Find out what out parents say about our schools

Schools such as the Baleares International College have an important role to play, not only in teaching the National Curriculum but also ensuring the spread of British values well beyond the border of the UK. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to work with our fantastic schools such as the Baleares International College.

Rt Hon. Damian Hinds MPSecretary of State for Education

Como escuela es un diez, así como la calidad de su profesorado.

ParentBIC Sant Agustí

We are extremely happy with BIC, we love the International diversity, school environment and also the willingness of the staff to grow and improve. The best part is how well my son is doing with his studies and his preparation for GCSEs.

ParentYear 1 and Year 12 parent, BIC Sa Porrassa

When we moved to Mallorca we were looking for a school where our children would be academically challenged in a positive, motivating and caring environment. We found this and much more at BIC. A vibrant and helpful parent community, encouraging and passionate teachers led by a remarkable management team.

Year 3, 6 and 9 school parentBIC Sa Porrassa

The teaching staff are excellent, very committed and caring. Their enthusiasm and passion for their subjects really makes a difference. It’s so lovely to hear my daughter being excited about what she’s learning.

ParentBIC Sa Porrassa

Individual evaluation of each child to tailor a learning environment. To awaken the love and desire of learning has been a huge step in our child’s enjoyment of school.

ParentBIC Sant Agustí

We want to express my gratitude to the school, its teachers and leaders for creating such a warm and loving environment for our children, allowing them to grow into these incredible strong and confident little humans, encouraging them to step forward and claim their space. Yesterday’s show was nothing short of spectacular and what I loved more than the presentation and execution itself, was how much the kids clearly LOVED being part of it!

ParentBIC Sa Porrassa