A warm welcome to BIC Sant Agustí, one of the oldest International schools on the island, founded in 1957.

We provide a British curriculum for children aged 3 to 11, within a truly international community. As our children have over 20 different nationalities, being part of Sant Agustí is a wonderful way to learn and understand about diversity and difference.

Our excellent reputation, both locally and internationally, is underpinned by ensuring that all our children receive the high quality education each individual child deserves. We have UK trained, skilled teachers who are passionate about their chosen career, as well as small class sizes which enable our children to achieve academically and flourish personally.

In BIC Sant Agustí, we welcome each child into a warm, friendly atmosphere with a strong community feel. Our children feel safe, happy and nurtured. We treat each child as a unique individual and aim to instil in them a sense of curiosity and a love of learning that will continue throughout their lives.

To be successful and to learn, a child needs to be happy coming to school and when anyone comes to Sant Agustí, this is one of the first things which is commented on - the children are so happy here! As a small school family, everyone knows everyone else, ensuring that each child is cared for while they are learning to the best of their ability to fulfill their true potential.

I am confident you will find something special and unique when you visit our school, and I look forward to your visit and to welcoming you into the BIC Sant Agustí community.

Elizabeth Compton, Principal, Baleares International College, Sant Agustí