A message from Janice Short, Principal

Dear parents

This week we celebrated World Music Day...with some trepidation I must admit, due to restrictions still being in place, but the children made us all proud and were just amazing. To me, it summed up everything about this last year, showing the resilience and dedication of all the Sant Agustí school community. We sang and danced through the last few decades from the 1960’s to the present day to say “Thank you for the Music” before we finish school because “We’re all going on a summer holiday”! Thank you to all parents who came to watch the event and a huge thank you to all the children and staff who worked so hard to make it happen!

We have also held Sports Days, which were both fun and competitive and every class has now been on an educational trip. We are looking forward to the transition morning when the children will move into their next class and meet their new teacher, which is always an exciting time. I am delighted to tell you that Miss Roberts will be moving from Sa Porrassa to teach here at Sant Agustí with us, so we are looking forward to welcoming her.

This is the final newsletter of this academic year for the teachers, so please read it to reflect on the activities we have done, in spite of the current situation - I am so proud of everything we have achieved. Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoyed dancing at the music event!

Warm regards

Mrs Short

We would like to say a BIG congratulations to all of the students who have been attending the Mallorca BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) school. Over the last term they have been working hard learning new techniques to improve their moves and coordination. BJJ also focuses on learning respect for each other and spatial awareness. All of the children in the photo have progressed to, and earned, their new grey/white belts. Well done to all of you for your efforts and achievements!

Key Dates to Remember

Monday 28th JuneSchool Reports go out to parents
Monday 28th JuneY5 and 6 outdoor adventure trip to Portals.
Tuesday 29th JuneTransition Morning for all children from Nursery to Y5. Y6 will be needed in school for the whole day.
Tuesday 29th JuneYear 6 Final Assembly, open to parents of Year 6 children. The assembly will start at 2.45pm.
Wednesday 30th JuneY1 to Y6 Water play day! All children wear swimming costumes with PE kit on top, bring a towel and shoes which can get wet. They will also need to bring a change of clothes and shoes for a sporty wet water day!
Thursday 1st JulyLast Day Summer Term , children to be collected at 12.30pm

Nursery Starfish Class

And just like that, I am writing the last newsletter article for this school year, and what a year it has been. As a class we have been through a lot together this year; it has been a year full of insecurities and changes which nobody could have ever anticipated ahead of time. It is therefore that in this last newsletter I want to express my utmost appreciation and respect for all of our Starfish class children. They have progressed through this school year so incredibly well, I could genuinely not express in words how well the Starfish class children have adapted to the ongoing changes in the classroom, school and all over the world.

So, this last newsletter article is dedicated to all of you, Starfish children. A class I have enjoyed teaching so much, a class that has made me laugh every single day, a class with 14 unique and beautiful little people who are all developing in their own way and a class that I will never forget. Thank you for everything! I wish you all a very happy Summer.

Reception Seahorses Class

So this is it! I can’t believe this is the last newsletter for this year. A whole school-year has gone by and here we are again, with tears in our eyes as we have to say goodbye to the children, but with huge smiles seeing all the progress they have all made across this school year. When we started back in September everything was a bit uncertain and we all had to learn to do things that we’ve been doing in school for years, in a different way. But then everything, all the changes, became natural for us and we could just focus on the main thing, which is teaching and learning. So now, looking back, all I can think of is how far the children have reached, the areas where they have improved but overall how much they’ve grown! Just today the children were talking about this in the classroom, 5 year old children! I was trying to sort something out when they looked at me and said “Don’t worry Miss Virginia, we can sort this out. We can do it!”. They had so much determination that I let them do it, so they paired up and they did a great job and, that’s when I realised that they are ready to move up to Year 1. Everything fitted perfectly well today, like the last piece of a puzzle; the classroom has been surprisingly quiet, they’ve been extremely kind with each other, very well mannered and working together as a team, without even suggesting it. They have made us very proud. We started with 5 children in September and now we are saying bye to 9 lovely families, a lovely group.

Please, take a look at our photo gallery, starting off with the photo just before the great World Music Show which everybody performed at the beginning of this week, followed by a selection of some of our best moments in Seahorse class’ 2020/21. I hope you enjoy them.

Just to finish, Ms Karen and I, we would like to say a huge thank you for all your support, your ideas, your feedback and your understanding across this year. We know the children will be taking home lots of skills and good memories, and also some habits and sayings from us; but certainly we are taking those special moments and memories we’ve made with them. We are going to miss them so much! They have worked really hard, learning and exploring but always having FUN!

This will be a year that we never forget! Wishing you all a wonderful and safe summer, hope to see you back in September !

Year 1 Seals Class

As this is the last newsletter from the Seals for this academic year I´d like to share with you a selection of photos from the year, or at least from mid January when I first met this very special and very fun loving class! We have squeezed much learning and fun into just five months together.

Thank you to the SUPER SEALS for all their hard work and to you the parents for your support and kindness. It has been my absolute pleasure to teach this class and to watch them learn and grow from day to day and week to week.

Have a wonderful summer everyone. See you all in September!

Now let's have a quick look back….

Year 2 Turtles Class

Paper doll chains and paper based Miro artwork following our magical trip to the Miro Museum. We have had a 4 day week, which is lovely and the children have hopefully had a great day to chill out after what could possibly be one of the busiest starts to a week yet!

We have continued to look at Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson and Mrs K-B challenges us to make a paper doll chain that could reach the length of the classroom! We made some for our homework and then we made more in school. We had to name 2 of the ones we made in school, using “Ticky and Tacky and Jackie the Backie and Jim with two noses and Jo with the bow” from the book as our inspiration. We also used the book as a jog to our precious memories (and our Tuesday Talk Task). Mrs K-B shared her precious memories with us and we all shared with our dolls some of our precious memories.

