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Parents/Guardians are invited into school at various times during the school year to meet with teachers to discuss students' progress. The timing and content of these events varies but we hope you will take advantage of them. More details will be provided closer to each event.

New parents and students are invited to an ‘Induction Day’ early in September before school begins.

In the first two weeks of term each Primary class holds a meeting to explain what is expected of the students in that specific class.

A ´Welcome Evening´ takes place for all parents during the first Term of every academic year.

New parents/guardians are invited to one-to-one meetings with teachers after school to see how the students have settled in after the first few weeks.

Formal Parents’ Evenings take place for all parents during Autumn and Summer terms.

After the assessments and examinations take place, reports are sent home. Within the Secondary school, there are three Data Entry reports identifying progress. There is also a full written report at the end of the year and a Parents' Evening for each year group. In addition, there are a number of extra events for different year groups including introductory evenings for Year 7 and new parents, as well as various Options and information evenings.

BIC operates an 'Open Door Policy' and if a parent feels there is a particular matter which needs to be discussed with a student's teacher, a Head of Department or the Principal, they should contact the school secretary to make an appointment.

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