A special thank you letter from our Year 12 students.

Halle, Leo, Alex and Nick from our Travel and Tourism A Level course had an important project to carry out the week before half term. The group had to plan an educational and enriching trip for our Year 2 students as part of their coursework. This project makes up one third of their final grade and it has been a rewarding challenge for our students.

All members of the team had to work closely together to create four different feasibility studies; they had to decide which would be the most beneficial from an educational and professional perspective. Our students then had to create a detailed business plan that covered all aspects of the event, assigning a specific role to each member of the team.

Halle took up the role of Chairwoman to the group. She had the responsibility of approving all business decisions for the trip, as well as helping the rest of the team in their assigned roles. Nick was the Marketing Manager and had the important responsibility of communication, promotion and advertising of the planned trip, with all our Year 2 parents. Leo was assigned as Finance Manager for the project ensuring economical feasibility. He was not only in charge of all negotiations with external parties but had to make the final decision on the pricing of the trip. Last but not least, Alex took on the important role of ensuring Health and Safety for our children, including a full risk assessment for the trip.

The project began in September 2019 and the team has put a lot of hard work and dedication into the long term planning. Our Year 12 students worked with Miss Von Waberer and her Year 2 class to plan, coordinate and lead their yearly trip to La Granja. Our Year 12 students wanted to ensure they were offering a great educational resource for some of the youngest children in our school.

On the 18th of February, 2020 the day arrived where our A Level students headed off to La Granja with a total of 24 Year 2 students and three teachers. La Granja is a popular tourist attraction in Mallorca and our students learned how Mallorcan residents lived 400 years ago… How exciting! Our year 12 students prepared some exciting activities, such as, La Granja Bingo game, a treasure hunt and Alphabet ISpy where the children had to find different objects that started with every letter of the alphabet.

Our Year 2 students became small explorers for a day and had the chance to see some wonderful animals, including peacocks, donkeys, sheep, rabbits and even some baby goats!

Overall, it was a lovely day at La Granja for all of the parties involved and we could not be more proud of all our Year 12 students who created a wonderful learning experience for our younger children.

A big thank you from our Year 12 students

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Year 2 parents for their understanding, support and trust to help us conclude such a successful and important A Level project.

A big thank you goes to the Year 2 students themselves. We were amazed at how well they behaved and we hope they had a very enjoyable trip.

A thank you to Miss Von Waberer and Miss Becket for letting us take the children on the trip and trusting us with the planning of the event. We hope we were able to make you very proud. Thank you to La Granja for helping us make this trip a reality and for letting us come visit. To Roig company for supplying us a bus for the day but also for working with us making sure the children got picked up and dropped off on time.

We would also like to thank everyone who has been involved in the planning to ensure this trip was an absolute success. Fernando (Finance Manager at BIC) Miss Pooler (Secondary Teacher), Janine (Head of Marketing and Admissions at BIC) and finally Ms Colwell (Principal at BIC). We can't thank you enough for your support and guidance throughout the project, it has been a fantastic journey and we have had the big chance to learn from your expertise. Ms Colwell guided Halle throughout on how to be a great project leader and also had fantastic meetings with the team to be updated on the progress.

Again, thank you to all the everyone! Last but not least, the most special THANK YOU goes to Year 12 Travel and Tourism teacher Mr Barter, who has been working with us on the project since September!! We would like to show our gratitude for all his hard work, for constantly motivating us to work hard and guide us at all times to achieve a fantastic outcome. Without Mr Barter this project would not have happened, therefore we want to thank him for being a fantastic role model and teacher, and we hope that we as a team were able to make him proud with the final outcome.”

Halle, Leo, Alex and Nick - Year 12 Students