"The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you" - B.B KING

Three years ago Mr Edwards stumbled across Baleares International College, Sant Agusti, after returning from his travels in Thailand. The moment he stepped through the door he felt he was given the biggest and warmest welcome by the children, teachers and families.

Before working in education Mr Edwards was an Occupational therapist working in London in various rehabilitation and psychiatry hospitals, helping people to become more independent and increasing their ability to do everyday tasks.

Mr Edwards was first introduced to education and teaching when he worked in Gran Canaria teaching English to Spanish children in a primary school and then various schools and language academies in Palma. He feels from this experience it provided him with the confidence to help teach and support children from various age groups and nationalities. Working in an international school has shown Mr Edwards how an international education can help provide children with more open minded views and an understanding of the world and people around us. He feels he learns something new everyday from the children and it makes him smile when he sees them progressing through each year group, growing as individuals and becoming more aware of the world around them.

In his spare time Mr Edwards enjoys travelling, yoga, meditation, crossfit, watching 80´s films and music concerts.