Mrs von Waberer was born in the UK but spent the first 4 years of her life on the remote island of St Helena. She returned to the UK and was brought up on a small farm in Cambridgeshire.

Mrs von Waberer studied Latin at Leeds University and as part of her degree course spent a year at a university in Milan. This was also where she met her husband, Felix, who as a former student of BIC (then known as BIS) chose to study in Leeds.

Mrs von Waberer was given the opportunity of teaching Latin in some state schools around Leeds whilst studying at university which then fuelled her decision to study further and become a teacher. She completed her PGCE at the University of Cambridge and taught at schools in Cambridge and Bedfordshire.

Mrs von Waberer moved to Mallorca 18 years ago to complete her CELTA training and taught in several schools on the island before starting at BIC in 2009 as a year 2 teacher.

Since then Mrs von Waberer has taught a wide range of age groups at BIC from year 2 up to year 9 as well as being a mother to 3 beautiful daughters. She also co-owns a small boutique hotel in Palma which her husband manages.

Mrs von Waberer very much enjoys teaching and challenging young minds. She is passionate about Classical history and mythology as well as English literature. She loves spending her free time by the sea with her family.

In 2018 Mrs von Waberer was appointed Pastoral Lead in Primary and works alongside the Head of Primary to improve the well-being and learning experience of all the Primary children at BIC.