We had a great time with Y5 shared reading. It is lovely to be outside and sharing stories with others who we might not typically share our stories with. As usual, Y5 were really great at reading books and we really enjoyed our shared story time.

Thank you to everyone who could come along and watch our song and dance for our celebration of Music Day. We had a blast, the 80s were a great decade - or so Mrs KB and Mrs C tell us!

Being so busy has been really helpful as we are still looking at telling the time and looking at the passing of time… We could help Mrs K-B be (a little better at being) on time as we could give her 5 minute warnings!

Our trip last Friday was our inspiration for our own Miro inspired masterpieces. We even managed to do a very loooooong whole class masterpiece. It was just amazing to see the actual works of art that Mrs K-B had shown us photos and videos of in the introduction to our trip.

Sports Day was amazing and and we all had such a great time. Mrs Carter was especially proud of our team work and individual effort to make it a great morning of all sorts of different sports.

Have an amazing weekend, we still can't believe that next week is our last week of the school year. Mrs-KB and Mrs C are very sad to see us all move on, but also very excited for us as we move forward and upwards, yes we will be upstairs when we are in KS2!

Year 3 Dolphins Class

Dolphins, dolphins, dolphins… Time flies when you’re having fun! Where has this year gone? It started out as an unpredictable year for everybody but within weeks, days even… we realised we’d got this! It has been so amazing to see the progress and resilience of each and every child. You are such a hard working, confident and fun class and it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know each and everyone of you.

As we are now nearing the end of term, let’s take this time to enjoy our last few days in Year 3! Let’s take a look at a few photos from throughout the year!

Good luck dolphins, soon to be Jellyfish...have a wonderful summer! We are looking forward to welcoming you all back in September!

Year 4 Jellyfish Class

We can’t quite believe it, but yes it’s the penultimate week of term! Looking back to September and not knowing what the academic year would bring, I think we’re all extremely grateful that we not only achieved a full academic year at school, but soared through it with flying colours!

This time of year always brings reflection as we look back and see how the children have matured, physically, academically and emotionally. We could not be more proud of the Jellyfish class, whose resilience has shone through as they adapted to all the changes this past year brought them.

We’ve enjoyed getting to know new students, new teachers, celebrating new babies, new routines and lastly, but most importantly, a whole lot of learning, preparing the children for a stronger future and their smooth transition into Year 5.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to have been able to spend so long with the Jellyfish on their learning journey and we’re excited to see them flourish even more in Year 5.

Lastly, we would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents and students of the class for all your support and commitment to us which has helped to make this year so successful and memorable.

Enjoy these photos and a trip down memory lane as a year in the life of a Year 4 student!

Have a spectacular summer and we look forward to seeing your return in September!

Now parents, over to you…

Year 5 Whales Class

I cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by, yet how much we have packed into this time. It has been hectic and non stop, not knowing from one week to the next if COVID restrictions are going to affect us all but it has been wonderful to see out the whole year in school teaching and learning. These last weeks have been a culmination of a lot practise and learning with final assessments, music dayand presentations. The class has grown so much in confidence over the last year and they will make a mature group of Year 6s, ready to be role models for the younger students. I have put a selection of photos from over the last year for your enjoyment and a reminder of some of the things we have packed into the last 10 months!

I wish you all a wonderful summer holiday and look forward to seeing you all again in September as the new Year 6s - you are ready!

Year 6 Sharks Class

Another busy week for the Sharks as they have been practicing hard for World Music Day. After lots of singing and dancing rehearsals, the Sharks have pulled it out the bag…

And, what a year it has been! From Chocolate to Summer holidays, the Sharks have learnt a lot over the last ten months. It has been a pretty different year with such a tiny class but we have managed to make the most of it, work hard and have fun at the same time. Here are some of our Year 6 highlights!

Have a wonderful summer Sharks and I wish you all the best for secondary school.

Spanish and Catalan with Miss Ainhoa and Miss Campos

Esta semana hemos estado repasando vocabulario sobre la ciudad creando nuestras propias ciudades en maqueta. Primero, tuvimos que crear nuestros planos de la ciudad en papel y construir los edificios: casa y tiendas; para crear unas ciudades bien completas.

Y finalmente… ¡A construir nuestras maquetas!

Con el cierre de este curso escolar acaba para mi una etapa de mi vida muy bonita en la cual he aprendido muchísimo gracias a vuestros niños y los profesionales que nos rodean, en la que he disfrutado de preparar clases, de impartirlas y de las cuales me he sentido orgullosa del resultado. He creado eventos a nivel global de los que yo ni siquiera pensaba ser capaz y también he llevado proyectos a las aulas de los que se que dejan huella.

Han sido prácticamente 5 años escolares en BIC y las memorias que me llevo de aquí son de esas que quedan grabadas en el recuerdo y en el corazón, gracias a toda la comunidad BIC por tanto que me habéis dado.

Sports department news

ast Wednesday all primary students took part in Sports Day!

The children were delighted to be competing against their classmates and they all showed fantastic sportsmanship by cheering each other on, supporting their friends and really trying their best in every event.

Our pupils worked brilliantly in their Houses and had lots of fun.

Each event has scored points towards the BIC Champions trophy which will be awarded at the Sports Day Assembly on Friday 25th June.

Final Results:

  • 1st place- LEOPARDS with 1,439 points !!!

  • 2nd place- Wolves with 1,426 points

  • 3rd place- Eagles with 1,354 points

  • 4th place- Lions with 1,214 points

A big well done to all our students who participated