Ms Alison Colwell, Principal

Dear families,

It was a joy to welcome our returning and new students and families this week, and, against a backdrop of uncertain weather, the certain thing was the excitement and happiness we all felt to be back in school. As we launched our new Vertical Tutoring I walked into classroom after classroom and found a wonderful atmosphere with a range of ice breaking activities going on, as students met and introduced themselves to students from different Year groups; the warmth and friendliness was tangible. What a lovely start to the year.

Of course a school doesn't shut entirely over the summer. As well as a hugely successful summer school in July, and much work being carried out in the building including the wonderful, vibrant wall displays that now adorn the primary school, we also celebrated the summer exam results - which were truly excellent.

By far the best results in the school's history, our A (and AS) students' success was outstanding, with Year 13 students achieving a 100% pass rate and an amazing 60% at the top grade of A*/A (40% at A*). Amongst all the successes, special mention to Anna Ciudad who achieved four A*s, and Maria Shaposhnikova who achieved 3 A*s. Maria has turned down two medical schools in the UK to study medicine in Madrid, whilst Anna is still awaiting confirmation at medical schools. Karla Kallentoft achieved three A*s and one A, King's College, London, to study International Relations, and Nacho Diaz, who has been at BIC since he was six years old, achieved two A*s and two As; he is going to study aeronautical engineering at Delft University in Holland. The tremendous growth and success of our sixth form in the last two years, which sees us sending so many young people to the world's most prestigious universities, is testament to the outstanding teaching now in the school, as well as, of course, the determination and hard work of our students.

Our Year 11 GCSE results were also outstanding, with students achieving a 100% pass rate in their exams, and an amazing 38% at the top grade of A*/A. Whilst the students did well across the board, in all subjects, a special mention must go to the English team where 100% of the students achieved a level 5 or above, 81% achieving a 6 or above. Many of these students do not have English as their mother tongue, making this success all the more impressive. In addition, Spanish saw a similar 100% success rate at C or above with 86% achieving an A or A*, none of whom have Spanish as their mother tongue!

But a school is about, of course, so much more than just academic success, important though that is. This year we look ahead to more extra curricular activities, to a continued focus on kindness and well-being, to our Awareness Afternoons, to fantastic new leadership in maths and EAL, to our Activities Afternoon, to inter-House fun and excitement and to the continuing growth and involvement of our brilliant Parent-Teacher Association.

Here's to the best year ever at BIC Sa Porrassa.

Alison Colwell,


Baleares International College, Sa Porrassa

Outstanding academic success at BIC Sa Porrassa.

The school continues to lead the way on the island for outstanding academic success as we celebrate the superb results achieved by our students in their recent A Level exams and best ever GCSE results! Everyone within the Baleares International College community would like to congratulate our Year 11 and Year 13 students for their outstanding results, achieved under exceptionally challenging circumstances.

Ms Laura Hodgson – Acting Head of Primary

Dear families,

I hope that you have had a very enjoyable summer break. The children have certainly returned to school full of enthusiasm for the year ahead! As the new school year begins, it has been wonderful to see the children’s smiling faces as they come through the door.

During these first days of term, the children have thoroughly enjoyed participating in many different types of settling in activities which help to create a positive mental attitude. There has been a happy buzz of activity in the primary department; pupils making their own superhero masks, writing summer thoughts on flip flops, inventing bright colourful poetry about themselves and making huge, colourful well-being flowers. These activities have inspired the children, as well as helping them to develop their English skills, gain confidence and of course to get to know each other better in their new classrooms.

The primary team are very much looking forward to a fantastic year of learning.

Have a wonderful sunny weekend.

Ms Hodgson

Acting Head of Primary