Dear families,

A very warm welcome to the academic year of 2020-2021! It is a wonderful feeling to be able to say those words as I am sure there were questions in our minds asking if we would actually return to school in September. But we did, and we are delighted.

I arrived on the beautiful island of Mallorca in July, starting as Principal at Sant Agustí in August. It has been an extremely busy few weeks preparing the school for the start of the new academic year, with the necessary advisory recommendations being put into place in readiness for our return. This week, we finally have the school as it should be -filled with the sounds and voices of children as they learn, play and socialise together.

The first day of school was planned in detail to ensure safety as well as the care and happiness of the children. Nothing could go wrong - but then we were put to the test with thunderstorms, lightning and heavy rain! Despite this, the only problem we had was not being able to open one of the gates at the end of the day, mainly due to trying to hold umbrellas at the same time!

This week has been an amazing week. The children have returned, or in some cases started, at school as if they had never left. They have simply picked up where they finished in the school building in March and have been exemplary in their reactions to the new restrictions in school.

Thank you to all of the children for making the first week so rewarding and special, certainly a week to remember.

We will be sending out our usual weekly newsletter from next week, full of our news and things which have been happening in the week, so you can share your child’s journey through the year.

We will still be using Canvas wherever possible, especially for homework, as online learning is very much a part of education now and for the foreseeable future.

As parents, it is important that you are involved in your child's education as much as is possible, so please be aware that you can talk to your child's teacher at the beginning or end of the day by the gates. If the matter needs more time or privacy, then please make an appointment to see the teacher or me as Principal, and we can arrange this with pleasure. It is vitally important to keep the communication between home and school, despite the fact that we cannot allow parents into school.

By joining the BIC Sant Agustí team, I am joining a family and this is so important to everyone who is part of this family. The children feeling cared for and their happiness in coming to school along with them developing a thirst for and a love of learning are clear indicators of a successful school and successful education. I want to encourage all children to take risks with their learning and their experiences, and to really challenge themselves, not just academically but in all aspects of life. They will be encouraged to be the best they can be and be passionate about the things they care about, while taking responsibility for themselves. With the great staff team at Sant Agustí, the supportive parents, and of course our wonderful children, I am sure these goals will be achieved.

Welcome back to school and to an exciting year ahead!

Warm regards,

Mrs Short