Success - academically, socially and personally - is at the heart of Baleares International College, Mallorca.

 We build close relationships between students, parents and teachers to continually tailor your child’s learning experiences.

The close nurturing environment of our schools means that all students have the care and support they need to be effective and happy learners and that strong communication between home and school is always maintained.

The English National Curriculum is rigorous and we do expect the best from each child, throughout the day.

Academic Calendars

Our 2024-2025 academic calendars can be viewed below:

Our 2023-2024 academic calendars can be viewed below:

School hours

BIC Sa Porrassa 

Primary school - 09.00 to 15.50
Secondary school - 08.45 to 16.05 

Office Hours - 08:30 to 16:30

Extra-curricular activities 16.00 - 17.00

BIC Sant Agustí

Day school - 08.45 to 15.45
Extra-curricular activities - 15.45 - 17.00

Office Hours -08:30 to 16:30