We never forget the value of your child’s cultural diversity

In addition to the core curriculum, we provide an extensive Languages Programme to offer native language lessons throughout the school for Spanish and Catalan, all of which are delivered by our specialist native-speaking teachers. Students have the possibility to study German and French from the age of 8 (Year 3).

We also deliver a comprehensive English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme, delivered by highly-qualified and experienced specialist teachers, which fully supports the English language development of our non-native English speaking students.

Languages 3 A

Spanish Language Programme

All our students learn Spanish from the age of three and are taught by qualified Spanish teachers at the appropriate level. Spanish teaching across all Key Stages includes Spanish as a Foreign Language and Spanish for Native Speakers.

Languages 0 A

German Language Programme

This programme is a special feature of the enhanced curriculum at Baleares International College. Students study German at their appropriate level and are taught by qualified German teachers from Year 3.

Languages 2 A

French and Catalan Language Programme

Our students have the option to learn French or Catalan at their appropriate level and are taught by qualified French and Catalan teachers. All Spanish nationals are required to take Catalan as their option choice.

Primary 0 A

English as an Additional Language

The EAL programme operates across all Key Stages and at different levels to cater for a student's individual needs and requirements. New students are assessed on arrival at the school to determine their level of English and are taught accordingly.