From BIC to Universities and Careers...

A Levels remain the gold standard for students who aspire to access university in the UK, their home country or elsewhere in the world.

After A Levels the majority of our Sixth Formers proceed to higher education.

We believe

It is important for our students to examine their values and beliefs and really think about what is important to them in a career. As a student at Baleares International College they have access to a wealth of information and can count on the experience of the staff who have been working in the careers field for many years.

Examinations and University entries

Over the last years, BIC Sixth Form students have successfully gone on to study at universities across Europe (Including UK and Spain), USA and other countries around the world.

BIC Sa Porrassa continued to lead the way on the island for outstanding academic success as we celebrated the superb results achieved by our students in their recent Summer 2024 A Level exams.

Over recent years our Sixth Form students were accepted in some of very prestigious universities in Europe such as Alfonso X in Madrid, T.U Delft University in Holland, Kings College in London, Leeds University in the UK, Universidad Europea in Madrid, Amsterdam University in Holland, City University in London, Southampton University in the UK or the UPC University in Barcelona. Their fantastic results have enabled our students to move into their chosen careers such as Medicine, Aero Engineering, International Relations, Banking and Finance or Sports Management.