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What qualification does my child gain after graduating from Baleares International College?

The schools follow the English National Curriculum. At the end of Year 11 students will have taken iGCSE examinations in around nine subjects. The students then have option choices for A level subjects, AS level examinations in Year 12 and A level examinations in Year 13.

Can my child enter a Spanish/German/British university after graduating from BIC?

Yes, all major universities accept the Edexcel and Cambridge examination board A levels and international GCSEs.

What language are the lessons taught in?

All lessons are taught in English apart from our language courses (Spanish, German and French).

How old must my child be to enter BIC?

Students can start from the age of three in Nursery. Students are encouraged to learn through play activities in a stimulating and caring environment.

Students can be placed into the appropriate level at any age provided there is space available for that level.

Parents are most welcome to contact us to arrange a visit to assess the appropriate level and discuss their individual needs.

If I move back to UK/Germany/USA can my child resume at the same level?

Since Edexcel and Cambridge are internationally approved examination bodies, the qualifications are recognised internationally.

How many nationalities of students are there in the school?

Currently we have over 40 nationalities, and cultural diversity and tolerance is encouraged, promoted and celebrated at BIC.

Can my child attend Baleares International College if he/she does not speak English?

Yes. Baleares International College offers additional support for English as an Additional Language students (EAL). The EAL classes are small with special attention to assist individual development. The college has an effective pastoral care system to assist your child to adapt and feel comfortable in the shortest possible time.

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