communication with all teachers who are online to answer any questions about the student’s tasks through the Canvas Discussion board.

Are there expectations of teachers reviewing, marking and providing feedback to students?

Yes, the school requirement is that teachers give regular quality feedback to students on their work. The feedback can be given in a variety of formats and Canvas facilitates the following; written, verbal, visual and interactive feedback. Your child's teachers are available online to answer any questions about their tasks through the Canvas Discussion board and via email, during working hours.

Can I come to school during the school restriction time?

At the moment the school is not accessible for parents or students, only authorised staff are allowed on school premises.

When will the school reopen?

The Spanish government adopted the decision to temporarily close kindergartens and schools, effective Monday 16 March 2020. School will remain restricted for access until further notice. We will keep you updated of any changes as and when these are communicated to us. Please note, only access to the school premises will close on Monday 16 March, the school and its services will continue to provide high quality education online.

Is the stability of school staff affected by the virus?

Staff at BIC remain determined to provide continuous and high quality remote E-Learning to all our students from Early Years to Sixth Form whilst access to the premises is restricted.

How confident can I be to return to school?

Individuals always have to make a personal assessment of their family’s well being in such situations. The school would only open when we are certain of high levels of safety and security on-site as well as under the guidance of the government directives. The school continues to monitor and review government directives, advice and guidance.

Tips to help keep your children on track with their schoolwork and routines at home:

- Consistency is key: maintain a regular morning routine of waking up, eating a nutritious breakfast, and getting dressed.

- Pick a spot that is free of distractions to set up your device and study materials.

- Create a daily schedule and use a spreadsheet to keep track of all your tasks, assignments and deadlines.

- Take breaks: eat healthy snacks and do some home exercise to stay energised and alert.

- Stay engaged in your e-learning: engaging with your teachers and classmates can help you stay connected with your school community. Reach out to your peers and advisors for extra help when needed.

- Most importantly, maintain good hygiene habits to stay safe and healthy.

Prospective Parents

Can I visit the school during the restriction of the school's premises?

Access to the school premises is restricted to authorised staff and personnel only, until further notice. Our Admissions Team will keep in touch with you and we are fully operational for any questions you may have.

How can I make an enquiry about the school at this time?

If you would like to make a new enquiry, you are welcome to email our Admissions Team at:

We will provide you with comprehensive information regarding the school and our admissions process.

Alternatively, you can make an admissions enquiry online.

Can I speak with one of the Senior Leadership Team during school closure?

Yes, you absolutely can. To arrange a virtual meeting please contact our Admissions Team.

How can I apply to register my child to join the school at this time?

We continue to welcome registrations for students who would like to join our school, from any period after school re-opens. We welcome you to complete our registration form, which you find here.

Apply now.

Is it possible for my child to receive a school offer during this period?

On submission of all relevant documentation and discussion with our Admissions Team, we will be in the position to make offers for students places.

About Security and Hygiene

How does the school react to the outbreak in terms of hygiene and security?

Campus hygiene is our priority at this time. Deep cleaning of the school is carried out every day, and ongoing disinfecting of areas throughout the working day. There are hand sanitisers in all areas for staff to use throughout the day.

How does the school check the health status of its staff working during school restriction?

All our authorised staff who are currently allowed in the premises are daily checked to ensure their health and safety. As per the current imposition of a state of emergency in Spain, all staff members that are able to work from home are doing so. Daily communication is kept with all staff to ensure their health, safety and well-being.