"The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots for responsibility and the wings for independence" - María Montessori

Miss Virginia is our Reception teacher; she has been part of the BIC family for more than 10 years and she always remembers when she first started here: “There were just 14 children and 3 teachers in the whole school! It’s amazing to see how this school has developed- I love seeing the whole building buzzing, full of life and children's laughter. Participating in this project has made me feel very proud and grateful”.

Originally from Madrid, she lived in London for seven years. In 2009, she came to Mallorca for the first time and she fell in love with this beautiful island. One year later she moved to Palma and started working at BIC where she has been ever since. She has really loved meeting all the people in the school throughout these years.

Teaching is her passion and it is what most fulfils hers both professionally and personally. She loves teaching because it keeps her learning. With over 20 years of experience, she has taught different year groups from Early Years throughout Primary and, although each group has something special, she feels that Reception is just her perfect match.

When she is not at school Miss Virginia loves to spend time doing small DIY-decor projects, walking along the seaside and collaborating with charities in different ways to help and support other people. One of the most satisfying and life-changing experiences for her has been to be a foster mum for more than six years.